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Intro: Here, again, is an older piece from my archives, but one chosen specifically for this moment to be posted. I’m working on June’s Monthly Magick piece for the Enchantmonths series (tardy wench!), and in the research process, I’m discovering that June has many ties to celebrating and protecting family. My children have always been and will forever continue to be the center of my world, so I’m reposting this with thanks to the Universe for blessing me with the company of such enchanted souls.

“To the Children”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Dear Child, (Atlas)

Life has taken me down many streets,
some were sour, some were sweet
and life has dealt me many cards,
some played well and some played hard.
Life has made me many things,
but of all the treasures life did bring
Child… you were my salvation.

Dear Child, (Rhythm)

I dreamed of a day I would know you,
a love so rich and pure and true
I dreamed of a day with you in my arms,
blessing me with all your charms
bringing me abundant laughter,
wrapped up in happily ever after
Child, you are the answer to my prayers.

Dear Child, (Stinkerbelle)

My life once felt like prison bars,
through which I’d gaze up at the stars
and wonder what just might have been
if I had it all to do over again
I thought of a beautiful innocent world
and of a beautiful innocent girl.
Child, you set me free.

Dear children,

I am nothing without you.
You are my everything.


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Intro: Getting divorced meant many things would change for my chidren and me.  Before the divorce, we were a homeschooling family. I didn’t work, so I was able to devote all of my time and energy to their education and raising them outside of the confines and expectations of society.  After the divorce, however, I’d return to work and the teens would embark on a journey back to public school.  Before the divorce, the kids each had their passions… the Prince took Tae Kwon Do and ranked National Champion several times over.  The Princess was taking horse-riding lessons, nurturing her dreams of becoming an equine vet and care-taker of horses.  After the divorce, those lessons would have to cease due to financial restraints.  Before the divorce, we were vegetarians and had been for a number of years.  Returning to the fast-paced world of social interaction and agendas, we knew we’d have to adjust our diet to accomodate – not only as a matter of convenience (I couldn’t prepare good vegetarian meals for them while I was working fourteen-hour days, and I couldn’t ask them to maintain vegetarian lifestyles on school cafeteria food), but because our bodies would be under greater demand, so we returned to eating meat.  Prior to the divorce, we had eight cats, four dogs, and two birds… the cats and birds would have to be placed in new homes because as I single parent, I couldn’t afford to care for the extra lives.  We managed to hold on to the dogs, but it’s a struggle… and the loss of our other animal family members was tragic to us all.  So many changes… and I saw them before they arrived, so I reached for my children to offer them what security I could… knowing the storm was about to blow through.

“To the Prince and Princess”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
June 17, 2007

The journey on which
we’re about to embark
is more than an
of miles
and minutes.

As this
transformation unfolds
Trust in me
You have my word
I will not let us fall.

We will all
make sacrifices
and for that
you will never
fully know
how sorry
I am
and yet
in those things
of which we let go
we will find
hidden treasures

Love and laughter
are our riches
and we
we three
are millionaires

they don’t matter.
What matters
is that we stand
strong together
that we support
one another
that we believe
in each other
and that our love
be unconditional

Know in your hearts
that in spite of
my own weaknesses
I will provide…
and we will
remain in tact.

Let each step
be a lesson
Let each word
be wisely spoken
Let each beat
of our hearts
beat as one.

I have cried my last tear
I have shed self-centered skin
I will do what needs done
And be a warrior for you.

You have my word
I will not let us fall
So hold my hand
don’t let go
and on the count of three
(by the power of three
And the powers that be)
Take a really big breath
…. and jump.

I’ve gotchya.

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