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Wendi Friend

Choices are to be made; there are options. Weigh the information. Clean the spectacles of the mind so vision is clear. Consider the risks. Imagine the possibilities. Ignore the boundaries while respecting morals and karma and good intentions. Forks are always in the road, unless one suffers from tunnel vision. Test your limits. Find the secrets. Reach. Stretch. Obey the laws of nature and question those of man. Encompass everything and be encompassed by nothing. Follow the compass of the heart. Celebrate everything; attach to nothing. See the true potential in all things; trust nothing completely.

Life is a chariot, driven by horses and forces unseen in directions unknown. Ride the ride, but how you ride will in fact decide the course of future events.

If blame must be placed, place it inward, but do so responsibly, without self abuse. Step up to the plate, do the work required. There is no easy way, and yet, nothing requires struggle or effort. We only think it does. Answer to no one but your own true spirit, but consider the effects of everything you do on every one and every thing around you. You are accountable for everything.

Even the wind blows on purpose.

Everything is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Opportunity is forever knocking on the door – sadly, we’re rarely home – and if we are, we barely notice. Often, if we do notice, we either ignore it or attack it for fear of leaving the comfort zone.

If it is fact that all things must end, all life must die, then how can infinity be justified?

Why is it wrong for children to have invisible friends while grown ups can talk with God and walk with God, but never ever see God?

Why is it okay to believe in Heaven or Hell or God or the Devil or the Apocalypse, but it’s not okay to believe in faeries or otherworlds?

Why do we teach our children not to hit by hitting them? Why do we yell at them in attempts to teach them respect?

How can we produce multi-million dollar, multi-media public saturation of sex and violence, and then wonder why there seems to be an increase of sex and violence in our children?

How can we know for a fact that the actions we’re taking are causing the destruction of our planet – and potentially wipe out all life, including the entire human race, and yet not change our behaviors?

Everything is beautiful and everything is a sin.

Hitler was the Anti-Christ
Jack the Ripper was the Anti-Christ
Ronald Reagan was the Anti-Christ
Elvis was the Anti-Christ
Suddam was the Anti-Christ
Osama is the Anti-Christ
Religion is the Anti-Christ
June Cleaver was the Anti-Christ
The Easter Bunny is the Anti-Christ
Humanity is the Anti-Christ

Nothing will ever make sense to everyone all at once. We’ll never all agree on any one given thing – there will forever and always be differences of opinion. How we handle those differences of opinion determines the fate of life as we know it – on individual and global proportions.

You will always be loved by someone, hated by someone else, and judged by everyone who crosses your path, directly or indirectly.

We tell our children to stay off drugs, and then we run to the drug store to fill our prescriptions for anti-depressants and tranquilizers.

Controlling population would solve many problems.

Common sense is the greatest commodity one could hope to possess.

The outcome can always be altered.

There is good and bad in everything, positive and negative, action and reaction, masculine and feminine, dark and light, hope and fear, faith and worry.

All things are nothing more than a matter of our perception of them.

Nothing exists that doesn’t require awareness, planning, action, and follow through. Everything is a process.

How can it make sense at all to anyone, anywhere that one should protect lives by taking or sacrificing lives? How is that logical?

Would logic exist without humans?

Would humans exist without logic?

There is duality in everything, yet we are all one.

How are you navigating?

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