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All sheets, pillows, and comfortors were on the floor when I woke this morning, and I found myself lying on a bare mattress, shivering. We don’t have air conditioning.  All I had was open windows and a few fans. That’s one of the differences between Vegas and Kentucky.  In Vegas, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is in summer… you sweat! In Kentucky, the mornings are cool all year round.

In my dream, I was taking a tour of a huge house.  It had recently be redesigned and I was there to be shown the “after” version.  I remember getting lost in the house it was so big.  There were several sets of stairs, at least half a dozen bathrooms, if not more, and just as many bedrooms.  There was a den, a library, and a few additional “sitting rooms” aside from the bedrooms.  There was a swimming pool. I remember thinking it was very Feng Shui the way the stair cases were rounded instead of at a straight angle.  The archways were too, as was the furniture – round, not square. Soft, not rigid.  The colors were a combination of warm and cool, but each was as comfortable as the last, and all were inviting.

Clearly, it wasn’t my house – nothing about it was similar to mine, nor did it match any home I’d considered buying. However, I do know that when you dream of being inside of a house, you’re actually traveling inward, visiting your own inner sanctuary – the temple of the soul.

It was a clear reflection – an awareness that I am currently under construction, being remodeled from the inside out – not necessarily in need of repairs, not out of order, but being improved upon – providing a platform for better energy flow.

There were a few outside triggers for the dream.  Naturally, the last thing on my mind when I went to bed was this house and how much work it’s going to need if it’s ever going to feel like home.  I was also thinking about the house we didn’t get and how it will never be home.  I’ve decided I’m okay with that – because as much as the kids fell in love with that house, there were a few things about it that fell short in my book.  It didn’t have a front porch – and I’m so all about front porch sitting!  It didn’t have a fireplace, and even though I could have had one installed, I just felt like the next home I purchased will have a fireplace.  The other outside influence was the movie Fracture.  The house featured in that film was much more of a mansion – very modern and upper scale, clean cut.  T and I talked about its shape, its style, and what we did or didn’t like about it.  It took me a few minutes to put my finger on it, but then I said, “I don’t like it because it’s too straight-lined.  Everything is square or flat – even the swimming pool.  Too “block” like.  Nothing “flowed”.

So, I awake with the understanding that while everything is changing, everything is staying the same – and in that paradox, I’m being remodeled.  New interior design.

Okay… I’m good with that.  I always appreciate a good opportunity to evolve.

When I woke, I realized I’d overslept by an hour.  While dreaming, I managed to turn off my alarm clock. I have exactly one hour to whip through a Daily Dose and make my bed – then it’s hit the showers and off to work.

Life is good.

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