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Intro: This is another from my deep past, written originally years and years ago. Modification was inspired by someone I’d never met, but one who valued the art of writing and the creative energy we can share with one another. One of the reasons I appreciate this one, in regard to writing, is that it demonstrates how we can pluck an ancient piece from our personal archives, then re-write it, edit it, polish it, and buff it out to fit a new situation.

“Involuntary Smiles”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

When I crave you
can you feel it?

When I imagine so intensely
that I can see your lips
and feel the warmth of them
do you know that I’m kissing you?

Is there a tingle,
a rhythmic skip,
a fluid expression,
a tension in the muscles
that you can feel
when I can feel

When my soul aches
to dance with yours
does your soul know
it gives mine flight?

Do you know the powers you hold
when you hold me
in your vision?

I have felt the warmth of your gaze
and the depths to which it plunges

breath taking

You make me feel vulnerable
yet empowered
all at once
and I like that…
even though I don’t know why
I won’t try to justify…

Sexy feels good

You are so solid and real in my life
that I can’t ever imagine
how I lived without you –

You are like lightening…
following the path of least resistance
Stunning me
with an electrical charge
that knocks me off my feet
and has changed me forever

You lift me up
When you lay me down…

You are the reason I smile
— Involuntary smiles

You embody everything
That is pleasure…

You are the song of the birds
the breath of the breeze
the laughter of a child
the husky, exotic strength of man

That bears repeating
the husky
strength of a man

the purr of a kitten
the tail thump of a dog
you are the snow
the sunrise
the seasons.
You are the smell of banana bread baking

You are a good stretch
a hot bath
a masterfully written book
You are writing, painting, dancing, singing….
You are all things beautiful

You are everything

You are pure love…
Unable to be defined
Unable to be captured
Unable to be reproduced

And yet I know you…
And I celebrate you…

— Involuntary Smiles

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