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Intro: I wrote this piece several years ago when working for my sister’s catering/entertainment company back in Las Vegas. She catered tons of company picnics for the hotels/casinos and other big companies. At the company picnics, there’d be excellent food, d.j.s, entertainment, games, and more. Sometimes I worked as the “fortune teller“, sometimes I worked as the bartender. Other times I was the Activities Director… but regardless of the role I played, I absolutely LOVED the vibes of the summer picnics. She later used this poem in one of her advertising brochures. I’m reposting it here today in honor of Summer Solstice.

“Summer Picnic”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Summer picnic
day of fun
children playing
in the sun
Good food cooking
on the grill
life stands still
Laughter sounding
in the air
people lounging
without a care
Frisbees flying
puppies resting
in the shade
music playing
hula hoops
chitter chatter
in small groups
baseball caps
sand box, shovel
rubber pails
big tall slide
nifty swing
basketball court
soda pop
snow cone, cake
all the sunshine
one can take
frequent smiles
relaxing breeze
pretty flowers
bumble bees
trees to climb
flips, cartwheels
lovers strolling
head over heels
pretty birds singing
floating clouds
clear blue skies
Family gathering….
somewhat mystic
something special
Summer picnic

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