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Common among parents is the feeling that their children are special. Era to era, culture to culture, generation to generation, each mother thinks her child stands out in a unique way; the children excel in school, arts, sports, etc. This is natural. What is not natural, however, is for counselors, doctors, and teachers around the globe to recognize several of these children as being different. While it is true that in many cases these special or different children have been diagnosed (or, sadly, misdiagnosed) with A.D.D.H.D., Autism, and other “abnormal” conditions, there are thousands of so called normal children in existence today with extreme gifts. In these cases, most often it is the child who behaves as parent, restructuring their environment to better suit their own needs, as well as the needs of those around them. Could it be that we are experiencing a new type of child — a child who paves the way, then initiates human evolution? According to several sources, there’s not only one new type of child, but a whole colorful array of paranormal, psychic, highly evolved entities entering our atmosphere.

Who are these children? According to theory, the eldest of them aren’t children anymore, but adults in their thirties and forties; the youngest are still being born in increasing numbers. And, according to theory, none of them are actually children at all, but old souls being reborn. Some even believe these children are arriving through inter-planetary means. Yes, aliens.

The first wave came with the Indigo Children, as introduced by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Beginning their ascent to Earth somewhere in the early 1970s, the Indigo Children were said to have an indigo aura, but that’s not all these kids had in common. Shared traits include highly developed intuitive or psychic powers, authoritative attitudes, impressive artistic or musical abilities, technological advancement, and more. However, Indigo children are no longer the only race of these special creatures being recognized. Since the arrival of the indigo children, there have been other terms for spiritually and mentally advanced children, such as Star seeds or Star babies, Children of the Blue Ray, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Avatar Children, Children of the New Earth, Millennium Children, and then some. Are all these names referring to the same type of child, or are new races of children being born to lead humanity to a better way?

Let’s begin with Indigo Children. Though, physically, Indigo children are no different from all other children, with the exception of perhaps their old, wise eyes, they are seemingly more spiritually awake and advanced than the children humankind has formerly produced. Each one of these entities has claimed a specific and devoted need to revise the way we, as people, live our lives and treat our environment. Indigo children are system busters, non-conformists, leaders of the pack. It is their “job” to clear out archaic systems that no longer serve our higher purpose. Common traits of indigo children, as stated in Carroll and Tober’s book, Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, are:

“They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it). They have a feeling of ‘deserving to be here,’ and are surprised when others don’t share that. Self worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents ‘who they are.’ They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice). They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual oriented and don’t require creative thought. They often see better ways of doing things; both at home and at school, which makes them seem like ‘system busters’ (non-conforming to any system). They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward; feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially. They will not respond to ‘guilt’ discipline (‘wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did’). They are not shy about letting you know what they need.”

On the footsteps of the Indigo enter the Crystal Children. Softer and more open than the Indigo, Crystal children exert overwhelming amounts of love and compassion for people, animals, earth, and realms of existence to which most of us aren’t tuned in. Like the rainbow after the storm, Crystal Children spread hope, happiness, light, and the promise that all is not lost. Where indigo children are intuitive and able to spot dishonesty, Crystal Children take their intuition to the next level, often choosing to communicate solely through telepathic means, or unrecognizable languages. Crystal children, the eldest of which is estimated to be between eight and twelve, have been credited with ability to travel between realms, communicate consistently with spirit guides, and exhibit amazing healing powers.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., wrote the book, The Crystal Children, in which she describes the characteristics of crystalline children as follows:

“Crystal children are usually born in 1995 or later, possess large eyes with an intense stare, have magnetic personalities, are highly affectionate, start talking late in childhood, are very musically oriented and may sing before talking, use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate, may be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, are even tempered, sweet and loving, are forgiving of others, highly sensitive and empathetic, are very much connected to nature and animals, exhibit healing abilities, are quite interested in crystals and rocks, often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past-life memories, are extremely artistic and creative, prefer vegetarian meals and juices to ‘regular food’, and may be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.”

Our list of amazing entities does not stop with these two ‘breeds’. What about the star babies, the super psychic children of China, the children of AIDS who are said to present a new and “inhuman” DNA? How do they fit into the equation?

What makes some babies “different” from the rest? According to some theories, the answer may be found in the aura. Some theorists, like authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, believe that an Indigo aura around a child suggests that the child is of an elevated spiritual capacity — an old soul, if you will, reincarnated to lead humanity through the next phase of evolution. These special souls have been deemed Indigo Children. Another theorist, Doreen Virtue, P.H.D., suggests that there exist spiritual offspring to the Indigos, an entity with even more mystic capacity than its predecessor. This new and exciting breed of baby has been lovingly dubbed The Crystal Children. But hold on to your helmets, there’s more! In addition to Indigo and Crystal Children, there’s much to learn about star babies, the super psychic children of China, Rainbow Children, and the Children of A.I.D.S.! Each and every one of these “breeds” of babies is said to be amazingly advanced in numerous areas, from art and science to telepathy and telekinesis.

Star Children are similar to the Indigo and Crystal Children in that they are prone to suffer separation anxiety, feeling like they don’t belong here, craving like minds. Also as with the Indigo and Crystal Children, Star children are separatists and non-conformists, shying away from traditional customs of society, confused by the ways of today’s people. And yes, like the Indigos and Crystals, Star children are said to be profoundly advanced in matters of spirit and metaphysics. With so much in common, what sets the star children apart from the Indigos or the Crystals? Indigo and Crystal children are identified as having a unique, previously undiscovered aura. However, Star children are said to knowingly come from other planets, galaxies, and solar systems. From other worlds these children come, incarnated as humans, for the purpose of assisting Earth in bringing in the Golden age.

Children of the Blue Ray are also of an inter-galactic capacity, far-out souls incarnating themselves here to demonstrate peace and love for our people. They share extremely similar traits with Star, Indigo, and Crystal Children. Still more of these trait-sharing amazing babies are called Rainbow Children, Children of the New Earth, Children of the New Dream, Children of the Sun, Avatar children, Children of the Light, Millennium children, and more! Has our world ever seen anything like this? Was it the entrance into the 21st century that brought such rapid change? Who opened Heaven’s gates and sent its occupants to save Earth? Perhaps for those answers, you should ask one of these children!

One special type of child, who genuinely does stand out from the crowd as an amazing baby, is of a breed known as Children of A.I.D.S. — Children who seemingly change their own DNA to wash themselves of the HIV virus. According to various studies, children who wash themselves of A.I.D.S. are producing an entirely new type of DNA, never before encountered — world-wide. This DNA, with 24 rather than 20 codons, is said to make these children immune to virtually every type of illness. In short, these amazing babies may well be the end of disease as we know it. Are they evolutionary wonders or alien saviors? Whatever they are and wherever they come from, they show not only hope for the medical future, but also exhibit high intelligence and psychic ability.

Let’s face it. Something huge is happening here. Either the world as we know it is changing with the help of reincarnated old souls and aliens, or the world as we know it is changing because people are so desperate for hope that they’re creating mini-messiahs in mass! If what’s being said is true, then not only is the world changing, but the human race may be slowly becoming extinct! Many of these theorists and reports suggest that there are no new human souls being born in our world today, but an eclectic, exotic mix of higher-vibration, inter-galactic, old-soul entities. No new human souls being born today. I feel that bears repeating. If these amazing babies are slowly but surely — and discretely — taking over our planet in increasing numbers, what’s to come of the good old fashioned human race we once knew?

Actually, it seems as though we have as many “mystic” labels for our babies as we do birth names. We no longer want to know if its a boy or a girl, but we now want to know which species our child is – Indigo, Crystal, Star Baby, Child of the Blue Ray, etc.

With as wide spread as these theories are becoming, one can’t deny the subject deserves attention. Either we need to embrace these amazing babies, nurture them to their greatest potential, and prepare them to save our world. Or, we need to get mental help for a good percentage of our society, a society that thrives on the hope that today’s children, unlike the children of any other time in recorded history, are here to save us from our own doings.

Much of this article has been based on speculative information, but there is one fact that each and every reader should carry away from this writing. Every child being born today is special. Every single child being born has something of worth to contribute to this world. And it is not, nor has it ever been news that our children are the only hope we’ve ever had for our future — a fact that will remain truth for as long as the human species is in existence.


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