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My first connection with magick came in the form of the Moon. I’m not sure why I felt inclined to learn about lunar energy first – I don’t know if that’s the natural order of things, or if that just suited me best. At any rate, my connection to the moon, her phases, and her magick is undeniable.

I’ve created a new page (as opposed to category) called Moon Magick. This page can be found on the top navigation bar of The Road HOme (as opposed to the categories listed on the right).

This page is a work in progress.  I hesitated posting it, although I’ve been wanting to do it for quite some time, because it wasn’t “complete” or “perfect” according to my standards.  But, recent influences and insights are indicating that it’s time I procede with it, whether or not I consider myself prepared.  Maybe someone else has insights they can share, or maybe others can gain insights from what I’m sharing.  Exchanging knowledge and information is the best way to learn.

So, I’ve got more to add, including the moon in the zodiac, gardening by the moon, and more – but at least I’ve got a good start to it by outlining the moon’s basic phases and the energies accompanying them.  As I can, I’ll add more, but I can’t promise when.  I’m still working out this whole personal agenda thing and time management. *soft smiles*

Bright Blessings,


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