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Intro: This story was written for my dad and my son. At the time, my son was only two and I was visiting my parents. My dad stands about 6’6 1/2, like the Jolly Green Giant (Only not green), and has an incredibly deep voice. The night I was visiting was special because it was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities where three planets align and can be seen by the naked eye. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember which planets they were, so I used writer’s perogative in creating this story. My dad had taken my son out in the front yard, on the porch, under the stars. I stayed inside, watching through the window. My dad cradled my small son in his left arm, pointing to the sky with his right hand. My son looked up where my dad pointed, yawned… and that was it, the inspiration hit. Before they’d finished their visit outside with the planets, I had written the tale, “My Grandpa Showed Me Mars.” Now, as with my other picture books for children, now that I’m reading them more than twenty years later, I can see where they’ve lots of room for improvement and I’m not claiming it to be a masterpiece. However, it is a major part of my past, the writing of these stories, so I’m including them “as is” on The Road Home.

“My Grandpa Showed Me Mars”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
~ For Dad, and Andrew~


One night my grandpa showed me mars.
He told me to look way past the stars.
To my delight, just beneath the moon,
Was Saturn, Mars, and Neptune!
“Look very closely,” my grandpa said to me,
“this is the only time we’ll be able to see
these planets together, shining so bright.
I’m glad we could share this special night.”
I stared at the speckles in the sky
while Grandpa started singing a lullaby.
Before long, I’d fall fast asleep.
Safe in Grandpa’s arms I’d dream.
I dreamed of a flying saucer
Soaring through the stars.
I was inside, and I was going to Mars!
I pushed all the buttons and turned the controls;
I wondered if I’d see any little green trolls.
My saucer zoomed up and down,
flipping topsy-turvy way above the ground.
I passed Saturn and I passed the moon;
I was just about to pass Neptune
When suddenly, I realized I was afraid!
I couldn’t go to Mars that day!
I still had other things to do…
my mom told me earlier to clean my room.
I was just about to turn around
when the wheels of my saucer touched the ground.
It didn’t seem like I had gone that far,
But it appeared as though I had landed on Mars!
The door of my saucer opened wide.
Though still quite scared, I stepped outside.
There were many things to be seen,
But none were trolls little and green.
I wandered around and looked at the sights.
I picked up a rock and held it tight.
I carved my name in the hard, red sand
To tell other people I had reached that land.
Then I noticed I was all alone
and decided it was time for me to go home.
With my rock in my hand, I climbed back in my ship.
3…2…1, I was ready to lift.
I flew very fast through the star-filled sky,
and got home by the end of the lullaby.
Grandpa took me inside, tucked me into bed.
He gave me a kiss on the top of my head.
I told him about my special trip,
and all about my big space ship.
“You fell asleep when I started to sing
and it sounds like you had a really neat dream,
but that’s all it was.” My grandpa said.
He smiled, and then winked, patting me on the head.
He closed the door and turned out the light.
From behind the door, he yelled, “Goodnight!”
I remembered carving my name in the sand,
and to my surprise…
The rock was still in my hand!

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Intro:  What was I thinking?  I have no excuse for the poor writing presented here, other than the fact that I was a young novice and tinkering with varying writing styles.  I had developed a certain pattern in my poetry up to this point… four stanzas, every other line rhyming.  I’d read a book on writing that suggested identifying such patterns, and then trying to break the boundaries and write something in a different pattern (try it… you’ll like it!).  I had the right idea, but admitedly, didn’t pull it off with much finesse.  But, I promised myself when I created this blog that I’d include all the pieces and parts of me – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and this shows the developmental phases I went through as a writer, and as a mother, so I’m keeping it. As a sidenote, no, I had never seen Spiderman and wasn’t aware that my peanut pickin’ pal shared Spiderman’s alter-ego name. *grins*

“Hillary Penelope Plicket Plum”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Hillary Penelope Plicket Plum,
Shorter than most, but taller than some,
Set out for a day of gardening fun.

With a heart of gold and curls to match,
She skipped down the way to the strawberry patch
And pulled the chain on the gate to unhook the latch,

That unlocks the magic that her garden keeps.
In the bushels of berries that smell so sweet,
She frolics and plays with no shoes upon her feet.

She hums a little tune, “La da da, de de dum”,
Sings Hillary Penelope Plicket Plum,
A very kind, compassionate one.

She tends to her garden come rain or shine.
Through the cold of winter and the heat of summertime,
She cares for her garden without a whimper or a whine.

She does it all – remembering just one thing:
She’ll have sweet, fat berries in the magic of spring.
Then she’ll have strawberry flavored everything!

Like strawberry shortcake and strawberry jam,
‘cause she tended to her garden with her very own hands,
Following through with her special plan.

With ingredients gathered and strawberries grown,
Hillary Penelope Plicket Plum skipped home
And bumped into a boy with a basket of his own!

He was a tall, thin boy with soft, brown hair.
Hillary looked at his basket and asked, “Whatchya got in there?”
“Peanuts,” said the boy, “why do you care?”

“Whatchya gonna do with ‘em?” She asked one question after another.
“If you must know,” replied the boy, “I’m making peanut butter.”
An idea whipped through her mind with a flicker and a flutter!

Hillary looked up at the by and asked, “Hey, there, what’s your name?”
“Peter Parker,” said the boy, “peanut butter is my game.”
“Hillary Penelope Plicket Plum is my name.

“I’ve got an idea for you to contemplate.
It’ll only work if we cooperate.
I’ve got a feeling it’ll work out great!”

As the two skipped home, Hillary shared her plan
With the boy with the basket full of peanuts in his hand,
And he took a liking to Miss Plicket Plum’s plan.

Her plan worked just fine, without one hitch,
And they shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Intro: This story, as with many of my early writings, was inspired by and written for my first-born son, Andrew.  Written somewhere between 1990-1991, this story was created to aid my young child with his suddenly active and sometimes frightening imagination and was designed to teach him to use the powers of his own mind to overcome the fears he faced. Although I was proud as punch of this piece when I first created it, it retrospect, I can see where it’s seriously lacking in both writing style and concept. Nonetheless, it is what it is and I’m proud to store it in my archives. Knowing what I know now, I can’t help but wonder if the boy was actually seeing dragons! *smirks*

“Drew and his Dinosaur”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
~ For Andrew ~

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Drew.
He had an active imagination, as many three-year-olds do.
Something seemed to be bothering him
As he was eating breakfast one day;
He stopped chewing his bacon long enough to say,
“I saw a dinosaur, Mommy! It was big and blue!”
“You have an active imagination”, the mommy said to Drew.
When he finished eating breakfast, he put his plate into the sink
And said, “Mommy, guess what I saw! It was a dinosaur… big and pink!
It chased me and it grabbed me!” exclaimed a frightened little Drew.
“But, Sweetheart,” said the mom, “I thought the dinosaur was blue!”
“Mommy, guess what I saw!” An excited Drew did say.
“I saw a dinosaur; it was big and grey!”
“That’s just your imagination,” explained Drew’s mom,
“And in a day or two, the dinosaurs will be gone.
These dinosaurs aren’t real; you’ve created them with your mind –
So use your mind to make something different –
Something special, something kind.
Try to imagine something else…
Something a little more pleasant.
Imagine that the dinosaurs are giving you a present!”
Drew then imagined that the dinosaurs were his friends.
They lived happily ever after…
The end.

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Intro: This was the first story I’d ever written for children, and it was written for my first-born son, Andrew. Written somewhere around 1990-91, my son was about two-years-old and I was trying to teach him the concept of puting his toys away when he was finished playing with them, to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, to not toss things on the floor, and to generally pick up after himself. My son spoke often of monsters, which is why I created the Mess Monster, thinking it a character he’d relate to easily. Andrew is now 19 years old and has maintained cleanliness and personal hygiene, almost obsessively, throughout his lifetime.

“Rodney and the Mess Monster”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
~ For Andrew ~

Rodney was a little boy who hated to clean his room.
He claimed he simply didn’t have time;
He had better things to do.
So, his mom just left everything in a pile,
Hoping he’d get tired of the mess after ‘while;
But, Rodney didn’t seem to care,
He just left his stuff layin’ everywhere!
He’d come home from school and kick off his shoes,
One of which, he was sure to lose!
His jacket went here, his books – everywhere.
Before long, he got lost in there!
He woke up one morning and opened his eyes
Only to find a horrid surprise!
He was trapped in his room, couldn’t find the door;
He couldn’t get out of bed because he couldn’t find the floor!
He cried for his mommy, his daddy, too.
Rodney was helpless, didn’t know what to do.
Suddenly, he heard an awful sound;
A monster was coming out of the ground!
Rodney was scared and yelled, “Leave me alone!
Go back where you came from. Go on, go home!”
The monster growled, showing his teeth,
“This is my home. You created me!
I’m the mess monster and I love girls and boys
Who won’t pick up their books or their toys –
Because they don’t have time, they have better things to do;
So I’ll just live here forever with you!”
“No!” Rodney hollered, “Go away!”
And his room has been clean since that very day.
To keep the mess monster from moving in with you,
Maybe – just maybe – you should clean your room, too!

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Intro: Getting divorced meant many things would change for my chidren and me.  Before the divorce, we were a homeschooling family. I didn’t work, so I was able to devote all of my time and energy to their education and raising them outside of the confines and expectations of society.  After the divorce, however, I’d return to work and the teens would embark on a journey back to public school.  Before the divorce, the kids each had their passions… the Prince took Tae Kwon Do and ranked National Champion several times over.  The Princess was taking horse-riding lessons, nurturing her dreams of becoming an equine vet and care-taker of horses.  After the divorce, those lessons would have to cease due to financial restraints.  Before the divorce, we were vegetarians and had been for a number of years.  Returning to the fast-paced world of social interaction and agendas, we knew we’d have to adjust our diet to accomodate – not only as a matter of convenience (I couldn’t prepare good vegetarian meals for them while I was working fourteen-hour days, and I couldn’t ask them to maintain vegetarian lifestyles on school cafeteria food), but because our bodies would be under greater demand, so we returned to eating meat.  Prior to the divorce, we had eight cats, four dogs, and two birds… the cats and birds would have to be placed in new homes because as I single parent, I couldn’t afford to care for the extra lives.  We managed to hold on to the dogs, but it’s a struggle… and the loss of our other animal family members was tragic to us all.  So many changes… and I saw them before they arrived, so I reached for my children to offer them what security I could… knowing the storm was about to blow through.

“To the Prince and Princess”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
June 17, 2007

The journey on which
we’re about to embark
is more than an
of miles
and minutes.

As this
transformation unfolds
Trust in me
You have my word
I will not let us fall.

We will all
make sacrifices
and for that
you will never
fully know
how sorry
I am
and yet
in those things
of which we let go
we will find
hidden treasures

Love and laughter
are our riches
and we
we three
are millionaires

they don’t matter.
What matters
is that we stand
strong together
that we support
one another
that we believe
in each other
and that our love
be unconditional

Know in your hearts
that in spite of
my own weaknesses
I will provide…
and we will
remain in tact.

Let each step
be a lesson
Let each word
be wisely spoken
Let each beat
of our hearts
beat as one.

I have cried my last tear
I have shed self-centered skin
I will do what needs done
And be a warrior for you.

You have my word
I will not let us fall
So hold my hand
don’t let go
and on the count of three
(by the power of three
And the powers that be)
Take a really big breath
…. and jump.

I’ve gotchya.

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Written by:
Wendi Friend

Common among parents is the feeling that their children are special. Era to era, culture to culture, generation to generation, each mother thinks her child stands out in a unique way; the children excel in school, arts, sports, etc. This is natural. What is not natural, however, is for counselors, doctors, and teachers around the globe to recognize several of these children as being different. While it is true that in many cases these special or different children have been diagnosed (or, sadly, misdiagnosed) with A.D.D.H.D., Autism, and other “abnormal” conditions, there are thousands of so called normal children in existence today with extreme gifts. In these cases, most often it is the child who behaves as parent, restructuring their environment to better suit their own needs, as well as the needs of those around them. Could it be that we are experiencing a new type of child — a child who paves the way, then initiates human evolution? According to several sources, there’s not only one new type of child, but a whole colorful array of paranormal, psychic, highly evolved entities entering our atmosphere.

Who are these children? According to theory, the eldest of them aren’t children anymore, but adults in their thirties and forties; the youngest are still being born in increasing numbers. And, according to theory, none of them are actually children at all, but old souls being reborn. Some even believe these children are arriving through inter-planetary means. Yes, aliens.

The first wave came with the Indigo Children, as introduced by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Beginning their ascent to Earth somewhere in the early 1970s, the Indigo Children were said to have an indigo aura, but that’s not all these kids had in common. Shared traits include highly developed intuitive or psychic powers, authoritative attitudes, impressive artistic or musical abilities, technological advancement, and more. However, Indigo children are no longer the only race of these special creatures being recognized. Since the arrival of the indigo children, there have been other terms for spiritually and mentally advanced children, such as Star seeds or Star babies, Children of the Blue Ray, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Avatar Children, Children of the New Earth, Millennium Children, and then some. Are all these names referring to the same type of child, or are new races of children being born to lead humanity to a better way?

Let’s begin with Indigo Children. Though, physically, Indigo children are no different from all other children, with the exception of perhaps their old, wise eyes, they are seemingly more spiritually awake and advanced than the children humankind has formerly produced. Each one of these entities has claimed a specific and devoted need to revise the way we, as people, live our lives and treat our environment. Indigo children are system busters, non-conformists, leaders of the pack. It is their “job” to clear out archaic systems that no longer serve our higher purpose. Common traits of indigo children, as stated in Carroll and Tober’s book, Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, are:

“They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it). They have a feeling of ‘deserving to be here,’ and are surprised when others don’t share that. Self worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents ‘who they are.’ They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice). They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual oriented and don’t require creative thought. They often see better ways of doing things; both at home and at school, which makes them seem like ‘system busters’ (non-conforming to any system). They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward; feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially. They will not respond to ‘guilt’ discipline (‘wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did’). They are not shy about letting you know what they need.”

On the footsteps of the Indigo enter the Crystal Children. Softer and more open than the Indigo, Crystal children exert overwhelming amounts of love and compassion for people, animals, earth, and realms of existence to which most of us aren’t tuned in. Like the rainbow after the storm, Crystal Children spread hope, happiness, light, and the promise that all is not lost. Where indigo children are intuitive and able to spot dishonesty, Crystal Children take their intuition to the next level, often choosing to communicate solely through telepathic means, or unrecognizable languages. Crystal children, the eldest of which is estimated to be between eight and twelve, have been credited with ability to travel between realms, communicate consistently with spirit guides, and exhibit amazing healing powers.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., wrote the book, The Crystal Children, in which she describes the characteristics of crystalline children as follows:

“Crystal children are usually born in 1995 or later, possess large eyes with an intense stare, have magnetic personalities, are highly affectionate, start talking late in childhood, are very musically oriented and may sing before talking, use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate, may be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, are even tempered, sweet and loving, are forgiving of others, highly sensitive and empathetic, are very much connected to nature and animals, exhibit healing abilities, are quite interested in crystals and rocks, often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past-life memories, are extremely artistic and creative, prefer vegetarian meals and juices to ‘regular food’, and may be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.”

Our list of amazing entities does not stop with these two ‘breeds’. What about the star babies, the super psychic children of China, the children of AIDS who are said to present a new and “inhuman” DNA? How do they fit into the equation?

What makes some babies “different” from the rest? According to some theories, the answer may be found in the aura. Some theorists, like authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, believe that an Indigo aura around a child suggests that the child is of an elevated spiritual capacity — an old soul, if you will, reincarnated to lead humanity through the next phase of evolution. These special souls have been deemed Indigo Children. Another theorist, Doreen Virtue, P.H.D., suggests that there exist spiritual offspring to the Indigos, an entity with even more mystic capacity than its predecessor. This new and exciting breed of baby has been lovingly dubbed The Crystal Children. But hold on to your helmets, there’s more! In addition to Indigo and Crystal Children, there’s much to learn about star babies, the super psychic children of China, Rainbow Children, and the Children of A.I.D.S.! Each and every one of these “breeds” of babies is said to be amazingly advanced in numerous areas, from art and science to telepathy and telekinesis.

Star Children are similar to the Indigo and Crystal Children in that they are prone to suffer separation anxiety, feeling like they don’t belong here, craving like minds. Also as with the Indigo and Crystal Children, Star children are separatists and non-conformists, shying away from traditional customs of society, confused by the ways of today’s people. And yes, like the Indigos and Crystals, Star children are said to be profoundly advanced in matters of spirit and metaphysics. With so much in common, what sets the star children apart from the Indigos or the Crystals? Indigo and Crystal children are identified as having a unique, previously undiscovered aura. However, Star children are said to knowingly come from other planets, galaxies, and solar systems. From other worlds these children come, incarnated as humans, for the purpose of assisting Earth in bringing in the Golden age.

Children of the Blue Ray are also of an inter-galactic capacity, far-out souls incarnating themselves here to demonstrate peace and love for our people. They share extremely similar traits with Star, Indigo, and Crystal Children. Still more of these trait-sharing amazing babies are called Rainbow Children, Children of the New Earth, Children of the New Dream, Children of the Sun, Avatar children, Children of the Light, Millennium children, and more! Has our world ever seen anything like this? Was it the entrance into the 21st century that brought such rapid change? Who opened Heaven’s gates and sent its occupants to save Earth? Perhaps for those answers, you should ask one of these children!

One special type of child, who genuinely does stand out from the crowd as an amazing baby, is of a breed known as Children of A.I.D.S. — Children who seemingly change their own DNA to wash themselves of the HIV virus. According to various studies, children who wash themselves of A.I.D.S. are producing an entirely new type of DNA, never before encountered — world-wide. This DNA, with 24 rather than 20 codons, is said to make these children immune to virtually every type of illness. In short, these amazing babies may well be the end of disease as we know it. Are they evolutionary wonders or alien saviors? Whatever they are and wherever they come from, they show not only hope for the medical future, but also exhibit high intelligence and psychic ability.

Let’s face it. Something huge is happening here. Either the world as we know it is changing with the help of reincarnated old souls and aliens, or the world as we know it is changing because people are so desperate for hope that they’re creating mini-messiahs in mass! If what’s being said is true, then not only is the world changing, but the human race may be slowly becoming extinct! Many of these theorists and reports suggest that there are no new human souls being born in our world today, but an eclectic, exotic mix of higher-vibration, inter-galactic, old-soul entities. No new human souls being born today. I feel that bears repeating. If these amazing babies are slowly but surely — and discretely — taking over our planet in increasing numbers, what’s to come of the good old fashioned human race we once knew?

Actually, it seems as though we have as many “mystic” labels for our babies as we do birth names. We no longer want to know if its a boy or a girl, but we now want to know which species our child is – Indigo, Crystal, Star Baby, Child of the Blue Ray, etc.

With as wide spread as these theories are becoming, one can’t deny the subject deserves attention. Either we need to embrace these amazing babies, nurture them to their greatest potential, and prepare them to save our world. Or, we need to get mental help for a good percentage of our society, a society that thrives on the hope that today’s children, unlike the children of any other time in recorded history, are here to save us from our own doings.

Much of this article has been based on speculative information, but there is one fact that each and every reader should carry away from this writing. Every child being born today is special. Every single child being born has something of worth to contribute to this world. And it is not, nor has it ever been news that our children are the only hope we’ve ever had for our future — a fact that will remain truth for as long as the human species is in existence.


Book Title: The Indigo Children
Authors – Lee Carroll/Jan Tober
Publisher: Hay House – 1999
ISBN: 1561706086

Book Title: Crystal Children
Author – Doreen Virtue, Ph. D
Publisher: Hay House – 2003
ISBN: 1401902294

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