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Intro: Every once in a while, we connect with a soul on such a level that we feel lost without them. With them, we feel inspired, confident, and passionate. Even though some of these soul connections don’t last a lifetime, I don’t believe they should be devalued once they’ve evaporated. This piece was inspired by one such love… and even though it didn’t manifest the way I’d envisioned, I can’t discount the inspiration it ignited in me.

“Map and Compass”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
June 22, 2007


With map and compass
I want to explore
uncharted territory
… discover
untouched terrain

… To sail
the deepest oceans
and dive
– unafraid –
to unknown depths

… to ride the waves,
gasping for breath
on lucid dreams.

With map and compass
I want to journey
into the wild valleys
glistening, twinkling
in twilight shadows

I want to climb to the peaks
of the highest mountains
… drawn to the edge
where unabashed screams
release and linger
in anticipation
of passion’s echo

before letting go
of solid ground
where I can then explore
the gift of flight
without trepidation
with map and compass

And yet
even when
I find myself
with my back
to the wall
… even then, all
of life
is enchanted
… an exotic
of mystery
and magick…
with map and compass

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