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Three of Pentacles


When we look at threes, we know we’re dealing with two issues right of the bat. The first situation brought to light by the three is group dynamics – situations involving more than two people. The second circumstance of threes is communication. Threes deal with communication in group dynamics.

Pentacles represent money, and the coming together or completion of a project – sometimes both in that completing a project could lead to financial reward.

In this card, we see one person on a pedestal being admired by two other people. He’s being admired for his creativity, his insights, and his craftmanship. He may be being offered a job or having his services requested. When I see this card in readings I do for others, I generally state that a new job opportunity based on creative skill may be about to present itself.

Inverted cards mean one of three things… either the energy of the card is new and just beginning to manifest; the energy of the card is old and is moving out of the situation – or, the quarrent (person the card was drawn for) may be exhibiting the more negative attributes of the card’s energy. If it’s the third case scenerio, I often encourage those who draw this card to put their creativity on display so that it CAN be recognized and appreciated by others.

So what do I think it means for me? (Looks toward Nepal and waves at Dip)….

I’m not doing what I should be doing with my writing. For 20 years I’ve had the dream of writing as a profession, of seeing my name in print, of knowing others were reading and benefiting from my work. Not so much about the acclaim, the fame, the recognition, or the fortune (’cause those who are in the know… know that writing is not often a lucrative financial endeavor!)… but about expressing my insights, sharing and preserving them. I used to write regularly and submit my work diligently, and I’ve stopped that all together. I’m still blogging, sure… I have an occasional poetic thought or profound statement, but they’re few and far between these days – and as for submitting? Pishaw… I’m not. However, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I’d like to write, could be writing, should be writing, and about the books I’d like to assemble (recycle!) from those writings. Why am I not doing it? ‘Cause the restaraunt owns my ass and the bills and responsibilities of being a single parent and managing employment and family matters, not to mention a social life, keep me from writing the words that want to be written.

I need to make time to get back to my writing. The muse’s vacation is all but over. It’s time to “come home”.

Here’s what the other sources say:

From LearnTarot.com:

working as a team
coordinating with others
finding all the needed elements
functioning as a unit
getting the job done together
contributing to the group
combining efforts 
organizing resources
following a schedule
operating in the know
nailing down the details
being an ant, not a grasshopper
reviewing beforehand
going over possible problems
being prepared 
being competent
getting the job done
carrying out an assignment well
meeting your goals
proving your ability
achieving more than what’s expected
knowing what to do and how to do it
being up to the job

In the opening of the film Mission Impossible, a crack team of specialists is working on a dangerous assignment. The members of the team are mapping out a strategy, coordinating resources and drawing on their skills and ingenuity to complete the mission. This is the Three of Pentacles in action: teamwork, planning and competence.

The Three of Pentacles is one of the cards in the Tarot that focuses on the group. (The Three of Cups and the Hierophant are the others.) As Pentacles are grounded and practical, this card represents a task-oriented team – people who are working cooperatively toward a common goal. There are few jobs that can be accomplished alone. We need the help of others to achieve our goals. Sometimes the Three of Pentacles is a sign that you will be more productive if you work with others. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

This card can also show a need for planning and preparation. Now is not the time to rush into something or begin a project with only a vague idea of what it’s about. You need to think everything through, go over all the possibilities and make sure you work out the details. Do your homework, and your undertaking will flourish.

Another feature of the Three of Pentacles is competence – the ability to get the job done. How rare this is nowadays! This card tells you that you have the skills and knowledge you need. You can attract capable people and create a successful environment. Know that the situation is (or will be) in good hands, but be sure to concentrate on excellence in your work. Be proud of what you do and how you do it. Then you will accomplish your “impossible” mission.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:


So at first we had one, indivisible; then it splits into two, mirror images, opposites: two opposing passions, twin emotions, two ideas, two jobs or finances. The next move, of course, is for the two to create a third. Male and female create a child; two corners get a third to form a triangle.

Ruling over the threes is the Empress, of course, whose card is all about creation. The child in the womb, the seed in the ground. So, with the twos, a choice has been made about what use to put this passion, emotion, brainpower, craft. Now we get the first results of that decision, the initial offspring.

Three of Pentacles

A craftsman shows off his work of three pentacles in an arch to a pair of potential patrons. This is the craftsman’s card and it indicates creating something that brings in patronage. The Querent has created, well, more work for himself. So promising is what the Querent has done with so little, that money, admiration, and more work is coming their way, enough to get them out of the juggling they were doing in the two of pentacles. Health wise, this card can also indicate positive results from a new exercise program or therapy.

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