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Intro: Hmm… this is an oldie. I was seventeen when I wrote this one, so we’re reaching back about… oh…. eighteen years or so. Though it’s an older piece, it has served as a sort of mantra for me – always wanting to help where I can and ease the pain of others. Of course, I’ve had to learn, over the years, to help myself and ease my own pains as well, but leaving the world a little better than I found it has always been a priority for me. At 35 years old, I finally realize I cannot save the world, but there are some things I can do that will most definitely make a difference in the hearts and lives of some…

Written by:
Wendi Friend


I wish I were a princess
in a castle tall and wide
and when you open the castle’s doors,
my dreams you’d find inside.

You’d find no greedy fantasies,
I’d have nothing for myself.
You’d find no materialistic things,
for money doesn’t bring me wealth.

You’d find all the homeless people
sleeping comfortably in their beds.
You’d find all the hungry children
finally being fed.

You’d find no pain or suffering,
in my castle they don’t exist.
You’d find no AIDS or other disease,
only peace and happiness.

But, alas — I am no princess.
There is no castle tall and wide.
But, if you’ll open the doors to my heart,
these dreams you’d find inside.

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