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Intro: This is another piece inspired by a game called Poetry Tag. A fellow blogger initiated the game on her blog, and here’s how it worked. She wrote a short poem, and at the end, she included a set of “keywords”. The next author would come along and was challenged to write a short poem containing those keywords. Once they’d posted their completed challenge, that author would then include a new set of “keywords” for the next author to use. The poems didn’t have to be related in any way, and they could be written in any style or form, as long as they included the set of keywords provided by the previous author. It was a fun game and a brilliant writing exercise. For this piece, I was challenged to use the keywords “seashell in the forest”. Obviously, I wasn’t in a very good mindset when I wrote this, but I’m more than pleased with the end result.

Written by:
Wendi Friend

She knew all was
as it should be –
the walls were


in tact

– up was still up
and down was
still down and sideways was


so fucking familiar.

The sky was still blue
and the water was
still wet – the soil smelled


like perfume after the rain

The dogs still barked
and the cat…
still flipped its tail
in that “I’m too good”

notion it always has

Coffee was still hot
– until she let it get cold
and the reflection was still hers
although tattered and old

and even that seemed appropriate.

was as it should be
or as it had been
she was standing


on the spot
her own legs
had taken her
and yet she felt


like a seashell
in the forest

How did it come
to this?

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