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Intro: This is one of my older pieces in which I expressed the realization of what writing does for my soul. More than a hobby, more than a career aspiration, writing has become a form of therapy for me.

“Words from Nowhere”
Written by:
Wendi Friend
March 9, 2002


Black and blue,
it may be true –
my heart is bruised and torn in bits.
This I knew
but still I flew
when Wind would throw her angry fits.

Slightly tethered,
more than weathered,
I clung unto that thing called hope.
Never heard
I wrote my words
and braided them into a rope

to which I’d hold
when the world grew cold
and darkness scoffed and laughed at me.
Hate would scold –
but my words were told
and the rope that held me set me free.

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