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Wendi Friend

Who among us hasn’t mentally entertained glamorous tales of fantasy? Most of us have daydreamed at least once or twice about alternate realities, other dimensions, dragons, wizards, and faeries. What would it be like if we really did have an Alice in Wonderland experience in which we were suddenly transported into a world of mystery, magick, and mayhem?

Think about it. If you were going to travel to a foreign country, you’d probably see to a multitude of arrangements in advance, including but not limited to: exchange in currency, language barriers, customs, laws, moral codes, social standards and class. You might investigate crime areas or safety measures. But would you be prepared in the least if you really did have a chance to join a magickal tea party with faerie folk and bewitching beings? Would you know how to communicate, how to find your way around, how to properly compensate and show respect for the land you’re visiting – or would you know how to protect and defend yourself against magickally equipped thugs and bullies?

Yes, thugs and bullies exist even in realms as enchanted as the faerie kingdom – so do laws, consequences, customs, and challenges. When traveling to faerie land, on purpose or by accident, one must be prepared for the wide array of diversified faerie characters, as well as the characteristics of humans that are liked and disliked by the faerie folk.

Many people tend to group all faeries together into one visual image – a thumb-sized, winged, glittery creature with undefined magickal abilities. This, however, is not at all the case. Faeries are incredibly diversified not only in location, appearance, size, and shape, but in likes, dislikes, morals, values, goals, sects, and then some. To assume that all faeries are the likes of Tinkerbelle or Thumbelina is a mistake.

Those of the faerie kingdom do have certain elements in common with one another. For example, nearly all faeries prefer to remain invisible and will take insult to being acknowledged directly. Likewise, if a faerie assists a human in any way, it is considered rude for the human to directly offer thanks. Instead, a subtle gift left out where it can be found, unlabeled, is most appropriate.

Those of the faerie kingdom are incredibly sensitive and quite easily offended. There are many stories, tales, and legends of faerie pranks, kidnappings, souring of milk, breaking household appliances, and other malicious (though rarely truly harmful) events resulting from a faerie’s feelings being hurt. Whether or not these stories are true, no one can actually say, but caution combined with ultimate respect is highly suggested when dealing with any faerie characters.

Each variety of faerie has its own traits, quarks, general attributes, gifts, features, and functions. Faerie functions range everywhere from aiding Mother Nature, Father Time, and the Four Directions in the basic functions of life, such as nurturing or adding colors and aroma to flowers or decorating a sunset, to being assigned to humans to aid with basic elemental functions, like dealing with emotions, physical health, inspiration, etc. There are faeries assigned to every element, every direction, every plant, flower, and blade of grass, and there are said to be faeries assigned to every single person.

Rumor has it that certain faerie characters are mischievous and love nothing more than pulling pranks on innocent humans. Based on legend, there may be some truth in that statement, although the statement cannot be considered entirely true. Lore leads us to believe that at one time, faeries and humans may have well worked together, sharing many of life’s pleasures and chores. In time, however, mankind began taking advantage of the faerie folks, manipulating them, trying to trick them, and being greedy with faerie magick. Because of this, many faeries retreated all together, disappearing from Earth.

Other faeries became angry at the disregard humanity had shown for Nature, the Elements, and for Life, and therefore moved forward with grudges, taking pleasure in “punishing” humans for their treatment of life’s gifts. In general, and with good reason, it is said that faeries have a great distrust in humans, and no respect to speak of for humankind. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. While some faeries vanished and others rebelled, still more found ways to remain, to blend in, or to hide in their surroundings. Aside from these, there are those faeries who are fascinated with and curious about humans or human behavior, much like some humans are fascinated with faeries and faerie behavior.

In the land of faerie, things operate on a hierarchy system. There are Devas who can be considered closer to deity than to faerie, there are Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, and Salamanders who work with the elements. There are trooping faeries, which are the royal state of the faerie kingdom, and there are also peasant faeries, outcast faeries, rebel faeries, and a whole slew of others, such as pixies, brownies, leprechauns, giants, mermaids, mermen, and hundreds more. Each has his own talent, his own treasure, and his own secrets.

Never make a deal with a faerie, even if they’re of the most generous, kind nature. Negotiations with faeries never work to the advantage of humans. When in faerie land, never accept a gift from anyone; any gift is always expected to be repaid in a fashion we can’t possibly imagine or enjoy. There are rumors that faeries will often extend hospitality and graciousness to humans, particularly on equinoxes and solstices. However, it is also said that a human who eats, drinks, and dances with the faeries loses all track of time, remaining trapped for eternity in an unfulfilling illusion of glamour magick.

Faeries – all faeries – are adept to some level with shape shifting or glamour spells. Their magick allows them to be seen, or not to be seen, or can cause a human to see things that aren’t really there, or be blinded to things that are right in front of their own nose. That being the case, one must rely 100% on instinct and intuition, forsaking the five senses we’re accustomed to as humans.

Considering the risks of “believing” in faeries, for what it means in regard to societal rejection or mental instability, there are those humans who continue to believe in the faerie kingdom – some to the point of worship and religion. For those, it is entirely possible to form working relationships with certain elementals and entities from the enchanted realm. There are many ways that faeries and humans can work together for mutual benefit. These faerie-loving humans will try anything to see a faerie, including spells, charms, or special stones, herbs, or flowers for attracting faeries. However, there are certain types of faerie characters every human being should avoid. You can even view a list of the Otherworld’s Top Ten Most Wanted enchanted faerie characters. (link provided)

Daydreaming of faeries can be a delightful way to pass time, and believing in faeries can be a wonderful way of life. Working with faeries can be ultimately beneficial and enlightening, but one must always keep an intuitive eye out for those not so pleasant enchanted faerie characters.

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