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Having tickled the snooze button three times, irritating the crap out of the dogs who got their hopes up each time, I finally forced myself to an upright position.  My mind went through the typical line of pre-coffee questioning. What time is it? What day is it? What am I supposed to do before work today?  Then the mind kicks back answers that have nothing to do with the questions posed. Tomorrow’s mom’s birthday. Don’t forget to get directions to Morgantown. The new schedule comes out today.

Brew coffee, use the potty, let the dogs out, put uniforms in the wash, fire up computer, pour coffee, sip coffee (damn, that’s good stuff!), check bank account (ugh), pay bills (double ugh!), prepare deposit (crap, I hadn’t planned on going to the bank this morning… but it’s a must-do, especially with the holiday). Finally, nestle into Self for a bit of meditative time in the morning.  What are my coffee thoughts?

Here’s interesting.  Tuesday night I was hangin’ out on T’s porch smoking a cigarette (I know, I know *rolls eyes to self*).  I could hear the wood creeking beneath T’s feet on the second floor of his cabin.  The scent of Sage wafted from indoors to out – a scent I’ve come to love.  I was listening to the coyotes, to the occasional grunt of the cattle on the other side of the river, and getting lost in my own thoughts when I heard this little shuffle sound about two feet away from where I sat.  Well, it’s a fully screened porch, so if I was hearing something two feet away, that meant it was INSIDE the screened porch, not outside.  Mouse, maybe?  Nah… senses heightened, I begin to scan the porch floor, when low and behold, a baby oppossum makes his way from the back wall to the back door.  He was no bigger than a small ferret, or a young kitten.  He stuck his nose and front paws through the back door, as if he were contemplating going inside for a stroll.

“No, no, little buddy… wrong way! Don’t go in there!” I caution the little guy with a soft voice.  He turns and looks at me.

Well, I’ll be damned if this wasn’t the first time in my life I found myself having a face to face confrontation with an oppossum!  Such was my awareness in the moment that I found myself giggling.  Irony? I don’t think so.  Just a few days earlier, when I’d reached for T’s deck of Animal Medicine Wheel Cards, I sure did pull out the oppossum… a card suggesting I learn how to “play dead” as my best defense mechanism.  Knowing that, I reflected on the Death card that I’d drawn from my own Rider/Waite deck – not one month, but two months in a row!  I furthered that “connection” by thinking on the card in July’s reading in the Higher Power position that said the best thing for me to do right now is nothing.

Was I not taking the message to heart?  I heard it, but did I listen?  Maybe… maybe not.  In any case, the Universe found the good sense and humor to place me face to face with a tiny oppossum on a Tuesday night on T’s porch.  Naturally, I wanted to reach out and pet the furry critter – but, of course, I knew better.  I don’t know about the babies, but I know the grown ups can puncture a car tire with their teeth – and I also figured that with this guy bein’ a youngin’, Mamma might not be too far away.  Instinctively, I pulled my feet up and tucked them beneath me.  The critter just sat there and maintained eye contact with me.  I could hear him in my head.  We carried on a mentally whispered conversation for a few minutes before I finally called out to T.

“Uh, T?”

No answer.

Louder now, “Hey… T!”

T comes to the back door, “What wha wha what?” In that voice he does.

“Uh… there’s a baby oppossum on your porch.”

“Yeah, and?”

My eyes widen, as does my grin.  I make another attempt. “Uh… there’s a baby oppossum on your porch… with me!”

He grins, then grabs his larger than life flashlight.

“Where?” He says with a smirk.

“Right there… staring at me.  He’s a baby, he’s under that chair right there.”

T turns his flashlight toward the chair and the moment he does, the little guy unlocks his jaws, spit clinging from the dagger… I mean tooth… on the top of his mouth to the equally sharp weapon on the bottom of his mouth, and a wicked hiss comes from the wild child.

T hisses back at the baby, and I pout.

“Oh, don’t hurt him!” I say without thinking.

T looks at me like I’m on crack, rolls his eyes, and does the lip smack thing.

“You know I’m not gonna hurt him! I will have to set a trap, though.”

I flashed back to Stinkerbelle’s first visit to T’s when she noticed the metal cage on the porch and asked what it was for.  I smiled when he explained that it’s the nice way to catch critters without hurting them so he can set them free elsewhere.

Then T turns off his flashlight, looks at me as if impatient, and says, “Well, you comin’ in or what?”

My eyes dart from the critter to the door while my mind measures the distance between my feet and the fang-filled fur ball.

“He won’t get my feet when I try to walk past him?”

T snorts. “Did ya see him try to get mine when I was in his face with my flashlight?”

“No,” I pout, “But that’s YOU!”

“Just get up and come on, girl! He ain’t gonna hurt you!”

Swallowing the lump in my throat, still grinning at the synchronicity of the event, I make a cautious yet mad dash to the back door, then find my safe haven on T’s sofa.

I’ve seen oppossum before… in the road while I was driving, or through the glass window in the back yard when they were after the goodies I’d left for the bunnies and birds, but I’ve never had one just walk up on me quite like that.

Here’s what the Animal Magick book by D.J. Conway has to say about Oppossum:

Magickal Attributes: Finding yourself in a corner and creating a diversion. Dealing with the unexpected; planning strategies for protection. Are you playing ‘possum and not dealing with distasteful situations? Wisdom for getting out of distasteful or dangerous situations, relationships.


Cunning possum, Trickster changeling,
So alive, yet seeming dead,
Teach me wise old possum magick
That reacts from instinct, not from head.
Show me the way to slip past danger.
Fill me with earthy wisdom great,
That I might be secure and happy
Living life and trusting fate. 

This makes me think of the old farmer up the road, his aggressiveness towards me, and everything that has changed within me and without since that Tuesday he assaulted me on my own front porch.

I was thinking on these things and more as I was driving home from work late last night. So many doors and windows seem to be opening. So many messages seem to be reaching me loud and clear, free-flowing and uninterrupted. As I was thinking about all the blessings life brought to me yesterday, I turned the corner on the road home, and a deer stood in my path. I brought Pixie Dust to a full stop, staring at the beast in all her glory. She stood there, held her position, and made eye contact with me. Deer has many messages – including that of death, re-birth, and transformation. She can also foretell of danger. I smiled, nodded in acknowledgement, and she ran off up and over the hill and so I continued… on the road home.

NOTE TO SELF: Caution: This is a multiple warning that danger may be near… the oppossum and the deer share that message.  As T would say, I’d better keep my witts about me.

Hello, Thursday.

Life is good.


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