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I bought a really cool book at a book sale once… paid all of five dollars for it, I think, and it’s a keeper!  It’s called “The Secret Language of Destiny: A Personology Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose”.  In it, karmic paths are determined and defined by date of birth, and the descriptions of karmic paths are well thought-out, easy to understand, and – as I quickly learned – quite on target.  Extremely accurate, this book was used to determine the karmic paths of my kids, friends, companions, and – of course – myself.  Because the definition of my own karmic path, according to this book, resonated with me so vibrantly, I’m including it here as a way of getting to know myself better.

My karmic path: The Way of Mastery
Core Lesson: Finding and studying with a mentor
Goal: Mastering a craft or art
Gifts: Diligent, Persistent, Persuasive
Pitfalls: Domineering, Insecure, Solitary
Release: The tendency to workaholism
Reward: The joy of perfecting one’s craft
Balance Point: Craft and Inspiration
Suggestion: Try to be kinder to yourself by occasionally lowering your standards. Remember to indulge in fantasy and to cultivate your imagination once in a while.
Crystals and Gemstones: Flourite – dispels ambivalence and encourages the individual to joyfully strive for mastery. This crystal helps one to move beyond the limits of perfectionism to experience the bliss of the mind/heart connection.

Those on this karmic path are here to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it their own. Although money and ambition are attractive to those on the Way of Mastery, their orientation is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, their goal is to develop a talent or skill to a level of mastery. Achieving such a lofty aim often requires these people to renounce or sacrifice other desires or interests in order to give al their energy to their prime focus. A strange blend of idealist and realist, reserve and extroversion, and the serious and comic, they are able to focus on their goal with savage intensity. Those who get in their way are likely to be trampled underfoot, usually unintentionally. However, once they perfect themselves in their chosen skill or master a particular talent, these individuals have an even more difficult task, since true mastery requires manifesting a unique vision or utilizing their talent in a unique way. Thus, ideas, ideals, and creative vision are important since they must be made into solid reality or utilized as a philosophical backdrop for the individuals on this karmic path to create form from purpose or concept. Their souls come from a place of deep subconscious awareness of the imaginal realms, the waters of life from which all creativity springs. Their task is to mold or craft such an oceanic perspective into a practical one by dispensing with the emotion attached to it, engaging only the core ideas that they fish out of those waters, and applying them to a practical end.

Honing a skill to the level of craft requires that those on the Way of Mastery embark on a path that can be likened to the artisan guilds of yore, beginning one’s education in a specific field, first apprenticing oneself to a master, then graduating to more and more responsibility, and ultimately becoming a master oneself. Although the guild system is no longer operative, it serves as a model of education for those on the Way of Mastery. Once the individuals on this karmic path select an area of study, it behooves them to find a mentor akin to the masters of yore and to learn their skill from them. Searching for, engaging, and interacting with such an individual is a necessary basis of learning the mastery called for by this karmic path. Coming into this lifetime with the skills of observation and persuasion, these men and women will need to enlist both to find the best teacher for them. First, by keeping their eyes open, they will need to discover who in their circle has the talent and the capacity to serve as a mentor. then they will have to engage their gift of persuasion to talk that particular person into taking them on and, in so doing, sharing all the secrets that they possess of their profession or field.

For the men and women who travel it, this karmic path also means that, once expertise is acquired, the apprentice must eventually leave the mentor behind in order to move on to make his or her own mark in the field. Patience is key, for it will often take years to master a craft. Thus, coming into one’s own on this path usually requires the ability to have the “long breath.” Fortunately, those on the Way of Mastery come into this life blessed with tremendous diligence and dedication. Part of the process over the longer haul is for them to transform their self-image from one of student to one of a mature master. No matter how long it takes, when the time comes for them to go out on their own, they will know it. They will also know precisely how to put their hard-won craft to the best use.

Once they have mastered their craft by working humbly with an older and wiser person, negotiated the delicate process of leaving their mentor behind, and hung out their own shingle, so to speak, those on this karmic path will proceed smoothly and successfully in cultivating professional success. Having the native talent to persuade others, they will be good at marketing themselves. However, they are less interested in using their persuasiveness to manipulate opinion and more in presenting their work or product in the best light, letting its quality speak for itself. The next stage of maturity for these individuals may be tapping into their own Cancer III roots by learning how to return to the well of creative inspiration in order to replenish their supply of ideas. Those who walk this karmic path will come to understand what they were taught when they were young, that is, that craft is just one part of the process required for success and fulfillment; the other is finding a unique expression of that craft.

At their Cancer III root, these individuals are often stimulated by an underlying insecurity that pushes them to achieve — or overachieve. However, the Capricorn III desire for success is fueled by a different force, that of a need to overcome obstacles. Thus, implicit in this karmic path is an urge to dominate. Those on the Way of Mastery must beware of allowing the negative aspects of their insecurity to overwhelm their personality. One lesson that must be learned by those on this karmic path is how to proceed with grace and dignity and to mature calmly in the knowledge that they will reach their goal. Otherwise, their insecurity may express itself as an overblown ego, putting off those who might help them on their way. As much as those on the Way of Mastery may love to dominate their field, this is not a path of leadership. The more successful of them will restrict their professional efforts to objective pursuits, whether commercial or artistic, that do not necessarily involve directing other people. They are much more successful at perfecting their own techniques and methods than telling others what to do, except in exceptional circumstances. The best thing for them is to work on their own. These men and women are able to challenge themselves over and over again and have no need for external stimulation to urge them forward. It is likely that in later years, they will themselves become teachers or mentors, thereby completing a karmic circle by sharing what was given to them early in their lives.

Those on this path generally set very high standards, not only for themselves and the quality of their work but also for others. Thus, their interpersonal relationships are often fraught with overly high expectations. They do best when attracting others of equal ability with whom they can work on their projects. Although many will place those on the Way of Mastery on a pedestal, rarely will this go to their heads, since they have a need to prove themselves again and again in their own eyes and those of their associates. They thrive not only on the responsibility of being a role model but also on demonstrating their ability to give of themselves in a warmhearted manner. They will always be acutely aware of how they appear to others and will cherish their image highly. The importance of their cimmitment to the standards of their craft and life is one that they gradually realize on their path; they value it highly, and it often becomes the cornerstone of their existence. Probably the hardest thing for them is being thought badly of by others or having accusations of shoddy workmanship or underhanded or immoral methods leveled against them.

A social forum for their ideas or work, whether comprised of professional colleagues or just plain friends, is just the ticket for these work-oriented individuals. In fact, in some cases it is a basic requirement for their happiness and fulfillment. They do have a rather charming “common touch” that often grants them the ability to make others laugh, or at the very least smile, at their characterization of human foibles. It is undeniable that those on the Way of Mastery will rarely surrender their need to focus their all on their work. Thus, they may give up on meeting one single life partner. So much of their energy is shared with colleagues, friends, and followers that the dynamics of such relationships can often satisfy their social and personal needs fully.

The image that best describes this karmic path is that of a student and a Zen master. The student tries to attract the master’s attention and gain his approval, but to no avail. Only the student himself can achieve enlightenment, after being guided by the master or awakened by a sharp intuitive slap. Subsequently, the student takes the master’s place.


The Secret Language of Destiny by Gary Goldschneider, Joost Ellfers, Joost Ellfers
Publisher: Viking Penguin
Pub. Date: October 2003
ISBN-13: 9780670032631

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