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One of my favorite things to do is to photograph places where I think faeries may be hanging out, enchanted locations, inspiring landscapes.  Granted, I’m no photographer and I’m using a standard digital camera… but I enjoy gathering albums of faerie enchantments.  A few weeks ago, I had the honor of visiting Georgetown, Kentucky and being given a personal tour (via four-wheeler) of untouched forest area… definitely enchanted.  My host knew exactly what inspired me and had a few spots pre-determined for us to see, but was patient and gracious enough to “stop… no wait, back up… go forward… just to the left…. go that way!”

I took nearly two hundred photos that day – photos of flowers, vines, ponds, sunsets, butterflies, strange rocks, and then some.  What I found when I got home and reviewed the images stunned me.  I cannot deny that I felt the presence of beings from the Otherworld, and that some of the images were captured with intent, but many of them were magickally wonderful surprises when I viewed the pictures later.  Here are just a few…

I’m starting with one of the least prominent faces, one you have to kind of squint and look for (saving the best for last!). However, if you do look closely at the image above, you can see a profile image… a face looking rather nonchalant, as if yawning with mouth wide open and one eye open, yet seemingly unfocused. It was as if this tree spirit knew we were there and didn’t mind being seen, but he really wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the company. Perhaps we woke him from a nap!

The Narrator

I call this one “The Narrator” because he looks as though he has stories to tell. His features, at least to me, are very prominent. Unlike the sleepy profile from the image above, this face is a frontal view, eyes wide open, mouth clearly defined… looking open, as if in mid-sentence. While I cannot articulate or translate the stories I feel he’s telling because they never were audible, I do feel that in his own unique way, he shared wisdom with me. A telepathic connection, perhaps? I get the feeling that if he had been able to speak audibly, he’d have spoken poetically in a deep, grinding voice. At the same time, I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion from “The Narrator”, as if his mind were sharp and wise, but his heart was soft and loving.

CondemnedThis is another that I saw from a distance, squealed over, and focused on intently. The face at the bottom of the tree was crystal clear to me and instantly felt like a tortured or condemned soul. This spirit didn’t seem to be part of the tree, but bound to it, as if a punishment or a curse had been put on him. I took about fifteen shots of him, pointing out to my companion the way it looked like there was a right hand held palm out next to the face, as if to try to stop whatever magick was being worked on him. I felt the energy of this soul… but when I got the picture home on my computer and could look at it full size, I saw something more.

Here, it looks like the entire trunk of the tree is a forearm, wrist, and hand… one that is pinning the face to its place at the base of the tree… just to the right of the face I see the index finger of the “divine hand”, and to the left of the face looks like a thumb. I can’t help but wonder what this poor soul did to warrant being eternally bound in wood. Even the expression on his face appears to be fear caught in time, with his mouth open, eyes frightened, and the fingers of his hand curled forward. I had the instinctive feeling, though, that if this soul were ever set free, evil would follow.

Eye of the BeholderI’ve entitled this one, “Eye of the Beholder”. While the first few faces “felt” near human to me, this one feels much more animal… as if the eye of a dragon.

When I took the photo, I didn’t really see the “eye”, but was focused on what I called a “knot”… it captivated me and held my attention, but I didn’t see it for what it was. In retrospect, I believe that was intentional on the Spirit’s part.

This was the “watcher”, the one who wanted to see rather than be seen. Not so much curious, he feels like a guardian, watching over the goings on in his forest. He has a regal, authoritive feel to him… Looking at in now, I’m amazed at the detail in the pupil, the golden brown color of the eye, and the intensity and power behind the “glare” he’s giving.

Each of these trees had their own identity, their own energy, their own aura, if you will. It was almost as if I could sense a heirarchy amongst the trees – and in most cases, the ones that “felt” animal felt more dominant to me, stronger, more aware. Of course, I could just have an active imagination and a knack for seeing something in nothing. Then again, I could be right on my mark and have the gift of mystic vision. I guess the truth lies in the eye of the beholder.

Town CryerI call this guy “The Town Cryer”.

When I look at him, I can most certainly hear his “gasp”, utter shock that there were humans in the area.

There’s a flamboyant energy to him, an “Oh, my god, did you hear about the humans that had the audacity to walk the paths of our enchanted forest? (lip smack, eye roll)… The nerve!” He’d know every single detail and describe the events with crystal clarity, if not a few embellishments.

Want to know what’s going on in this forest? This guy has the answers… he’s the one that knows everyone’s name, who gets along, who doesn’t get along, who is stirring up trouble, or who is in the good graces of the Powers that Be.

If he could have an occupation, this guy would be the so-called journalist for a gossip mag.

I’ve referred to him as a he, but truth be known, he had both masculine and feminine energies.

The MeditatorThis one jumped right out at me. At first, I merely acknowledged, as if thinking “I’d hate to interrupt”, and I allowed my host to drive past this one, almost un-noticed. But, it got the better of me, I couldn’t help myself, so I asked if we could stop and reverse.

As soon as we’d backed up to the spot, my companion saw what I saw and merely grinned his appreciation for the magick of nature.

What’s odd about this one is that as I think about it in retrospect, I’m almost positive we reduced our voices to whispers while we were chatting during my photo-taking session. I didn’t get the feeling that this tree spirit was sleeping, but that it was much more a deep meditation, a connection to the all that is.

I saw this tree spirit as drawing in energy from a higher source, and being at great peace with the process.

I also feel as though the spirit was aware of our presence, but that she (and yes, this one is definitely a She), didn’t allow our being there to break her cosmic concentration.

MoralMuch more than a name or a voice, this image presents a moral.

I knew I HAD to photograph this, but I wasn’t sure why at the time. In fact, I didn’t even quite see it for myself when I was looking through the photos at home on my computer. It was my sixteen-year-old highly-attuned son who said, “Oh, wait… go back!”

His voice was one of awe as he pointed out what he’d seen in this image.

The tree on the left is the one with the face, almost monsterous looking. You can see jagged teeth in his open mouth, with his head tilted slightly back. However, the tree on the right represents something all together different.

The tree on the right looks like an arm… from the shoulder down, bent with elbow resting on the ground, and forearm – face up – with a hand that looks as though it’s feeding the other tree.

We’ve named this photo by the moral we see within it, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

SnoutI’ll end on a lighter note. This guy is one I call “Snout”, for obvious reasons. As mentioned above, some of these energies feel much more animal than human, or more like a combination of both (which almost doesn’t make sense considering that humans are animals!). He seemed more disgusted than anything at our presence, yet not at all aggressive. If I could describe his energy, I’d probably say he felt “stuck up”, as if he were too good to look in our direction.

As I said, I took literally hundreds of photos… some of holes in the trees, gnome mounds, flower faeries, etc. — but it was these tree spirits that demanded my attention. They didn’t have to show themselves, but I feel blessed that they did, even though some of them waited until after I was home to show their true selves.

True tree spirits, or an active imagination? Lucky shots or intentional displays of magick from an enchanted kingdom? You decide.

Life is good.


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