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Had a powerful day yesterday.  The morning began with the Princess graduating from middle school, and her first year back in public school.  She graduated with honors, walking out with six achievement awards and three honors pins.  I sat alone in the audience, snapping photos and clapping wildly as the baby of my family attended her last day of 8th grade.  Prince Eldest graduated last year, Young Prince will be a Junior next year, and the last of the lot enters her freshman year of highschool.  This is a mind-bender for me, with all of my children now in high school or beyond.  Where did those years go?  I’m proud… so proud, so unimaginably, inexplicably proud of who they’ve become and all they’ve accomplished, and yet I’m sad as I look for my children and see adults in their places.

While Princess finished out her last day of school, I set out for a metaphysically powerful day, providing tarot readings for five separate individuals spanning three different locations.  Each time I do a tarot reading for a client, I feel an overwhelming connection to the all that is… a flow of energy that bursts through me.  Even if the clients are unaware, I am fully aware of how my being there – at that precise moment in time, will change the course of their lives… as well as mine. In some cases I’m able to open doors.  In other cases, I can raise the blinds and bring a little light into a life.  Sometimes I can trigger inspiration to set to task on a life purpose, and other times I can offer healing energy to infected wounds.  Yesterday, I did all of those things… and I was conscious of it.  Not only does the reading help the person I’m reading for, but it helps me in ways I find difficult to explain… yet, at day’s end yesterday, as I drifted to sleep with my head resting on a warm heart, wrapped in secure arms, I whispered, “Today, I feel like my life had purpose.”

Not sure why I delved into the part of my past that reflects a failing relationship this morning.  I’m still in the process of transferring all of my former writings to their new home here… happy to be uniting all the pieces and parts of me in one place.  Some days I’ve chosen the art of writing, others I’ve transferred my more positive poetry, or my metaphysical curiosities… but this morning, perhaps because May is drawing to a close, or perhaps because of that warm heart and secure arms, I felt the need to “review” what I went through at the onset of this journey…. the “trigger” for the transformation, which was the divorce that was underway at this time last year.

We’ve come a long way, the kids and I.  I went back to work after four years of being a home-schooling home-maker… and while it was beyond difficult at first, physically speaking, I’ve found my comfort levels in being a food-server again.  The kids have returned to public school and did so with remarkable success, each completing the year with honorable grades.  We’ve adjusted to the loss of the majority of our animal family, and have become more comfortable with our meat-eating lifestyle after having been vegetarians for many years.

My heart has healed, was broken again, healed again… and though I’m still somewhat guarded, the Universe has blessed me with a new opportunity that is more perfect than I could have imagined… and I’m taking one step at a time, enjoying the journey.

As a family, we’ve still some challenges to face.  We’re gearing up for a move… time to leave this house and make a home of our own, but the way is not yet clear.  I need to move… spiritually, financially, domestically, parentally… it’s needed; it’s time.  It has to happen… I’m just not sure how to MAKE that happen in a timely fashion without biting off more than I can chew.

I’m in a good place this morning… a peaceful place.  I’ve got to take Princess to a doctor’s appointment at one, but plan on coming home aftwerward, cranking up the stereo, opening the windows, and doing some serious house-cleaning… of the literal and spiritual varieties.

Life is good.


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