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Intro: This piece was written back in April of 2002. While writing was often a career goal of mine, it was also therapy. The best way for me to heal is through words, whether they’re well written or not. Some pieces weren’t written for public appreciation, but for personal evolution. This is one of those pieces.

“Count on Me”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
April 2002

The first tear I cried,
I shed because I didn’t know what to do.
The second tear I cried,
I shed because I thought my life was through.
The third tear I cried,
I shed because I felt absolutely spent
But I let that fourth tear out
and that fourth tear was hell bent
on being angry at everything alive,
which brought me then
to tear number five.
Tear number five
came rolling about
with penetrating fear
and troublesome doubt
because it found me in a terrible fix,
which introduced me to
tear number six.
Tear number six is what broke the dam,
forcing me to ask myself
who I am.
Tear number six came through to leaven
what I’d feel
with tear number seven –
which was nothing.
Nothing was left to contemplate,
which is exactly why
I cried tear number eight.
All that was left was the all that is
and the all that is – is so divine
that I happily cried
tear number nine.
And by the time
I’d cried tear number ten,
I knew I could count
on myself again.

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