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Intro:  I often get asked how and why I started reading Tarot cards. This piece answers those questions. I’ve been reading Tarot Cards for around 8-10 years, now.  It’s something I was always interested in, but didn’t persue until my sister ingnited a spark for professional purposes.  For several years, I worked as a “fortune teller”, in costume, for an Entertainment company.  Though I was booked as entertainment and was required to look more “gypsy” than I appeared at the time, I took my work very seriously and quickly learned that my ability to read the cards was not only a gift to myself, but a gift for others.  When I left Vegas and moved to Tulsa, I continued to read for friends on occasion, but I let the art rest for the most part, and lost it completely when I returned to Vegas the following year.  I moved to Kentucky in 2004 and have been here for four years.  In the past three months, something has happened… the art has awakened, and the Universe is leading me to people who truly want and need the direction the cards offer.

It began with a few people at work.  I mentioned nonchalantly one day in the break room that I had Tarot cards, and one person’s eyes widened.  We talked about doing a reading for her, but we never nailed down a date or time.  However, the word spread and it wasn’t long before 3, 4, 5 people were asking me if I’d read their cards.  As I did, they began sharing their experience with friends, and those friends with others… and now I do readings semi-regularly on my days off.  I don’t charge, don’t have a set price because I don’t believe the Universe works that way.  The truths are meant to be shared, not used for profit.  (However, gratuities are often offered, which I gratefully accept).

Where am I going with this?  Well, a few of my good friends have taken an interest in learning Tarot, but they’re frustrated with the books, the online resources, the wording of things in learning materials.  I’d get a phone call, “Hey, what does this mean?”  I’d tell them in my own words and they’d sigh a sigh of relief, “Well, why didn’t the book just say it that way, then?”  In time, they’ve asked me to share what I know in a way that they could understand.  Therefore, I’m creating a “Tarot Time” category in my blog.  I’m posting my own introduction to tarot first, then will share some Tarot-inspired poetry, and then will begin working through the steps of how I learned.  It’s good for me to record this for my own benefit, and I stick to my theory that I am NOT here to teach, but to learn.  However, if others can benefit from HOW I learned, then that just enhances the gift all together.

Written by:
Wendi Friend

Learning Tarot, I won’t lie, was an intimidating process for me. Already in my mid to late twenties, one would think I’d have been exposed to the cards. On the contrary; being raised in a Christian home, I was taught what Christians teach, that Tarot was wrong, bad, satanic, and not to ever get involved with divination or fortune telling. That being said, there was an engrained fearful reaction the first time I laid eyes on a Tarot deck. However, my Christian up-bringing, for all its good intent, left more questions than answers. Thus, I set out on the journey for the path that was right for me.

Interestingly enough, I began to embark on an enchanted path – a path that would lead to a love of faeries, an incredible relationship with animals, a passion for nature, appreciation for the seasons, respect for the planetary influences, and an awareness of personal power, cause and effect, and conscious will. All this, and yet I’d not yet been exposed to divination, until…

One fine day, I found myself very short on money and practically buried in debt. A single parent, I worked as hard as I could to make ends meet and provide a good home. Fortunately for me (and I stress the “fortune” in fortunately), my sister happened to own a catering, event, and entertainment company in the heart of Las Vegas and was willing to contract me for “side jobs” when I wasn’t working my full time job as Content Director for another Las Vegas company. When she told me one of my jobs was to become a fortune teller, I was thrilled and petrified all in the same breath. What did I know about fortune telling?

My sister came to my apartment one day not long after her initial proposal, bringing with her a deck of Tarot Cards, a big, fat book on Tarot definitions, a gypsy wig, a broomstick skirt, some big-ass bangle earrings, and instructions to wear excess eye make-up. “Play it up!” she said, “It’s all for show.” She also told me not to worry too much about actually learning how to read the cards, but just to familiarize myself with them and bluff if I had to.

Bluff? Surely, she jests! All joking aside, I had three weeks to get my “act” together before my first “show”. Oy.

Those who know me know all too well that I tend to obsess when there’s something new to learn or some project I’m passionate about in serious ways. Learning Tarot (in 3 weeks, no less) was no different. I obsessed. The first thing I did was make index card notes of every card that I could carry with me in my purse. This way, when I had a break at work, or while I was in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school, or if I was standing in line at a grocery store, I could still be studying. The second thing I did was make an audio tape recording of every definition in the book for this 78 card deck. This, I played while I slept so that even while sleeping I could study. Did I mention I obsessed? I had my kids quiz me; I practiced readings on myself, recording every detail in a journal. I studied online references. I did readings for my friends. When the three weeks was up and the “show” was about to begin, I felt semi-ready.

Dressing in costume was something to which I had an acidic reaction. I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to feel like a fake. I didn’t like presenting myself as something I wasn’t. The costume made me feel like a fraud, and the lack of time to prepare did nothing to add to my confidence. However, the promise of $50 per hour to provide “entertainment” was enough to push me forward. I didn’t yet understand how the Universe works and that this was all part of a higher plan to push me in the right direction on my enchanted journey.

My first “show” took place at a public park. It was a company picnic for about 400 people. My “booth” was set up under a tree, which I happened to enjoy very much. She was beautiful company and very supportive in my efforts. I spread my Tarot cloth on the buffet table, lit my incense, lit my candles, walked a circle three times around the table, dug my bare feet into the grass, took in a deep breath, and off I went into a realm I never knew I’d love so much! For the record, that was instinctive behavior – the incense, candles, and circle walking, not something I was taught or that I’d read.

I barely had time to notice the length of the line growing behind my tree. I didn’t feel thirst. I didn’t feel any physical sensations at all. I wasn’t even aware of the breezes. I “drifted” to a plane that guided and directed my every move. It felt like a cosmic dance. There was a magnetic connection between myself and any person who chose to sit on the opposite side of my table. When I least expected it, I felt a tap on my shoulder. (No, it wasn’t the tree). The event manager was next to me, leaned in to my ear and said, “You’ve been here for four hours. You never took a break, never took a drink, never stopped “flowing”, and you’ve gone 1/2 hour over your scheduled event time.”

I had no awareness of time. It was the most natural high I’ve ever experienced, and the connections I shared with those people for the first time was an experience I’ll never forget.

By the third “show”, people were calling requesting me at events. During events, I’d begin to hear people chatting about how, “This one’s for real; she knows her stuff.” What I enjoyed most were phone calls with people who wanted to simply follow up and confirm that everything I’d offered them was exactly right and they were amazed at how things unfolded or manifested after their reading. I learned more from client feedback than I ever did from a book. Through doing the readings and confirming later with the clients, I was able to find patterns or additional imbedded messages in the cards.

I stopped wearing the costume. I never stopped studying. I no longer “perform” at shows and only do readings for myself, my friends, and those who request them privately.

One of the things I’ve learned and now love about Tarot, or any form of divination for that matter, is that it’s not like studying for an exam. There are no “wrong” answers because somehow, even if your physical mind isn’t processing the information, the Spiritual self takes over and begins “interpreting” the cards. What needs said is said whether you’ve intended to say it or not. I also noticed that my reading “style” will vary from person to person based on the energies they’re sending to me.

I can study Tarot for the rest of my days and will never know all there is to know about why each card represents what it does. That sort of takes the pressure off because I know there’s no “end” to the learning and no “final exam” in which I have to say to myself, “Okay, there, I know how to do it.”

I now know that no two people read or respond to Tarot in the same way. No two decks can be handled the same way. No two readings are the same.

I’ll forever be grateful to my sister for her approach. Her permission to “fake it” and her determination to put me “out there” introduced me to a divine art form I may have otherwise not found.

Now that I’m further along in my enchanted journey, I understand why Christianity has taught fear of pagan based concepts. I’ve studied the history, I’ve seen the transitions – how the holidays were modified, how ancient ways were condemned with Christian influences, and I realize the fear imbedded into me as a child was unfair. The truth of the matter, in my opinion, is that the only thing to fear… well, you know – fear itself.

The most important thing I learned in my experience is that there’s no such thing as a bad Tarot reading. I don’t believe the cards are meant to be pin-pointedly specific as if to say, “You’re going to meet a man in a yellow shirt next Thursday at 3.” Instead, I believe they’re intended to give deep, spiritual advice to the one seeking the reading, to help them develop their own character and follow their own natural path.

Our life paths are like a balance beam. When we focus and put forth conscious energy, we move along that beam as if it were a football field with no rifts. But when we get distracted by outside influences or inner demons, we fall right off the beam and get lost. In my opinion, the Tarot is meant to help is get back up on the beam and restore balance and direction to our journey.

No matter your style, your level of experience, your preference of decks, or methods, or definitions or layouts, whether you read the cards yourself or have someone read them for you, Tarot has something to offer us all. We need only open ourselves to the concept and let go of the fear.

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