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Having posted my dream and replying to comments, I headed to the kitchen to refill my coffee cup.  That’s when I “heard” this muffled voice crying, “Let me out! Hey! Let me out!”. 

I looked toward the baker’s rack where I heard the voice coming from, and low and behold, I spied the woodland faerie chasing butterflies that I’d purchased more than a month ago, the day we found that yellow house. 

 I kept her in the box on the bottom shelf of the baker’s rack, telling myself she’d be a housewarming gift to myself the day we moved.  This morning, she called me on it and wanted set free. 

I smiled, lifted the box, took out her styrofoam entrapment, snapped her photo, and carried her back to my room, placing her on my desk, facing me. 

I’ve decided to name her Serenity.

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