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Intro: This one dates back to about 2002, which seems to have been one of my more prolific years.  I thought I was clever with this one because Symphony was a nick-name for someone special in my life, and there are things written in here that only “we” would have understood.  As with many relationships, that one went sour… but I’m choosing to retain the inspirations that came from the combined energy when it was still a good thing.

“Love’s Symphony”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Take a chance
heavy breathing
chests heaving
wanting much
tender touch
hold my hand
eye to eye
thigh to thigh
hip to hip
lip to lip
trust in me
set me free
feel my fear
please stay near
heart to heart…

… that’s where I’d start.

Feel emotion
drink the potion
living life through heart’s devotion
spirits lift
embrace the gift
for life on earth is sweet but swift
mystic vision
burdened with no indecision
only freedom
in my kingdom
let the shields down, we won’t need them
no defenses
only senses
not unnerved by false pretenses
only beauty
shall our eyes see
when we let love set our souls free

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