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Written by:
Wendi Friend

Most of us won’t deny the power of words – especially those of us who rely on them as tools of our trade. We, as a race, regardless of the language we speak, depend on words to get us through each day. We read words on menus when we order food in restaurants; we rely on words to direct us in traffic. Words are used to comfort children as we sing them a lullaby or tuck them in at night with a bed time story. We depend on words to communicate with each other, and with our own thoughts. Yet, for as much as we recognize and rely upon our need for words, rarely do we value their true power. Words are power! Words… are magick!

In the book *The Four Agreements, author Miguel Ruiz refers to words as white magic and black magic, explaining that every single word we think or speak becomes a spell. That spell then attaches itself to you, the one to whom you’re speaking, or your environment, where it will remain until a more powerful word spell breaks it. Everything you say has power and influence over everything that is. If you tell someone they’re ugly, if they choose to accept the spell, they’ll go home believing they’re ugly. On the same token, if someone has always felt they were ugly and you tell them of their beauty, the attitude that person has from that point forward toward themselves and their environment will be uplifted!

Years ago, I used to go to a highly recommended hair dresser for hair cut and color. Truthfully, I didn’t care for what she did with my hair – but for some reason, I could not break myself away from her. I’d always book a follow up appointment and never cancel or go to anyone else. I didn’t realize, at first, why I felt so drawn to her. After a few more visits with open mind, I found the spell. No matter when I went to see her, she always had something uplifting and positive to say to me. Whether her comments were on my clothes, the color of my skin, my smile, my career, or how well behaved my children were, she always had kind words to share that left me feeling better when I left than I did when I arrived. This was her magic. What she did for my hair didn’t mean nearly as much as what she did for my spirit.

Over the years, I’ve belonged to several writing groups online. In these groups, it is customary to critique and be critiqued. In this practice, I’ve noticed three types of people. There are those who post quite critically, pointing out every flaw in the writing. There are those who reply with a one sentence comment void of true communication (the safe way), and then there are those who are able to bring to light the positive qualities in the writing while gently pointing out room for improvement. Only one of these methods provokes a positive reaction, and that’s the method of carefully chosen encouraging words.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of positive affirmations. To tell yourself something bad is to insure you’ll feel bad, but to remind yourself of the good helps promote the good within. To say you can’t do something will insure that you will continue to not be able to do it. Yet, to say, “I’m having trouble doing something” leaves you an opening for growth and improvement. To say you’ll never make it at something will prove you right, but to say you’re finding it difficult to do will present you opportunity to advance. How many words do you use on a daily basis that hurt yourself or someone else? What kind of words are you using to shape your experiences in life? How many words that you choose to think or use are borne of kind intent or compassionate spirit toward yourself or others? Which of your words are obstacles and which of your words are keys to freedom?

Play a game with words. For 24 hours, be extremely conscious and aware of every word you think or speak. If you can, keep score. If your words are painful, or if they serve as obstacles, mark them on the left side of your paper. If your words are positive and create openings for bettering yourself, encouraging others, or freeing a path, then mark them on the right side of your paper. At the end of the day, tally up the score and measure your contributions to your own circumstance and the pain or pleasures of others. Call this game, “Mark My Words.”

At the same time you play the game, you may choose to play another game that we’ll call, “Eat Your Words.” While you’re measuring up your own use of words, take count of the types of words pointed at you by others. You may be surprised at some of the forms of white and black word magic casting spells on you every time you engage in conversation. If you like what’s being said, if what’s being said is a benefit to you, accept those words as true. However, if you find the spells being cast are harmful, then envision yourself replying with, “Eat your words!” This sends the power of the spell back to the sender, not into your soul.

One period of 24 hours with awareness of words and you may be surprised to discover the types of games people play – and sadly, never even know they’re playing!

Book Title: The Four Agreements
Author: Miguel Ruiz
ISBN: 1878424319
Format: Paperback, 138pp
Pub. Date: November 1997
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing

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Intro: During my battle with cancer, I woke daily wondering if each day would be my last. I bonded with my journals during that time, trying frantically to leave something of value for my children, family, loved ones, and friends. I wanted them to know, before I was “gone”, that I lived in my words… the essence of my very being is contained in my writing, and if they missed me or wanted to connect with me, all they had to do was read my words and it would bring my energy to them. Fortunately, I overcame the cancer and have continued living life – continued living with an escalated appreciation for the genuine gift life is and the treasures each day contains. The cancer threat is over, but the fact remains that I live through words.

“Feel the Breeze”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Will my ink be magic to you someday?
Will it crawl up through your fingertips when you
touch the page?
Will the energy I leave here
be strong enough
to reach out and grab you
as I read
from over your shoulder?

Feel the breeze?

Will you search my words for knowledge,
for truth
for a profound epiphany
a prolific outpour of universal goo
to ooze over you

Did I offer you comfort
in some way —
through a chat,


a mannerism,
an exchange of energy?

Maybe you looked up to me

or down

Maybe I changed your life
in some way or another
or perhaps you changed mine

for better
or worse.

Did you think me intelligent
or an idiot?
Did you capture my essence as
well grounded
or dangerously flighty?

Do -You – Feel – That – Breeze?

If you’re reading these words,
I can assume that you know me
or knew me
in some life-changing fashion

through reading
or writing
or loving
or living,
exchanging smiles
or glances
or chances

I don’t know what it was you came here looking for
or if I’ve got it to give
but if I do
it’s yours
and I really do hope you find it.

Maybe it wasn’t a breeze after all.
It could have just been me.

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