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This is a repeat card, one that has come up often for me and seems to tie in perfectly with today’s Tarot and my recent thinking patterns.  I also feel inclined to note that I re-took that Chakra Test this morning and learned that my third eye chakra is extremely over-active, as is my throat chakra (communication).  I’ve got a few books here on Chakra healing, cleansing, and balancing – that include physical exercises one can do to get things back in order.  Since exercise and physical health seem to be a theme for me at the moment, it’s probably a good idea to do some quiet meditating and some personal chakra work.

Here’s today’s Fairy Oracle:

Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

Here’s what the guidebook says:

Card Meaning: You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness, which is one with Divine universal wisdom. You are listening to love rather than fear.

Description: This card is a validation that your recent feelings, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations are coming from Spirit. You have been asking for Divine guidance, and your higher self has answered your prayers. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you’ve taken the time to listen. Perhaps you’ve begun a meditation or yoga practice, and this has helped you quiet your mind. Or maybe you’ve put your foot down to the Universe and have adamantly decided to improve your life.

Whichever route you’ve taken is working very well. Now, the fairies ask you to keep having conversations with your higher consciousness. This will involve carving out time away from noise and stress. You may need to take frequent nature walks, join a spiritual support group, or go on a retreat. By quieting your life and your mind, the voice of your higher consciousness becomes increasingly loud and clear. It guides you perfectly through all life areas.

Affirmation: I easily hear and understand the inner voice of Spirit.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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“Miracle Healing”

Miracle Healing

I love this card. The card’s meaning, by its title, is clear, at least to a degree. Whether the “wounds” suffered are physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial (or all of the above), a miracle is taking place to heal these wounds. Divine intervention, a Universal gift. This is an opportunity to let go of worry, fear, stress, or any other harmful thought energies – and to have faith that healing is in progress.

In this card, we see a fairy (faerie) floating near a golden archway, with her arm outstretched toward the world in front of her. Beside her, a smaller fairy, barely able to be seen. Through the archway, we can see other enchantments… if we look closely. In a nutshell, it means that the portal has been opened and fairy enchantments are close at hand. Magick and miracles are afoot. I also see it as a sign to look at my issues from a different perspective. This fairy isn’t “on Earth” looking at the problems from the inside out. She’s outside of this realm, looking from the outside in. It reminds me of something a friend says to me often: “Detatch from the situation. Be the observer.”

Let’s see what the guidebook says (the words in all caps are highlighted because they trigger something in me; they’re keywords, so I’ve capitalized them for my own benefit):

Card Meaning: Expect a miracle. You have prayed for assistance, and it is forthcoming. The more completely you SURRENDER your situation to God, the more rapidly you will realize your healing.

Definition: Heaven is completely on your side, and your prayers have been heard and answered. You needn’t beg or petition heaven to help you, as your situation is already healed in truth. The healed reality is one of several parallel realities currently available to you. You have the choice, through your thoughts, emotions, and intentions, to experience the highest possible reality for yourself.

You access your healed situation through FAITH and GRATITUDE. To feel these powerful catalyzing emotions, say mentally or aloud to God, “I am tired of thinking about this situation. I don’t want to deal with it any longer. Here, I’m giving the entire thing to You so that You can think about it and resolve it. Thank you so much for taking care of everything.” Then, DETACH completely from the situation. See yourself placing it in the palm of God’s loving hand. Feel grateful that your situation is now resolved, and be open to the creative solution that greets you.

Affirmation: In truth, everything and everyone, including myself, is healed right now. I focus on this truth, instead of illusions of FEAR.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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