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“Family Harmony”

Going with T to visit his family spawned all sorts of deep thoughts from me.  There are six siblings all together in his clan… he has four sisters and one brother.  I’d met one sister a while ago, but had yet to meet the other three, nor had I met his mother.  This weekend, I met them all at once and was able to sit out on the porch chatting with them as a whole.  I’d written previously that each of them is so incredibly unique, yet they are bound by a common thread that makes it obvious they’re a family.  I admired the dynamics of their group.  On the way home, T and I talked not only about the dynamics of his family, but of mine as well.

Seeing this card triggers a whole lot of thoughts… thoughts of the recent turmoil between Stinkerbelle and I, and how we’re recovering; thoughts of Rhythm being gone for so long and how much I miss his presence here; thoughts of Atlas and how well he’s grown into his adult self – the troubles he’s going through romantically, the sucesses he’s experiencing financially, and how good it must be to be spending time with his little brother after an entire year of not seeing one another.  This card makes me think of my mother and the trials and tribulations we survive; of my sister, to whom I’ve not spoken in about a year (for no good reason at all other than we’re both ‘busy’); of my little brother and how nice it was to have him visit Kentucky for the first time last month; of my big brother with whom I don’t get along and probably never will, yet who I’d die for in the blink of an eye without question. I think of my father and my dad – two separate entities equally adored; of my grandmother who is fighting a battle against breast cancer.  And then those thoughts run deeper… farther back in time to ancestors, and then ahead in time when some soul may be reflecting on me as one of their ancestors.

Family dynamics – the glue of life.

Here’s what the guidebook says about this card:

Card Meaning: Your relationships with family members are healing. As you hold loving thoughts and feelings about the souls involved (including yourself), you experience genuine harmony within your family.

Description: Every person in your life is affected by your beliefs and expectations, including your family members. By drawing this card, you are counseled to hold positive and loving thoughts about anyone who seems to have irritated or hurt you. The more loving energy you send to each person, the more love will be redirected back to you.

Have patience — you are beginning to feel a great healing occurring in your family relationships. The fairies ask you to think of three reasons why you are grateful for each member of your family. If one person seems to particularly frustrate you, think of five reasons why that person is worthy of love. Send blessings and prayers to that person, and your relationship will show immediate signs of improvement.

Affirmation: I see the goodness within each member of my family. My family life is harmonious and filled with love and joy.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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Well, maybe it’s true what they say: third time’s a charm? I swear, I shuffled – shuffled long, shuffled well, and out she came yet again… “Letting Go”.  this time, however, she’s upright.  Being upright vs. inverted means that while I’ve not yet completely accomplished the “letting go” factor, I am making progress in that regard.

“Letting Go”

The fact that one card can come out repeatedly and consistently is NOT accident, but shows quite clearly, at least in my opinion, that the right cards are coming up at the right time to bring accross the right message.  When a card keeps coming up and keeps coming up, it lets you know you’ve still got work to do in that area and are not ready to “graduate” to the next card. So when working with your own cards, don’t feel a need to slip a repeat card back into the deck to draw again… it’s not a mistake!

There are a lot of things I’ve been holding on to, really.  Past pains, broken heart, old memories, lost dreams, fear, stress, anxiety – as well as trying to gain control of the reigns in new situations and circumstances in order to keep from repeating mistakes of the past – and this has to do with all areas: spiritually, romantically, domestically, maternally, emotionally, financially.  My desire to navigate is, in fact, what sometimes gets me lost in the first place!  I don’t want to live my life by default, being swept up in the currents of fate.  No, not me! I want to live by conscious choice, aware of cause and effect, alert to consequence, in control of my own direction.  But this card says nay… let it go. Relax.  Trust in a higher power.

So, this card was drawn first on June 16, again on the 19th, and here we are again on the 20th. Once again, here’s her message:

Card Meaning: You aren’t receiving positive results because you’re struggling too much to solve the problem. By letting go, you’re opening yourself up to a miraculous resolution.

Description: Problems are caused by human thinking and action. That’s why problems aren’t solved by additional human thinking and action. When we think hard or struggle to resolve a crisis, things can actually get worse!

By drawing this card, you are being asked to stop the human struggle. Stop thinking about the problem, since a focus on negativity can manifest even more negativity. Say alound or silently, “I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now.” By affirming this statement, heaven is able to intervene on your behalf. You will instantly feel relief, and will be gratified to see how easily and naturally the situation resolves itself.

Affirmation: I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now. When I let go, everything turns out perfectly.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

When a Fairy Oracle comes up inverted, or up-side-down, reversed – she’s really trying to get your (my) attention. It’s as if she’s flapping her wings, hopping up and down, lighting herself up trying to get her message across. Listen….

I have a friend in Nepal. Have known him virtually for about 10-12 years. He’s a spiritual guru of sorts, a mentor, and he’s full of wonderful stories. This card reminds me of two of his stories. His first story is about what he calls Monkey Mind, when we let human conditions and human thinking slip into negativity. It’s where we forget to see the higher purpose in things, where we forget to be the observer, when we forget to take just one step at a time into the light. In a moment, I’ll post a full writing I did on Monkey Mind, inspired by this mentor and his story. Judging by my mindset and post last night, Monkey Mind is exactly where I’ve landed (move over, Rabnab!).

The other story this mentor shared was about a phrase called Rungli Rungliot, which means, “Thus far and no farther!” It’s where we put a full stop to a situation that’s out of control, and regain control of the situation and our reactions to it.

This card, quite frankly, says we’ve forgotten our True Spirit, our divine nature, and have slipped into lazy thinking. She asks that you (I) elevate your (my) spirit to where it belongs and raise yourself (myself) TO A HIGHER consciousness.

Just seeing her gives me a spark of energy. Things don’t have to look so bleek and depressing… it’s a matter of perspective, and if I just distance myself from my circumstance, step out of my flesh and be the observer, I’ll see that things are not as bad as I’ve thought, and that the answers I need are already being provided.

Let’s see what the guidebook says:

Card Meaning: You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness, which is one with Divine universal wisdom. You are listening to Love rather than fear.

Description: This card is a validation that your recent feelings, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations are coming from Spirit. You have been asking for Divine guidance, and your higher self has answered your prayers. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you’ve taken the time to listen. Perhaps you’ve begun a meditation or yoga practice, and this has helped you quiet your mind. Or maybe you’ve put your foot down to the Universe and have adamantly decided to improve your life.

Whichever route you’ve taken is working very well. Now, the fairies ask you to keep having conversations with your higher consciousness. This will involve carving out time away from noise and stress. You may need to take frequent nature walks, join a spiritual support group, or go on a retreat. By quieting your life and your mind, the voice of your higher consciousness becomes increasingly loud and clear. It guides you perfectly through all life areas.

Affirmation: I easily hear and understand the inner voice of Spirit.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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“Environmental Awareness”

Environmental Awareness

Drawing this card today doesn’t surprise me, especially since I’m going out looking for new places to live.

Not long ago, we’d talked about leaving Kentucky all together, and the very thought of it broke my heart. I love Kentucky.  The idea of moving back to Las Vegas was mentioned, but I immediately knew that wouldn’t happen.  I can’t live in the desert. I can’t live in a place that’s overly industrialized.  I’m a nature girl. I need the great outdoors.  I need big trees, a variety of flowers, lots of critters, four seasons.  This is where I thrive.

The other night, I as I was drifting to sleep, I was chatty in that half-sleep kind of way, drifting on dreams of my new home.  I said I hope there’s a space I can set up an office, with a window facing east. I hope that window facing east provides a view of trees, a woodsy spot.  I love to sit in my desk chair, stare out the window, and get lost in the landscape of dreams.

Environmental awareness also asks that we stay attuned to the animals and the messages they bring to us, just like I did the other day when Crow was cawing at my sliding glass door, or when the raccoon ran across the road (which I didn’t post here) and I came home and immediately looked up his meaning in my books.  Animals speak to us… this card asks that we listen.

This card also asks that we do our part, if not a bit extra, in preserving the environment in which we live – such as taking up recycling, eliminating products that are harmful to the atmosphere, protecting wildlife, and things of that nature.

Long story short? Choose my home carefully based on the environment it’s in, pay attention to the signs the environment is offering, and protect the environment while I’m at it.

What’s the guidebook say?

Card Meaning: The Fairy kingdom is very concerned with the health of Mother Earth. By drawing this card, the fairies are recruiting you to become involved in environmental matters.

Definition: You have th epower to make a huge impact on our planet. Earth is a living, breathing being, and the fairies are calling upon you to help her. Your contributions could include recycling, picking up trash while on your nature walk, switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, becoming a vegetarian, or educating your children about the fragility of nature.

When you spend time outdors, mentally ask the fairies for guidance on how to make your special contributions to Mother Earth’s well-being. The fairies will give you answers in the form of thoughts or feelings, by arranging a synchronistic opportunity, or by helping you use your unique talents to help educate others about environmental concerns.

Affirmation: It feels good to nurture my planet with loving care.


Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doren Virtue, Ph. D.

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This makes me smile…

“Look Inside Yourself”

Look Inside Yourself

Last night, I told T I was really beginning to enjoy living life inside myself. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve had this tendency to live according to the desires of others, and to be an open book. I had no problem telling my secrets or sharing my thoughts or exposing my feelings – and worse, seeking the advice and opinions of others CONSTANTLY, or if not seeking them, then otherwise subjecting myself to them. In fact, my eldest, Atlas, used to get upset with me all the time and ask, “Why do you always care so much about what other people think?”

Something’s happened inside me lately, though, and I’ve become much more introverted – in a healthy way. My inner plateau has become my sanctuary, my safe place, and I’m guarding that comfort well.

This morning, I sat on T’s back porch, on the swing, mezmerized by one tree and its knot-hole. I could “see” dozens of faeries there – on that tree, starting with “Laughter”, a card I recognize well. I’ve “seen” her before.  She appears to me like a cartoon – fully animated. I can actually, audibly hear her giggle – and her giggle is contageous. I saw other faeries I hadn’t recognized from the deck – child-like faeries taking turns sliding down the big leaves. At one point, I had the thought, “Be careful… that’s a long way down if you fall!” – exactly the way I’d caution my own children. The little faerie stopped in mid-slide, smiled a wide, blushing smile, levitated itself, hovered, giggled, and said (without words), “Silly human, thank you for the compassion, but faeries don’t fall… we fly!”

This card this morning reminds me of that faerie enchanted tree, and her message is extremely appropriate. I already have all the answers I need, even though I continue to ask the questions. It’s time to stop looking for answers in the advice, opinions, or desires of others – and start being contented with my own inner wisdom. Trust my own inner guide. Appreciate my own inner state of being.

Here’s what the guidebook says:

Card Meaning: You’ve been trying to find satusfaction through outside sources such as material possessions or relationships. You’re also looking for help from other people. The fairies ask you to look within for the answers you need.

Description: Sometimes when you feel empty, your first reaction is to try and fill up the emptiness by acquiring something or someone. You may fall in the trap of thinking, “I’ll be happy if or when I have (a new lover, an advanced degree, a better wardrobe, etc.). Then when you get the new acquisition, you only feel satisfied for a little while. The fairies remind you that the only source of true fulfillment is by connecting with Spirit within. Have a mental conversation with your Creator, and feel yourself filled with Divine love.

The same holds true if you’re searching for answers from outside authorities. Now there’s nothing wrong with seeking counsel from wise friends, especially if their advice echoes what you know to be true. But perhaps you’ve been asking your friends, mentors, or psychics for solutions, and you feel confused by conflicting advice. So, if everyone is telling you different solutions, you’ll need to meditate on what your inner guidance is telling you.

Affirmation: I have great beauty and light inside of me right now. I tap in to all of the knowledge of the Universe.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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“Awakening Your True Self”

\"Awakening Your True Self\"

Drawing this card this morning comes as no surprise to me. In fact, she and I are old friends, we go way back. She visits me often, mostly when I make journal entries like I did last night when I admit that I’m a little on the lost side. I followed up this morning by re-introducing my Daily Dose, something I really do need to stay true to in order to feel balanced, aware, and in control of my own mental off-shoots. I’ve created this blog as a way to know myself better, and have been getting more active with my own divitity and performing readings (at no charge) for those to whom the Universe leads me.

I’ve got through recent “spells” wherein I changed who I was, swallowed my own opinions, ignored my instinct, blinded myself to my own intuition – for the sake of making others feel more comfortable, or for fear (there’s my keyword for the month) of losing their affections. What I’m learning, more and more, is that people come and go. We like to think some things are forever, but nothing really is… they come and they go. The only thing that does stick around that we can’t shake (no matter how hard we try), is our own Spirit. In the long run, it’s harmony with our True Self that we have to attain… to be true to ourselves and our nature, regardless of outside influences or circumstances.

This card also aligns with my Tarot Reading for the month in which the Death card was a prominent feature. The death card doesn’t indicate a physical death, but represents false personas or behaviors that are NOT true to our nature that we MUST allow to die so that the True Nature can emerge.

This card is about stripping off anything that isn’t authentic, letting go of pretences, not conforming to the needs or expectations of others, and to be honest with yourself about your feelings, thoughts, goals, and lifestyle.

That’s my interpretation of it, anyway. Now, let’s refer to the guidebook and see what the card’s creator has to say:

Card Meaning: You’re beginning to recover your natural identity, including your old sense of humor, interests, passions, and desires. Trust that any confusion or changes you’re currently experiencing are part of your healthful evolution.

Description: As if a cloud has lifted from your mind and heart, you’re beginning to see life from the perspective of your old self. You just went through a period where you gave up who you are to please another person. You buried your interests, ignored your friends, and tried to fit into another person’s lifestyle.

Now, your old self is emerging. You’re back! As you recover your authentic self, your life and your personality are going through big changes. Hold tight, and allow these changes to occur. The fairies ask you to trust that the parts of your life and personality that are falling away are inauthentic and false. Know that you’re building a solid foundation of truth, and that everything is working out perfectly right now.

Affirmation: I now give myself permission to be true to myself.

Source: Healing the the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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