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I’ve created a new page (as opposed to category) at The Road Home called Magick Compass. You can find it in the top navigation links (as opposed to the categories on the right of the page).

The Magick Compass is something I created years ago when I was first exploring the world of magick.  With it, I’ve outlined the four directions, elements, and their correspondences and energy flow.  It’s a piece that needs work, but it’s not a bad start.  As time allows, I’ll buff that page out a bit, add to it, revise it, etc. – but I wanted to include it now because it’s something I intend to reference often for personal purposes.

Feel free to share your own insights and opinions on this.  If you see something I’ve missed, or understand something differently, I’d love to exchange information and share knowledge.



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Intro: Every once in a while, we connect with a soul on such a level that we feel lost without them. With them, we feel inspired, confident, and passionate. Even though some of these soul connections don’t last a lifetime, I don’t believe they should be devalued once they’ve evaporated. This piece was inspired by one such love… and even though it didn’t manifest the way I’d envisioned, I can’t discount the inspiration it ignited in me.

“Map and Compass”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
June 22, 2007


With map and compass
I want to explore
uncharted territory
… discover
untouched terrain

… To sail
the deepest oceans
and dive
– unafraid –
to unknown depths

… to ride the waves,
gasping for breath
on lucid dreams.

With map and compass
I want to journey
into the wild valleys
glistening, twinkling
in twilight shadows

I want to climb to the peaks
of the highest mountains
… drawn to the edge
where unabashed screams
release and linger
in anticipation
of passion’s echo

before letting go
of solid ground
where I can then explore
the gift of flight
without trepidation
with map and compass

And yet
even when
I find myself
with my back
to the wall
… even then, all
of life
is enchanted
… an exotic
of mystery
and magick…
with map and compass

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