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I’m going straight to the sources today without preceding with my own notions. 

From LearnTarot.com:

makes any venture successful
finds opportunity everywhere
attracts wealth
takes an idea and makes it work
is a natural manager and businessperson
has the Midas touch 

is informed about practical matters
has a wide range of natural abilities
has quick reflexes
is skillful with his or her hands
handles any situation competently 

meets all commitments and promises
assumes responsibility
is dependable and unfailing
can be counted on in a crisis
serves as a rock for others to lean on 

encourages the accomplishments of others
readily jumps in to help
is a philantropist
gives generously of time and attention
sponsors worthwhile projects 

works toward a goal with firm resolve
avoids mood and behavior swings
has regular habits and activities
maintains a calm, even approach
is a stabilizing influence

The personality of the King of Pentacles is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He might as well be called King Midas as he turns everything he touches to gold (riches of all kinds). He finds opportunity everywhere and succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to. He is enterprising and adept. Whatever the task, he handles it competently, drawing on his wide range of skills and practical knowledge. He’s a jack-of-all-trades – and master of all as well. He is always dependable and responsible. Others rely on him completely because he never fails them. He gives generously of his time and resources because he knows that by giving more, you receive more. He encourages others in their accomplishments and lends his support whenever it is needed. He has a steady and even temperament that adds an element of stability to any situation. When he has set a goal for himself, he pursues it with firm resolve until he’s successful.

In readings, the King of Pentacles asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: keeping a comittment, fixing something that’s broken, making money, or sponsoring a new enterprise. This King can also represent a man or woman who is acting as he does, or an atmosphere of steady, reliable competence. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this King in whatever form he appears in your life.

From Aeclectic Tarot:


Kings. Although they come last, they really should come first, as Kings are where the Court Cards start. They are the fire – their element – the passion, the driving force. This is why Crowley has them as Knights instead, riding on horseback (rather than sitting passively on a throne), filled with energy, moving, leading. Kings are related to the Emperor, and like him they are planners, motivators, commanders, and creators; the one who rallies everyone together to form the kingdom. (Think Henry V.) The Queen is the one who will make it real, and the Knight/Prince will take it beyond the castle walls. But without the King, it won’t happen at all.

Thus, Kings in a spread can indicate motivation, a beginning or start of something.

King of Pentacles

Drawing up plans for a new business, new thoughts on how to make money or craft something. Perhaps building a new house.

. . .

The thing to remember with the Kings is that while they are powerful motivators, they are still “in the crown” – in the head. They can move mountains with their enthusiasm and energy and light a fire under almost anything. But they can’t make it real all by themselves.

Like all court cards, the King cards are most likely to be people. These might be men the Querent knows or the Querent himself if he’s an adult male. It may signify the kind of man he is, or the kind of man he is at this time or in this circumstance.

All Kings have high aspirations, they dream of having the best “kingdom” in the land. And they expect loyalty, especially from family and friends. They are men of influence, and leadership; others come to them for advice. They can be stubborn, absolutely sure that they are right.

King of Pentacles

Call him the “Tough Old Farmer” and his Kingdom is his “business” or farm. Proud and self-reliant, this respected man is likely a civil servant, architect, engineer, manager, farmer or, surprisingly, entertainer. Wherever he is, he worked hard to be in charge and in charge he intends to stay. Although he can seem cold and aloof, he can also be strangely charming and funny, telling the most amusing tales at the dinner table. And he is, underneath it all, kind and loyal. If you need help, he will help and never ask for repayment. But if you help him, he’ll repay you as soon as he can; he doesn’t like being beholden to anyone. He will always provide for his family, do his best for them, stick by them, and expects them to be equally responsible, hardworking and disciplined. Much like his queen, he hates being embarrassed and has a hard time forgiving any one who causes him embarrassment, be they family, friends or enemies. Likely, no one he cares about will ever be told that he loves them; the best they’ll get out of this King is “I’m proud of you.” Which, from him, is his highest compliment.

From Solitary Witch: Book of Shadows for the Next Generation by Silver Raven Wolf:

Experienced, successful businessman or leader. One who saves and is reliable, steadfast, and often resourceful. Good planner. Down-to-earth personality.

And, from Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker:

As a temporary vibration: Promotion, risks, assistance. This is a master number period which requires more and, in return, gives more that any other number vibration. You can expect to elevate your present status. Money, position and influence are yours. The rewards are in exact proportion to your previous output and, if this has been substantial, you will revel in the riches life gives you.

Influential people, especially of the opposite sex, will help you advance your position. You will have the power you desire in your chosen field. Maintain a practical approach to all affairs. Share your good fortune with others; you can afford to be generous now. However, extravagance and unwise speculation can lead to losses, so keep a balance. Marriage under this vibration is fruitful and successful.

Tarot Symbolism: The king is dressed in a robe decorated with grapes; they symbolize fruitfulness and plenty. The Taurean symbols decorating the throne indicate money, possessions and material gifts. The buildings shown are not merely houses, but are castles of substantial size. Luxury is also evident in the heavy carving adorning the throne, and the golden crown topped with a wreath of roses, the symbol of elevated desires. Since the roses are on top of the crown, at the highest point of the fiture, they indicate that the desires have been fulfilled. The mace in the king’s right hand is a symbol of authority and power. The golden pentacle in the left hand shows an ability to handle money wisely.

Astrological Correspondence: First decan Capricorn. This decan is Saturn-ruled and is the midheaven of the natural zodiac. It relates to honor, fame and ambition. If Capricorn, or any cardinal sign, is on the midheaven in your individual horoscope, some sort of prominence is indicated, depending on details in other parts of the chart. You have a talent for leadership and organization. You are persevering and thorough, thrifty and industrious, systematic and orderly. Education and the arts are important to you. You have good taste and conventional manners. You are the aristocrat of the zodiac, the most noble of the numbers, expressed in high and serious goals.

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Queen of Pentacles is one who can look compassionately at the world, at her place in the world, and all that she’s accomplished or gained within the world (which may include owning her own business!).  Pentacles represent Earth, and the Queens are extensions of the Empress and of maternal energy, so this Queen of Pentacles celebrates life (in all of its forms) on earth – the nurturing “hostess with the mostess”.  If I could think of one phrase to describe this queen, it would be “well-manicured”, and I don’t just mean in regard to her fingernails.  She’s well put together in her dress and lifestyle and delights in the material joys this life offers, and in sharing those joys with one and all. She shares her loving energy with those in her environment, including plants and animals, as well as friends and family.

Inverted, this card is probably asking me to become this type of energy, is letting me know that this energy is beginning to manifest in me, or to seek out this type of energy in another.

Here’s what the sources say:

From LearnTarot.com:

gives love and support
creates a warm, secure environment
makes people feel better
responds to the natural world
has a green thumb
has a way with children and animals 
will do any service for others
is a soft touch
always has an open door and welcoming smile
gives freely and abundantly
is warm, generous and unselfish 
handles problems matter-of-factly
allows others to be themselves
has no pretensions or affectations
takes a simple, sensible approach
appreciates all the senses 
finds a use for whatever’s at hand
is handy and versatile
makes a little go a long way
gets around every obstacle
comes up with what’s needed 
keeps confidences and secrets
is loyal and steadfast
comes through in a pinch
keeps faith with others
is true to his or her word

The personality of the Queen of Pentacles combines the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit with the inward focus of a Queen. If you were to visit the Queen of Pentacles, the first thing she would say is, “Come in, come in. It’s great to see you. Have a bowl of soup!” No one is more welcoming and nurturing than she. Her greatest pleasure is to care for others – making sure they are happy and secure. Her home is always overflowing with children, pets, plants and footloose friends. She is warm and generous to all. In day-to-day matters, she is sensible and practical. She doesn’t have a lot of time for elaborate plans and other craziness. If something needs doing, she just takes care of it without a lot of fuss and bother. If necessary, she makes do with little and always comes through in a pinch. There is a down-to-earth, matter-of-factness about her. She is always loyal and steadfast. Because she is trusting by nature, others trust her completely. When you are hurting or in need, the Queen of Pentacles will calm your fears and share your troubles.

In readings, the Queen of Pentacles asks you to think and feel as she does. For example: Are you feeling warm and caring toward others? Are you being sensible? Have you been true to your word? Do you feel generous? Can you be counted on when times are tough?

This Queen can also represent a man or woman who is like her, or an atmosphere of warmth, trust and security. In a reading, she tells you that her special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this Queen in whatever form she appears in your life.

From Aeclectic Tarot:


The element of Queens is water and, not surprisingly, they are a reflection of the Empress. In this they signify the creative force. One way to think of the court cards is this: The Kings are the motivating force (Fire = the sun waking up the sleeping Earth). The queens are the ones who make it real (water = rain bringing forth life from the earth). The Knights spread the idea of the Kingdom (wind = spreading the seeds). And the Pages, of course, are the fertile soil in which all of this can grow.

When Queens appear they signal a time of growth and development, a time when the Querent is making things real. For example:

Queen of Pentacles – Making real a business, altering a work situation, or developing an exercise or health plan.

Queen of Pentacles

This is the practical, down-to-earth woman. An enthusiastic outdoors woman, she’s always encouraging friends and family to exercise. She also owns her own successful business. Her accounting is scrupulous, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to spend. She loves beautiful things and has an artist’s eye. Her home is impeccably decorated with paintings, furniture, and trinkets. Her garden is also beautifully maintained. Tasteful is the perfect word for her; likewise in her dress, jewelry and make-up. As in work, nothing less than giving her all to her family will do for the Queen of Pentacles. She wants them to have the best so they can succeed. But this can put a lot of pressure on them. The queen does not understand that buying a child a Steinway piano will not make them Beethoven; also, this Queen’s pragmatism, her dislike of anything strange or distasteful, may exclude anything unique or imaginative – solutions as well as people. Her children or partner feel that they can’t be themselves and still be loved.

From Solitary Witch: Book of Shadows for the Next Generation by Silver Raven Wolf:

A down-to-earth woman known for her financial acuity; nurturing; one who enjoys the out-of-doors and gardening; one who saves; financial fertility, puting practical ideas to good use.

And, from Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker:

As a Temporary Vibration: Friends, money, travel. This period deals with the material aspects of life and the pleasures and comforts derived from it. Money and possessions are accentuated. You will gain more affluence and prestige in some manner. An influential friend may assist you, or you could receive an inheritance or promotion. The courts and the legal profession could be involved.

Educational pursuits will bring wealth and influence. If you have dreamed of a special vacation or trip, you will now have the funds to fulfill that desire. Enough money is available for you to feel opulent and secure.

Your mind is very active now. Channel this energy to create a successful business or otherwise bring about tangible results.

TAROT SYMBOLISM: The Queen is dressed in an elegant but conservative costume, which befits her character. Her throne is decorated with symbols of fruitfulness. The goat, symbol of Capricorn, is carved into the arms of the throne. Flowers are in bloom all around her. The hare is also a symbol of fertility and productiveness. Cherubs always indicate the protection of divine beings, who radiate love, peace, happiness and contentment.

ASTROLOGICAL CORRESPONDENCE: Second decan Capricorn. The second decan of Capricorn, (Taurus dominant, Earth and Venus co-ruling), produces not only a practical individual with an eye on financial gains and prestigious positions, but also a determined, loyal and sometimes stubborn individual. It would be hard to imagine anyone with these qualities who would not become successful in whatever endeavor he or she chose. Certainly, with this card, this is the case.

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Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles


Aces represent the very best a suit has to offer, the un-tapped, raw energy of the suit.  Pentacles represent money, the coming together of a process, or other earthy gains.  The Ace of Pentacles, when upright, indicates that everything that’s needed is being provided, along with a little bit of divine intervention. It’s golden opportunity.  When inverted, it could indicate that either the energy of the card is just beginning to manifest and hasn’t peaked yet, that it’s a waning energy that’s on its way out, or that there may be a lack of faith in regards to believing that what is needed will be provided.  When upright, I get a jolt from this card… an excited wiggle because I get excited for the person who drew the card (even and especially if it’s myself!) because I know that the quarrent is about to receive a much needed hand. When inverted, I’m inclined to advise to have faith and trust in a higher power, in Universal wisdom, and know that everything will be taken care of.

Here’s what the other sources say:

From Solitary Witch: Book of Shadows for the Next Generation by Silver Raven Wolf:

Abundance; wealth, a monetary contract; accomplishment; good news; a new start, especially in financial and property matters; gifts; positive material gain; new business proposition.

From LearnTarot.com:

using material force
focusing on concrete results
having a real-world impact
working with the physical
achieving tangible results
improving the body/health
becoming involved with nature
having the means to reach a goal
enjoying abundance
drawing to you what you need
seeing efforts rewarded
increasing assets
experiencing growth
being practical
using common sense
getting down-to-earth
taking advantage of what works
being realistic
grounding yourself in the real world
accepting the tools at hand
proceeding with trust
believing in the good faith of others
feeling safe and protected
knowing you have total security
operating from a known position
having a support system
knowing the situation is stable
consolidating a firm base

The Ace of Pentacles is a symbol of possibility in the area of prosperity, abundance, trust, security and groundedness. In readings, it shows that a seed of productivity has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When the seed sprouts, it could take almost any form. It might be a feeling of centeredness, desire for results or need to focus on practical matters. On the outside, it could be an offer, gift, opportunity, encounter or synchronistic event.

When you see this Ace, examine your life to see how its solid energy could work for you. Now is not the time for fantasy, drama or daring. It is a time to be real and centered. Seek out comfortable, reliable experiences that make you feel secure. Build a foundation of trust in your life both within and without. Your common sense will tell you what to do. Focus also on the natural world to help you stay grounded. Enjoy your body and all the joys of material existence.

The Ace of Pentacles can be a sign that you will be able to make your dreams real. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality. You can now attract all the wealth you need to get your projects going. Tap into the material force of the Ace of Pentacles, and all your enterprises will flourish.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:


Aces are the root force. They are the spark. Relate them to the Magician, who presents the tools to the Fool. They have no purpose yet, but are filled with raw potential. They are the active energy of the suit ready to be used. They can also indicate direction or season, though which stands for which is often debated. Here are the “usual” directions and seasons. If, however, they don’t feel right to you, the reader, use whatever works best.

Ace of Pentacles


New luck, health or money for a new “job”. There is no desire to burn, or flow or fly; here is a physical need to be grounded, to do solid work, make, create and touch. Like a seed in the ground, there is a desire to sprout roots and just become. The pentacle is taken in hand, and, for now, the querent wants only to have it solidly in his pocket.

These are the aces, the raw or initial passion, feelings, thoughts and needs that can be directed into something more. They represent hope, a possiblity, an action to take. The Querent can use them, or leave them behind. Choose wisely what you take up from the Magician’s table for each has its pitfalls as well as pinnacles.

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“Knight of Pentacles”

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

This is one of the cards I’m not so confident about. I think I have a general idea, but it’s not one where I can nod and feel assured in how I translate it, although I’ve never really missed my mark (that I know of) when it comes up in readings for others.

Knights represent a change in direction, and they also represent messengers. Their energy is a youthful energy, comparative to that of a teen ager. They’re bold, brave, gung-ho about charging forward on their path, but their armor shows no battle scars – no dents or dings, so they indicate a bit of naivety or lack of experience.

Pentacles represent money, or physical manifestations, completion of a thing.

This particular knight, on instinct, looks as if he’s delivering a gift. He’s holding the pentacle extended in front of him as if to say, “Here, I brought this for you.”

If I were translating this card for someone else, I’d say, “You may be about to receive a message or a gift that could change the course of the path your on… for the better. However, be careful not to charge into a situation… look before you leap. There may be unseen obstacles along the way.”

Here’s what the sources say:

From LearnTarot.com:

is dogged in pursuit of a goal……….is hardheaded and obstinate
will not quit……….digs into a position
stands firm against opposition……….must have his or her own way
stays fixed to a chosen course……….refuses to listen to reason
keeps true to personal convictions……….resists compromise

checks and double-checks……….is too conservative
examines all angles beforehand……….misses chances by waiting
proceeds slowly and carefully……….is reluctant to try something new
prefers the safe, known path……….settles for safe, small gains
is prudent and careful……….is afraid of risking

takes care of every detail……….does not know when to quit
is meticulous……….is too picky
wraps up all loose ends……….must have everything just so
never leaves a job half done……….is inflexible and compulsive
is painstaking……….insists on perfection
completes anything started……….can’t leave well enough alone

is willing to look at the facts……….concentrates on what’s wrong
faces the truth……….thinks others are dreamers
is not lured by false hopes……….sees a glass as half empty, not half full
assesses circumstances candidly……….takes the gloomy view
predicts problems in advance……….dooms a project from the start

becomes dedicated to a task……….focuses too narrowly on work
is diligent and industrious……….can be humorless and grim
produces as much as two people……….sees playtime as wasteful
tackles any chore vigorously……….drives everyone too hard
is tireless and unflagging……….forgets life should be fun

On the positive side, the Knight of Pentacles is like a bulldog. Once he bites down, you can be sure he won’t let go. He’s dogged in pursuit of his goals. A hard-worker, he has tremendous stamina and dedication. Every job is always completed down to the last detail. He’s careful and prudent, never wasteful. He knows the facts and is immune to false promises. On the negative side, this Knight is a bit stodgy and dull. He’s not known for his playful sense of humor. Work always comes first. He tends to be inflexible and obsessive about little details. Stubborn to a fault, he refuses to give in even when wrong, something he’ll never admit. He doesn’t like change or risk and will always take the gloomiest view.

In readings, a Knight of Pentacles shows that his cautious style is involved in the situation as an aspect of you, someone else or the atmosphere in general. You need to ask yourself, “Is this Knight’s energy helping or hurting?”

If his style is evident, then balance is needed. Are you working too hard? Do you refuse to listen to reason? Do you have a perfectionist in your life? Is the atmosphere around you one of gloom and doom? It may be time for a change.

If this Knight’s energy is missing, a dose of prudence may be called for. Are you spending too much? Maybe it’s time to slow down. Do you give up too soon? Dig in and refuse to quit. Is your work often careless, late or incomplete? Next time resolve to work up a sweat and get the job done. Let the Knight of Pentacles introduce you to his world of care and persistence.

Well, that translation doesn’t sound anything like mine. But, that’s why I do this every morning – not only to gauge the influences of my own day, but to gain a deeper understanding of the cards.

Here’s what AeclecticTarot has to say:

Knights or princes are the spirit of the teenager, all about changes. Knights are never still; as the pages/princesses suggest messages, the knights/princes suggest movement, travel.

Elementally, they are Air moving and flowing like that element. As a person, they’re likely to stand for a young adult or someone who acts very like a teen. Their beliefs are purer than of an adult, less cynical and more fierce. In this they are most knight like: powerfully, almost unquestioning loyal to a kingdom or cause.

Ah… so it’s the Pages that are messengers, NOT the knights! Noted!

As travel: Knight of Pentacles – Travel on foot, hiking, walking, cycling.

Knight of Pentacles

This teen appreciates the very best things money can buy – not only because he likes such things, but because he doesn’t like to stand out. He’s got projects going, jobs on the side, he fears not having what others have, not fitting in. In comparison to the Knight of Wands, however, this teen likes being at home. He needs to have his own room or secret place, and woe to anyone who goes into that room or changes it in any way. This teen has his own organization system for everything. On the negative side, this teen can be far too solitary, too concerned with perfection, what he does or does not have, or earning a place of respect. Fear of failure or competition or standing out may keep him from leaving his room. He values and protects beautiful things and is a loyal employee if treated right.

Okay, well, I may have missed my own interpretation, but this card hits the nail on the head for today. In fact, when I was shuffling the deck, T called – he’s coming by to bring a bed, a chest of drawers, and a few other items to turn that back bedroom into a bedroom for me. For the four years I’ve lived in this house, the master bedroom has been unable to be used. My ex took a power saw to the wall and cut a hole through the house from that bedroom to lead to the dog kennel he’d built. That room has since been called “The pet room”. So for the first three years I lived here, I slept on the floor in the living room. After the ex moved out and I’d bought my own furniture, I switched to sleeping on the sofa. T has been trying to get me to convert that room back into a bedroom for a bit now, but I’ve resisted because I don’t want to be “comfortable” in this house. I don’t want to nestle in… I want to MOVE! But, he has valid points and I think I’ll feel much more at peace and well rested if I have a bedroom of my own. He replaced the carpets in that room not long ago, and today he’s determined to furnish it. One of my biggest complaints over the past four years is that I don’t have a sacred space to call my own… a private room where I can close the door and be alone.

The talk in this card of perfectionism, working hard, etc. matches me quite well and I see myself in it, but I also see a great deal of Rhythm in this card.

I’d love to talk more about today’s card and how it matches up with my current situation, but now that I know I have company on the way, I’m a bit hurried… perhaps I’ll come back later in the day and reflect on it some more.

I do want to say, though, that my own interpretation wasn’t far off for me personally in regard to today… I said a message and/or gift… and while I was shuffling the deck, I got a message from T that he was bringing furnishings for that room… so I don’t think I was “wrong”, I just think my interpretations weren’t aligned with other interpretations.

For now, it’s time to draw a faerie.

Life is good.


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“Seven of Pentacles”

Seven of Pentacles

Well, well… I think this ties in nicely with this morning’s Fairy.

In this card, we see a man taking pause from his current endeavors. He’s observing the work he’s already done, pleased with his accomplishments thus far, but he’s taking pause because he’s not certain if he wants to continue with the project at hand. Something about his work has become spiritually dissatisfying and he’s contemplating change. He’s no longer satisfied with the mundane production process and the work at hand has become dull and dreary. He’s got a bit more to do before his job is done… but will he complete the task, or move on to something new? It could be time for a change.

The colors of his wardrobe are significant to me, even though I’ve never “learned” about them or referenced other sources. His top is orange… which signifies creativity. His sleeves and pants are blue, which indicates emotion. This tells me that whatever work this person does, it should be a creative endeavor that’s emotionally charged. He needs to “feel good” about what he’s “creating”, rather than simply going through the motions.

Although the suit of this card is pentacles, we see he’s also leaning on a staff, or a “wand”. The suit of wands represents new opportunities, new awareness, new insights, new ideas, new perspectives.

The seven is where I get the “spiritually dissatisfying” aspect of my interpretation. Sevens indicate an awareness of one’s own spiritual anorexia, and demonstrate a “seeking spirit”. It’s the awareness that we need to get back in touch with our spiritual Self.

Here’s what the other sources say:

This is from LearnTarot.com:

evaluating the status
reflecting on progress to date
reviewing what’s been done
pausing to check results
making sure you’re on course
finding out where you stand
taking stock

reaping a reward
finally seeing some results
enjoying the first fruits
getting returns on investments
receiving payoffs
being able to let up a bit
reaching a milestone

considering a direction change
weighing a different approach
pondering alternatives
thinking about change
opening to a new strategy
questioning your choices
standing at a crossroads

On the Seven of Pentacles we see a man who has labored long and hard in his garden. The foliage is full, the blossoms are out – it seems that his work has paid off. Now he’s taking a break to admire his handiwork. How satisfying it is to see such fine results! How rewarding is sweet success!

The Seven of Pentacles is a time-out card. It represents those moments after a rush of activity when we stop to catch our breath and look around. The man in the picture has paused to contemplate the fruits of his own labors, but he could also pick that fruit. In readings, the Seven of Pentacles can indicate a reward that will come your way, particularly as a result of your own efforts. Take it and enjoy.

This card is also a call for assessment. When we’re busy, we don’t always have time to reflect on what we’re doing and why. Are we still on course? Are we getting the results we want? Serious problems can develop if you don’t take stock at key moments. In readings, this card suggests that you take the time to be sure you’re meeting your goals.

The Seven of Pentacles can also indicate a crossroads. In life, there’s a tendency to continue with familiar routines. To go in a new direction isn’t easy. The Seven of Pentacles may be telling you to figure out if you need a course correction, or even a complete about-face. You’re not yet committed to a certain path, but you could be soon. Change is still possible.

The Seven of Pentacles is not a card of endings or final decisions. The game is not over, but only on hold for a moment. Once you’ve gotten your breath back and checked your strategy, be ready to jump back in and work even harder than before.

And from AeclecticTarot:

As the fives indicated a particular problem, so do the sevens. The fives were about loss, losing momentum, losing love, losing an argument, losing money. The question there was, “How do I deal with this loss?” The sevens are about finding yourself in a situation where you are not in control. Sevens relate to the Chariot, a card about finding and maintaining complete control and mastery over wild or opposing forces.

If the charioteer lets his horses run where they will, as they will, the chariot will crash. He not only has to have them completely in hand, but to win in a race or war, he must also control direction and speed. So, too, in life. You need to know not only how to take control but also how to direct the forces once you have them in hand. Sevens, like fives, are about overcoming fears and finding a way to succeed in a tough situation. They answer the question, “How do I take control?”

Seven of Pentacles

A farmer watches pentacles grow on a tree. Sometimes, there is no way to take control of a situation. The farmer waits for the fruit on his tree to ripen so he may harvest and sell it; he has very little control over when this will happen. All he can do is be patient. So, too, with waiting for a job offer or raise, waiting for work to pay off, or a new diet, waiting for lottery numbers to be read. Sometimes you have to realize that you’ve done all you can do. It is out of your hands now. All you can do is wait.

Ultimately, the sevens share that message, the farmer’s message: hold out, be patient, don’t rush, go around. Be in control of yourself and you can be in control of this situation.

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Three of Pentacles


When we look at threes, we know we’re dealing with two issues right of the bat. The first situation brought to light by the three is group dynamics – situations involving more than two people. The second circumstance of threes is communication. Threes deal with communication in group dynamics.

Pentacles represent money, and the coming together or completion of a project – sometimes both in that completing a project could lead to financial reward.

In this card, we see one person on a pedestal being admired by two other people. He’s being admired for his creativity, his insights, and his craftmanship. He may be being offered a job or having his services requested. When I see this card in readings I do for others, I generally state that a new job opportunity based on creative skill may be about to present itself.

Inverted cards mean one of three things… either the energy of the card is new and just beginning to manifest; the energy of the card is old and is moving out of the situation – or, the quarrent (person the card was drawn for) may be exhibiting the more negative attributes of the card’s energy. If it’s the third case scenerio, I often encourage those who draw this card to put their creativity on display so that it CAN be recognized and appreciated by others.

So what do I think it means for me? (Looks toward Nepal and waves at Dip)….

I’m not doing what I should be doing with my writing. For 20 years I’ve had the dream of writing as a profession, of seeing my name in print, of knowing others were reading and benefiting from my work. Not so much about the acclaim, the fame, the recognition, or the fortune (’cause those who are in the know… know that writing is not often a lucrative financial endeavor!)… but about expressing my insights, sharing and preserving them. I used to write regularly and submit my work diligently, and I’ve stopped that all together. I’m still blogging, sure… I have an occasional poetic thought or profound statement, but they’re few and far between these days – and as for submitting? Pishaw… I’m not. However, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I’d like to write, could be writing, should be writing, and about the books I’d like to assemble (recycle!) from those writings. Why am I not doing it? ‘Cause the restaraunt owns my ass and the bills and responsibilities of being a single parent and managing employment and family matters, not to mention a social life, keep me from writing the words that want to be written.

I need to make time to get back to my writing. The muse’s vacation is all but over. It’s time to “come home”.

Here’s what the other sources say:

From LearnTarot.com:

working as a team
coordinating with others
finding all the needed elements
functioning as a unit
getting the job done together
contributing to the group
combining efforts 
organizing resources
following a schedule
operating in the know
nailing down the details
being an ant, not a grasshopper
reviewing beforehand
going over possible problems
being prepared 
being competent
getting the job done
carrying out an assignment well
meeting your goals
proving your ability
achieving more than what’s expected
knowing what to do and how to do it
being up to the job

In the opening of the film Mission Impossible, a crack team of specialists is working on a dangerous assignment. The members of the team are mapping out a strategy, coordinating resources and drawing on their skills and ingenuity to complete the mission. This is the Three of Pentacles in action: teamwork, planning and competence.

The Three of Pentacles is one of the cards in the Tarot that focuses on the group. (The Three of Cups and the Hierophant are the others.) As Pentacles are grounded and practical, this card represents a task-oriented team – people who are working cooperatively toward a common goal. There are few jobs that can be accomplished alone. We need the help of others to achieve our goals. Sometimes the Three of Pentacles is a sign that you will be more productive if you work with others. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

This card can also show a need for planning and preparation. Now is not the time to rush into something or begin a project with only a vague idea of what it’s about. You need to think everything through, go over all the possibilities and make sure you work out the details. Do your homework, and your undertaking will flourish.

Another feature of the Three of Pentacles is competence – the ability to get the job done. How rare this is nowadays! This card tells you that you have the skills and knowledge you need. You can attract capable people and create a successful environment. Know that the situation is (or will be) in good hands, but be sure to concentrate on excellence in your work. Be proud of what you do and how you do it. Then you will accomplish your “impossible” mission.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:


So at first we had one, indivisible; then it splits into two, mirror images, opposites: two opposing passions, twin emotions, two ideas, two jobs or finances. The next move, of course, is for the two to create a third. Male and female create a child; two corners get a third to form a triangle.

Ruling over the threes is the Empress, of course, whose card is all about creation. The child in the womb, the seed in the ground. So, with the twos, a choice has been made about what use to put this passion, emotion, brainpower, craft. Now we get the first results of that decision, the initial offspring.

Three of Pentacles

A craftsman shows off his work of three pentacles in an arch to a pair of potential patrons. This is the craftsman’s card and it indicates creating something that brings in patronage. The Querent has created, well, more work for himself. So promising is what the Querent has done with so little, that money, admiration, and more work is coming their way, enough to get them out of the juggling they were doing in the two of pentacles. Health wise, this card can also indicate positive results from a new exercise program or therapy.

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“Eight of Pentacles”

8 of Pentacles

This card shows a man hard at work, absorbed in his work, lost in his craft, and consistently creating. On one had, this is a wonderful indication because it shows productivity and progress (although it may be lacking fresh inspiration). The craftmanship he produces is dependable, sturdy, reliable, and of the highest quality. On the other hand, it can show total-absorbtion that can cause “blindness” to the rest of the world (notice how the sky is gray and void in this card, and how the quarrent has distanced himself from the town in the background?). It can also indicate a bit of monotony in that he’s creating the exact same thing over and over, cookie-cutter style. (Reminds me of some of my own blogging techniques! *Gasp*)

The number on this card is an 8, which is the yin/yang of life. It encompasses the light and the dark, the good and the bad. It’s a powerfully magick number because it shows the ability to take what appears to be a negative situation and extract from it beautiful lessons.

He’s completed six pentacles already, which he’s hung on the tree before him. He’s working on a seventh pentacle in the present, and has one more remaining to work on. This could indicate the nearing of the end of a cycle in which he completes the eighth pentacle, then turns his attentions towards a new and different type of craftmanship.

Go ahead and finish what’s been started, but be aware of surroundings and circumstances. Remember to see the good in all things, as well as the bad, and be open to receiving new and fresh inspiration for what’s yet to come.

Let’s see what the other sources say:


showing diligence
making an effort
working hard
applying yourself totally
being absorbed in a project
dedicating yourself to a task
plugging away
producing steady results

increasing knowledge
taking a course
learning a new craft or skill
receiving training
pursuing greater understanding
finding out the facts
increasing expertise

paying attention to detail
being painstaking
being extra careful
approaching a task methodically
getting down to the nitty-gritty
handling all the loose ends
checking and rechecking
noticing the fine points

On the Eight of Pentacles we see a young man who is hammering away at a coin. He has finished six and has another coin to go. It is clear that he is in the middle of a project that absorbs all his attention. He’s isolated himself from others (the town in the background) in order to concentrate. In this scene we see the essential elements of the Eight of Pentacles: hard work and attention to detail.

This card often implies a time of great diligence and focus. It advises you to hammer away at the business of the moment, whether a work project, family difficulty, personal goal or unpleasant duty. Sometimes blessings fall into our laps to be enjoyed. Other times we must put out great effort to obtain them. The Eight of Pentacles represents moments when you must give 110%. Just buckle down and do it. Fortunately, this kind of work is invigorating and leads to superb results. The labor of the Eight of Pentacles is deeply satisfying and productive.

The Eight of Pentacles can also symbolize the impulse to learn – to broaden horizons (to use an old-fashioned term). Sometimes we need to develop new skills. We do research, dig out facts or search for expertise. The Hermit is looking for inner knowledge. The man on the Eight of Pentacles seeks external knowledge – the how and why of the material world.

This card can also show the need for meticulous attention. People who are painstaking are often dismissed as nit-pickers, but their extra effort ensures everything is as it should be. It’s a matter of caring – taking the time to check the little details. Now is not the time to be slipshod or casual. Look for errors, and tie up loose ends. The key to success is an extraordinary effort. Whatever your task, the Eight of Pentacles tells you to give it your all in every way.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:

Going with the Rider-Waite deck, we’ll relate the Eights to Strength. Eights are about moving, taking action, as Strength is a card of courage and transformation. It’s very easy to let things stay as they are inside yourself or without (though, as the Eights warn, it’s easy but damaging). It is much harder to gather up the willpower and mental strength to make a real change. A scary change. Like the Strength card, it is scary to approach that lion, but you can alter the relationship you have with it.

Eight of Pentacles

An apprentice works on eight pentacles. This is the apprentice card. It is a card of starting over, doing something new or perhaps just expanding. Apprenticeship can be scary or demoralizing, as in all those cliched movies where the Kung Fu youngster has to carry water and sweep floors before he can do the real stuff. Similarly, this card predicts, if not a tough time, a time of learning and mistakes, doubts and just hard work. The Querent needs to be told to keep up their courage, to either make this move into a new job or to stick with it if they’ve already made the move. Being an apprentice (or an apprentice again) will teach (or re-teach) them how to persevere.

The message of all Eights is that movement, a change of place, home, job or situation can lead to an internal transformation. All that is needed is the strength to go through with it.

*NOTES TO SELF: I’m pretty happy with my interpretation as it stands, I hit head on with the absorbtion and the separation from the town, as well as with the high quality of the craftmanship. However, I also like the interpretation of being attentive to detail and paying attention to the finer aspects. That should be incorporated into my own readings, as should the bit about strength and apprenticeship. I don’t think I saw “apprentice” in my mind’s eye, but more “expert”. I’d think to signify an apprentice would show another person in the card, teaching or demonstrating what’s to be done, whereas this person in this card looks to me like they know full well what they’re doing. However, because of the “monotony” of what’s being created, the “cookie-cutter” fashion I’d described, it makes sense to me that “practice makes perfect”. So, while I’m not at all displeased with how I’ve been interpreting this card, I can see where I can add to it: novice, practice, attention to detail, and the strength to keep going.

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“Five of Pentacles”

Five of Pentacles

There’s a lot to look at in this card.  I like to begin with the number. 

The number on this card is a 5.  When we look at a “5”, we see a small, thin stick; a big, round belly; and a cap over the top.  The skinny stick, to me, represents a form of spiritual anorexia.  We’re spiritually dehydrated and our soul needs attention.  In some sense, we recognize that “emptiness”, which is where the big, round belly comes in.  Rather than acknowledging our need for soul food, we try to fill that void with material objects or through outside sources. We’re meant to be looking inward, but our focus is outward as we try to gorge ourselves to correct the hunger.  However, that cap at the top of the five is our “higher self”, our search for knowledge, our desire for a spiritual connection.  So, in short, the five means that we should honor our Spirit’s need for soul food and stop trying to fill the void with outside influences or material objects.

This card also features pentacles, which indicate one of two things (or both).  First, they represent money… when not referred to as pentacles, these symbols are called, quite appropriately, “coins”.  In some cases drawing pentacles could indicate an in-flow of funds, money coming to you.  However, this card triggers a different feeling.  In this card, it’s likely loss of funds or stress over money that is causing that spiritual void.  In other words, we can be so focused on what we need, what we don’t have, or what we’re responsible for, that we drain our soul’s needs trying to meet the physical demands of the reality in which we live.

On the picture in this card, we see two individuals… poverty stricken, wounded, weary, and looking haggard and lost.  This is the “poor me” syndrome.  Rember the stories Grandma used to tell about having to walk to school… ten miles…. in the snow…. with no shoes…. uphill…. having skipped breakfast? It’s like a contest to see who can be the most miserable, or who has things the hardest.  It’s victim mentality at its prime. However, in the background of the image is a stained glass window, which is where the pentacles are featured.  This indicates a divine opportunity, a spiritual window, the wealth we “crave”, and yet the people in the picture are so focused on their own poor status that they’re oblivious to the opportunities that are right within reach!

The moral of the card, in short? Stop focusing on your losses or what you don’t have, or what you need – and start honoring your spiritual needs.  Have faith moreover than self-pity.

Well, that’s my interpretation of it, anyway.  Let’s see what a few other sources say just for good measure.

The handbook that came with the deck says: “It foretells material trouble above all, whether in the form illustrated, that is, destitution, or otherwise. ”

LearnTarot.com  says:

experiencing hard times
running into material troubles
losing a job or income
feeling insecure
going through a period of hardship
lacking what you need
struggling to make ends meet
suffering ill health
feeling run down and tired
refusing to take care of yourself
neglecting your body and its needs
feeling ragged around the edges
getting medical attention
abusing your body
being rejected
lacking support
having the door slammed in your face
taking an unpopular position
being ostracized
feeling excluded
standing alone
receiving disapproval

“The two figures on the Five of Pentacles are cold, hungry, tired, sick and poor. They show us what it feels like to be without – to lack the basic ingredients of life. This is the specter that haunts so many in our world – a reality that is all too immediate. Those of us who are more fortunate may not have experienced this extreme, but we still recognize suffering. When we do not have what we want and need, it hurts.

In readings, the Five of Pentacles can represent several kinds of lack. First, there is poor health. It is hard to tackle life’s challenges when we do not have our vitality and strength. This card can be a signal that you are neglecting the needs of your body. You are moving away from complete physical well-being, so you must take steps to discover and correct the problem.

This card can also be a sign of material and economic setbacks. There is no doubt that life is harder when we lack money or a decent job. When we are struggling to make ends meet, all other problems are magnified. Even if we are comfortable, we can still feel insecure, afraid that misfortune will take away all that we have worked for.

The Five of Pentacles can also represent rejection or lack of acceptance. We are social animals and feel pain when excluded from our group. We want to be included, not only for our emotional well-being, but also for mutual support. Being rejected can mean physical hardship as well.

The Five of Pentacles relates to material lack, but it also has a spiritual component. From the stained glass window, we can guess that these two figures are outside of a church. Comfort is so close at hand, but they fail to see it. The church symbolizes our spirits which are perfect and whole in every way. We are meant to enjoy abundance in all areas of life, but sometimes we forget that this is our birthright. Whenever you experience hardship, know that it is only temporary. Look for the spiritual center that will take you in and give you shelter.”

And one more source? Here’s from AeclecticTarot

When trying to read the Fives, think of the Hierophant. The Hierophant represents a teacher, counselor, or priest, someone who advises people when they’re in trouble. Likewise, the Fives are unique cards in that each one seems to pose both a problem and an answer. After four fairly smooth cards of growth and development, the fives represent the fly in the ointment. Instability; the changes that make one humble and allow for growth.

Of the questions asked of the Hierophant by a troubled supplicant, the problem is real world. The answer, however, appropriate to the Hierophant, is usually spiritual or at least pragmatic. Understand that all Fives temper the Querent – you go through the fire, the low points, the hard times, in order to come out stronger.

Five of Pentacles

Two poor folk sit outside a church with five pentacles on its stained glass window. This is a card that predicts loss, financial loss, bad luck, a set-back in health. It is a difficult time, as all fives are. “How can I deal with this loss?” asks the Querent. And the answer is, “By realizing that it is no real loss at all.” The Querent must understand that while they may have lost material things, the spiritual is still with them. Where there is life, there is hope. They should also be advised that this too will pass. Though it may seem like there is no end in sight, there is. We all go through lean and lonely times. Things will get better.”

NOTE TO SELF: When doing readings in the future and this card survaces, do not neglect the issues related to health, cations to guard health, or warnings of illness. My concept of disease is that it should be a hyphenated word, dis-ease. Ill-health us usually related, in my opinion, to a spiritual imbalance. Once the spirit is fully nurtured, the body follows. The rest of my definition seemed on target, but the health factor was lacking. As a mental reminder, look at the CRUTCH in the card… we don’t just see poverty, but also a need for medical attention.

 Deck Used: Rider/Waite Tarot

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