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Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands


Instinct for this morning is to look at this card and say, “Cut your losses, weed the garden, and invest time and energy in projects with pay offs.”

Eights are symbolic of the Yin/Yang in life… the ability to find balance between light and dark, good and bad, joy and pain. They represent the ability to look at a situation that may appear negative, and extract what positive values there are to be found within it.  If things are good all the time, we lose appreciation for their value.  If things are bad all the time, we lose hope and inspiration.  By finding our footing in the center, we find balance wherein we appreciate the value of what we do have, because we know what it is to not have.

Wands are represented by the element of fire – they are the “spark” of change and trasformation, the first step in mainfestation.  If this card were upright, I’d know that the energies I put out there to get new projects/relationships off the ground were now starting to come back to me… in abundance.  But, because it is inverted, I know that it’s time to let go of certain elements, retain only the things I know are going to prove fruitful for me, and focus my intent and direct my energy consciously and wisely toward those things.

A pruning of the soul, if you will.

This card inverted could signify that I’ve spread myself too thin, that I had too many things going on at once, that my energies have been scattered.  Time to reduce and get back to the basics.

Here’s what the other sources say:

From LearnTarot.com:


taking quick action
making your move
striking while the iron is hot
declaring yourself openly
putting plans into action
rushing into a new area
moving into high gear
getting caught up in change 
coming to a conclusion
culminating an effort
having all elements come together
closing out an activity
experiencing a grand finale
finding a successful resolution
completing unfinished business 
receiving news
getting an important message
obtaining a needed bit of information
finding the missing puzzle piece
discovering the truth
having a meaningful conversation
learning more
In the film The Ten Commandments, Moses touches his staff to water to set a plague in motion. His staff is the agent of power that initiates events. Moses’ staff reminds me of the wands on this card. They are a symbol of the onset of action and its effects. Before acting, we think, imagine, speculate, talk and dream. This is the realm of air – the sky. Then, finally, we decide to make our move. We bring our ideas down to earth and put them into action.In readings, the Eight of Wands is often a sign that now is the time to declare yourself. All the elements are ready and will work for you as long as you don’t hesitate. The iron is hot – so strike! If events are in motion, they will proceed rapidly. You may feel caught in a whirlwind, but soon the dust will settle, and you see how your plans have fared.The Eight of Wands also stands for the arrival of news or information. You may see or hear something important. The news could show up in a disguised form, so stay alert. Pay attention to everything that comes your way for a while.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:


Going with the Rider-Waite deck, we’ll relate the Eights to Strength. Eights are about moving, taking action, as Strength is a card of courage and transformation. It’s very easy to let things stay as they are inside yourself or without (though, as the Eights warn, it’s easy but damaging). It is much harder to gather up the willpower and mental strength to make a real change. A scary change. Like the Strength card, it is scary to approach that lion, but you can alter the relationship you have with it.

Eight of Wands

Eight wands cut across the sky. The power and energy of eight combined with the energy of wands makes this a card of movement and expansion. There is no fear in the Querent at all! This is the card of a person who, on seeing that lion, says, “Allow me!”, rolls up their sleeves, shoves everyone out of the way, strides up and raps the beast on the nose. “Don’t you try to push me around!” they snap.

A lot of things are going to be happening fast, and the Querent is going to revel in and handle all of them. This will likely include trips – and the Querent will want to drive or fly him/herself, likely. Fast. No need to slow down or be impatient, with this card, you can really move, change, do.

This card also signifies endings. Sooner or later all activities run their course. The eight wands on this card not only symbolize putting events into motion, but also bringing them to a close. They appear to be ending their flight by coming down to earth. If you see the Eight of Wands in a reading, it may be time to conclude whatever you have been doing. Celebrate the past, but prepare to move on to something new.

from Solitary Witch: Book of Shadows for the Next Generation by Silver Raven Wolf:

Messages; communications; Internet surfing and business; e-mails; phone calls; faxes; long-distance travel; hasty action; letters of love and passion; action and excitement; forward pursuit of one’s goals; much can be accomplished if you think before you act.

And here’s a new source: The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker:

Tarot Symbolism: Eight of Wands. Eight live forces move swiftly through the air, unobstructed over open country. All follow the same direction, pointing east toward the light, and aim toward the earth and water. The lower wand is actually touching earth and water to show the blending of the three parts of mind and the four elements. It depicts the integration of the above with the below. The significance of this key is orderly growth, with much cosmic help.

As a temporary vibration: Preparedness, strength, inheritance, recognition, business. This is a period when almost anything can happen; you should be prepared for wahtever comes. The demand is toward more responsibility and discipline; you will need to use your stored energy source. You may be promoted and therefore have to withstand more pressure and more work. The honors bestowed now reflect past efforts.

This is a money vibration, and job advancement usually means an increase in salary. However, inheritances also come under 8, so this is another source of money.

The pressures of this period will affect your health only if you work and worry too much. Allow sufficient time for rest, follow careful eating habits and relegate the demands of the material world to their proper place. Your health can improve through the exciting demands placed upon you; you will never feel more alive. So use the tremendous vitality this period has to offer. Get the job done, whatever the job happens to be.


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