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Wendi Friend

Why do I spell magick with a “k” at the end? No, it’s not a typo. Magic without the “k” signifies illusion, trickery, stage magic, or magic for show. By spelling magick with the “k”, I’m referring to an entirely different kind of magick – the magick of energy, the magick of thought, the magick of nature and the elements.

That’s how I spell magick, but how do I define magick? Maybe the best place to begin answering that question is to instead state what I believe magick is not.

In my opinion and understanding, magick is not a quick fix solution to any given problem. Unlike a toy used for recreation or personal pleasure, magick is not meant to be used for entertainment; nor is it intended to make money fall from the sky, encourage a romantic partner to sweep you off your feet, change the weather at whim, make you win at gambling, miraculously help you pass a test, or remove you from a situation from which you’re meant to learn and grow through experience. Most importantly, magick is not intended to be used for harm, revenge, or gaining power over individuals.

There are many paths, methods, beliefs, and ways of using and abusing magick. There are ceremonial forms of magick wherein circles are cast and wands are waved, or there are solitary methods of practicing magick in which energy is conjured more according to personal preferences than ritual requirements. There are magickal spells written with words and suggested ingredients, or there are magickal spells done knowingly or unknowingly through particular thoughts, actions, words, and patterns.

In my personal belief, magick, or the conscious shifting of energy, is intended to help strengthen our character, give us courage to accomplish what needs done, and give us patience while we wait for the results of our efforts to manifest.

In my experience, most magick is not instantaneous. If I focus on something specific during a private, full moon ritual, I generally don’t see results for about three weeks or so, and the types of results I receive are never quite what I could have imagined.

Let me interject here that one of the elemental misconceptions or “mistakes” made in magick is that the practitioner all too often tries to micro-manage the form of the result, meaning that if they can’t imagine how something could happen, then they can’t imagine that it can happen, therefore they limit their ability to open their mind and allow true universal magick to work at its best. It’s when we let go of the “answer” that the magick comes.

For example, one of the major issues I hear people comment about is money. Money truly can be perceived as the root of all evil, can’t it? We need money to pay the power bill, to buy the groceries, to cloth ourselves, to get through the holidays, etc. – It’s not feasible to think you could conjure a spell or work some form of magick that would cause $500 to drop out of the sky. However, as long as you don’t try to dictate exactly where that $500 will come from, provided the inclusion of harm to none, then the money can and often does appear, although the universe seems to have a great sense of humor and often waits ’til the eleventh hour to deliver. The problem most people have is that they can’t imagine where that much money would come from. It’s not like a family member is going to suddenly give us a loan, or like our boss will kindly give us a bonus. But as long as we don’t try to imagine the how and just focus on the need itself, it can be conjured, as long as it’s not taken for granted, misused, or being used for negative purposes. For example, having that pair of shoes is important to you, yes – but not important enough to work magick over. However, getting the money to fix a broken car so you can get to work and earn money is!

So I define magick as an ability to consciously shift a situation or circumstance through energy and intent in order to provide you with the tools you need to accomplish the task at hand. Magick is not meant to remove you from the task at hand or prevent you from having to do the work yourself.

There are many elements involved in magick. Some may suit you, some may not. There are solar, lunar, and planetary influences; many forms of divination such as tarot, runes, tea leaves, scrying; herbs; candles; crystals; oils; and a continuing collection of contributing forces too large to mention.

For one that’s interested in learning more about or practicing magick, the best advice, in my opinion, is to start with study, not with a hurried anticipation to try out a spell, buy a broom or label one’s self a witch. It’s a long journey full of conscious effort and directed will, not a quick fix for an immediate problem.

It’s easy to get lost in magick. With so many subjects and interests, one can be overwhelmed with the amount of information available. Start slowly with areas that are naturally interesting to you and allow the rest to wait. No need to force it . . . magick happens!

Believe good things; what you believe becomes!

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