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Intro: This one’s rough, I know – rhythm, meter, and rhyme leave much to be desired – but I’ve specifically chosen not to edit it, accepting it as is for what it is. Eventually, I may or may not choose to pull it back up, polish it off, and see if there’s something more I can do with it. However, for the time being, it’s perfect with its imperfections.

“Dances with Wind”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
May 4, 2005

An inquisitive mind once had a little girl
whose imagination weighed more than she did
she longed for understanding of the whole wide world
All things to her were sacred

She sang with the birds and she danced with the wind
She saw heaven through the smile of her eyes
innocence and the elements were her closest next of kin
In her naivete she was wise

to the world in the sense that it was meant to be sensed
as an adventure and a chance to grow
an opportunity to feel things in a way that is intense…
a living dream in the shadow of the spirit’s glow.

So she lived each day the best way that she could
with her heart showcased on her sleeve
Her emotions were pure and intentions were good
As long as she remembered to believe.

Just believe
That’s the soul’s ability to create and conceive
that up could be down and to come in is to leave
that to give is the only way to receive
And that to fail is the same as it is to achieve
it’s to see what logic and reason can’t perceive
That every day’s as faerie-kissed as mid-summer’s eve…
To those who believe.

Life’s pendulum swung the girl through time and space
through adolescence and well past youth
innocence was replaced by worry lines on her face
as she came to define hard truth

Bumps and bruises made their way into her being every day
and the memories in her luggage took on weight
was the game of life one she still knew how to play
or had she reached an infinite stale mate?

Although she felt she’d tried her best, she was failing every test
of her faith until she came to the realization
that her heart was on her sleeve instead of beating in her chest
and her regrets out-weighed her imagination

She forgot to believe
She forgot her own ability to create and conceive
That up could come down and to come in is to leave
And that to give is the only way to receive
She forgot that to fail is the same as to achieve
She saw life through logic and reason and so she couldn’t perceive
that illusions and reflections will deceive
when one forgets to remember to believe

She forced herself up a creek without any paddle
In shallow depths of pain she was lost
until she grabbed life’s reigns and got back in the saddle
and faced the bridges she knew had to be crossed….

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