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The Empress

The Empress


I love this card. 

The Empress can represent many things, but above all, she represents fertility, maternity, and earthly pleasures.  She is the ultimate mother in that she can represent pregnancy itself, situations with the quarrent’s mother, or Mother Nature, and she encourages enjoyment of life’s treasures – meaning she can indicate a fertile financial situation.  Represented by the number three, she also celebrates friendships and group activities, communication, and social engagements, including nurturing those she surrounds herself with. She’s a celebratory creature – enjoying everything that life has to offer. I’ll share my ideas about how/why she’s shown up today after I list the referenced sources.

As  Major Arcana card, she will trump other minor arcana cards in a full spread reading, meaning the minor arcana cards (Ace-9 and the suit cards Page-Kings) will support her message.

Here’s what the sources say:

From Solitary Witch: Book of Shadows for the Next Generation by Silver Raven Wolf:

Heralds pregnancy in body, mind, or spirit; abundance; fertility; motherhood; nurturing experience; gardening; female entrepreneurship; gaia; domination over the Earth. Astrological association: Venus.

From LearnTarot.com:

giving birth
nourishing life
nurturing and caring for others
cherishing the world
expressing tenderness
working with children 
welcoming abundance
enjoying extravagance
receiving lavish reward
luxuriating in plenty
having more than enough
feeling rich 
experiencing the senses
giving and receiving pleasure
focusing on the body
appreciating beauty
feeling vibrantly healthy
being earthy
doing physical activity 
responding to Nature
relating to plants and animals
embracing the natural
feeling connected to the Earth
going outdoors
harmonizing with natural rhythms

The Empress and the High Priestess are the two halves of the female archetype in the major arcana. The Empress represents the fertile, life-giving Mother who reigns over the bounty of nature and the rhythms of the Earth. From her comes all the pleasures and joys of the senses and the abundance of new life in all its forms. The Empress encourages you to strengthen your connections with the natural world which is the ground of our being. Too often false sophistications and pleasures take us far from our roots. Let the Empress remind you to keep your feet firmly planted in the Earth.

The Empress can also represent lavish abundance of all kinds. She offers a cornucopia of delights, especially those of the senses – food, pleasure and beauty. She can suggest material reward, but only with the understanding that riches go with a generous and open spirit. The Empress asks you to embrace the principle of life and enjoy its bountiful goodness.

In readings the Empress can refer to any aspect of Motherhood. She can be an individual mother, but as a major arcana card, she also goes beyond the specifics of mothering to its essence – the creation of life and its sustenance through loving care and attention.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:


Basic Tarot Symbols

A gown decorated with pomegranates, a crown of stars, a rod, a heart-shaped shield with the symbol for Venus, a field of ripe wheat.

Basic Tarot Story

Having decided what shape his future will take, the Fool strides forward. But he is impatient to make his future a full-grown reality. This is when he comes upon the Empress. Her hair gold as wheat, wearing a crown of stars, and a white gown dotted with pomegranates. She rests back on her throne surrounded by an abundance of grain and a lush garden. It is possible that she is pregnant.*

Kneeling, the Fool relates to her his story. And she, in turn, smiles a motherly smile and gently gives him this advice: “Like newly planted grain or a child in the womb, a new life, a new love, a new creation is fragile. It requires fertile soil, patience and nurturing, it needs love and attention. Only this will bring it to fruition.” Understanding at last that his future will take time to build and create, the Fool thanks the Empress and continues on his way.

* Pregnant. Well, not in the Rider-Waite deck she isn’t. But she is in early decks, and it is an apt symbol for this card.

Basic Tarot Meaning

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

Thirteen’s Observations

The Empress card is one of the easier trumps to read. She’s Mother. Generally, Mother in a good sense, patient, loving, giving, generous. If defining her as the Querent, you can say that they are currently feeling like a mother hen, worried about their children, new business, new creation, or new romance. Male or female, they want to dote and hover and fret over every little sneeze and problem. If defining the Empress as someone related to the Querent, well, it might well be the Querent’s Mom, or a woman who’s very motherly toward them.

Of course, the Empress can also be the worst aspects of an attentive Mom; she can smother, not know when to let go, be possessive and jealous of those who would take away her “baby.” It is important for the Querent to realize that plants can die from over-watering as easily as neglect.

This card tells the Querent that if they want their new romance, new career, new business, new creation to grow into all it can be they have to pay attention to it, baby it and be willing to let it take those first steps when it is ready. Most of all, like any pregnant mother or good gardener, they have to be patient. All things need time to gestate and sprout.

Wendi’s Thoughts: I can see a multitude of ways this card resonates with me today. Yesterday, I’d drawn the “Making New Friends” Fairy Oracle card and had much to say about my resistence to the idea. All the while I was typing, I had one person in mind – someone I’d met recently with whom I had sort of a cosmic connection. I dunno – I admired her, respected her, and felt comfortable sharing energy with her. T introduced me to her by arranging a Tarot reading for her. The morning I met her was a rough one for me – no coffee, no Daily Dose… not even time to do my hair properly. I’d over-slept, so it was a get up ‘n’ go rushed situation. Yet, the moment I met this woman, my nerves calmed and I knew I was right where I was supposed to be – and the precise moment I was meant to be there. Yet, because time was limited, we were able to discuss things pertaining to her reading, and then I was whisked away for the next appointment. We communicated later a bit by email, and then she graced me with beautiful and generous gifts a short while later. I knew that if I were going to want or have a friend, she’d be exactly the type of person I wanted to connect with. She’s been reading along here and caught the vibe of yesterday’s fairy card. While I was at work, on break, I got an email from her. She acknowledged what I’d written, that I don’t ‘do lunch’ *smirks*, and extended an invitation anyway – offering room for adjustment, saying if I preferred not to do lunch, maybe a glass of tea and a visit in the park. I was delighted to hear from her and replied immediately that I would, indeed, love to do lunch. I’m excited. I believe the Universe has crossed our paths with intent and that we have much to share with each other in the way of knowledge and energy. So, in that regard, I see the Empress nurturing new friendships, as per yesterday’s Fairy.

I also see the Empress at work in relationships. I haven’t written much about T lately, and there are reasons for that. I haven’t seen him since last Saturday. I spent time with him Friday night, and saw him for about five minutes on Saturday night when I went by to pick up my daughter who had gone to a horse show with his daughter, but I haven’t seen him since. I didn’t hear from him Sunday, but called him just to say hi before I went to bed. Didn’t hear from him Monday. I called him Tuesday night just to touch base and let him know I’d be back at work Wednesday, and haven’t spoken with him since. I know he’s busy as can be right now – his work load is incredible and I’m doing my best to respect the demands life is placing on him. At the same time, so much distance leaves room for doubt and insecurities to creep up. I’ve decided not to phone him… he’ll call if and when he’s ready and has the time and interest, and I’m doing what I can to keep my own emotions/fears in check. What will be will be… and when I read the message from Aeclectic Tarot about giving things room to grow and time to mature, it helped me relax about the whole T situation. It’s only been 3 1/2 months since I met him, so I’m not sure why I think things should be anything other than what they are. Relax. *exhale*

I can also see the workings of the Empress in business. I’ve been thinking for a long time about this magick shoppe idea, but I can’t seem to get into gear with thoughts, planning, preparing. A business plan would be a good idea, but I can’t figure out exactly where or how I want to start. It’s just a seedling of an idea. But the Empress’s influence over female entrepeneurship definitely trips my trigger this morning.

Then, there’s the mothering factor. Heaven knows my mind has been on my own maternal state lately, with my youngest child starting highschool. I can’t get pregnant – I had a hysterectomy when I was 25, so I know that’s not an issue… but I’ve been all soft and gushy mushy emotional over mothering my kids lately, so I can definitely see that energy here.

With my mother living next door, there’s also that maternal influence, and with my birthday two days away, she’s all mushy gushy emotional over mothering me, even though I resist. I’ve been scheduled to work 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Sunday, which is exactly how I wanted it, and every time my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I insisted “Nothing… it’s just another day.” I do celebrate the fact that I’m alive, and I appreciate the opportunity to experience life to the fullest, so I honor the day in that regard, but I’m not all about birthday cakes and pressies… that’s just not me.

So the Empress is right on time and right on target. She’s an appropriate card for today.

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