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Wendi Friend

America 1949: The first Emmy Awards take place, the country experiences its first television sitcom, George Orwell’s book 1984 takes the literary market by storm, Death of a Salesman hits the big screen, Frankie Laine and Bing Crosby top the music charts, the Civil Rights movement gains momentum, a US Air force crew completes the first round-the-world non-stop flight in a plane, NATO is formed, the first stored-program computer begins operation at Cambridge University, and the Cold War becomes a serious issue. We’re twenty years away from landing on the moon (assuming that really happened!) – and, oh, yeah… there’s an alleged UFO crash, involving eye-witness reports of alien bodies and a supposed government cover-up near Roswell, New Mexico. A conspiracy theory is born that will permeate the remainder of the millennium, stretching itself into the twenty-first century, dubbed The Roswell Incident.

Visit Roswell, New Mexico today and you’ll find yourself transported to a scene straight out of science fiction. The small town, once nothing more than a little known speck on a map, is now cashing in on the conspiracy, raking in an estimated $5 million per year on alien paraphernalia and propaganda. Even the fast-food chains promote alien-friendly environments. While there, you can visit an alien museum, scope out the scene of an alien autopsy, shop for alien souvenirs, or even have your photo taken with one of the little extra terrestrials – well, a replica, anyway. While the whole town is steeped in alien experience, the interesting thing to note is that the original “crash-landing” that inspired the boom didn’t even take place in Roswell, but about 75 miles away in another small town: Carona, New Mexico. Nonetheless, Roswell has staked its claim to fame and has put itself on the map as perhaps the most famous UFO site around the world.

Naturally, time has tainted the story, and hard facts are few and far between. However, the gist of it is that a Rancher by the name of William “Mac” Brazel discovered mysterious, allegedly unidentifiable wreckage somewhere between the end of June and the beginning of July of 1949. Shortly after, press releases went out with the words “flying disc”, and the military coughed up an explanation, calling the debris a weather balloon. That claim didn’t go over too smoothly.

Other witnesses made statements, and then retracted them, and the military changed its explanation once or twice as well. Some witness reports claim people saw alien bodies being carted away in body bags by the United States military. The military offered a come back by way of crash dummies being dropped from airplanes during top secret military tests. What was being carted off in body bags was claimed by military personnel to be these crash dummies, not aliens. Of course, that begs the question: Why would crash dummies be toted off in body bags? But, as with so many other questions spawned by the Roswell Incident, this one has no clearly defined answer.

Unexplained debris, conflicting stories, military involvement… bada boom, bada bing, it’s a conspiracy. Not really, though. The true conspiracy theory and popular propaganda about The Roswell Incident didn’t really take off until 1980, more than thirty years after the event, which awakened the sleeping tales and spawned UFOlogy interest. Other popular media outlets of the late seventies and early eighties helped build the momentum with popular Martian movies, sci-fi television programming, and literature.

In time, the military did come clean and admit that there were cover up attempts made at the site discovered by the rancher, however, they claimed that what was being covered up was not an alien craft, but a top secret military experiment having to do with the Cold War. Of course, once admittance of a cover up was offered, all theories were fair game, and dozens of books and articles were published promoting both sides of the story and fuelling the fires of conspiracy theories.

Whether or not alien beings crash landed on earth near Roswell, New Mexico in 1949 will likely never be a solved mystery. Too many theories have been launched, and sixty years have passed. Assuming the youngest “reliable” witness was around the age of 12, we can safely figure that most people involved in the original Roswell Incident are over the age of seventy, or in many cases, deceased. What’s curious, though, is that UFO sightings and alleged crash sites have popped up world wide for decades. What makes this one so popular and enduring?

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Written by:
Wendi Friend

It has long been assumed that the human race of the twenty-first century is the most technologically advanced civilization of all time. Well, all time on planet Earth, that is. This isn’t necessarily an unreasonable assumption providing what archaeologists and scientists have learned to date about our planet as well as our ancestors.

We’ve unearthed Egyptian mummies, the tools of cave men, ancient artifacts, and even entire races of ancient “little people”. We’ve been able to determine the course of several ancient tribes and spiritual civilizations. Yet, nothing from science or history, until now, indicates there may have been, once upon a time, a civilization much more advanced than we are today. But what if our assumptions are wrong? What if there really was a life form in Earth’s history that was technologically advanced beyond our wildest dreams? That would raise a few questions, wouldn’t it? Thanks to the discovery of a collection of inexplicably created crystal skulls, such questions are now coming to the forefront.

Shrouded in mystery, several presumably ancient skulls have been discovered in areas of Central America, South America, and Mexico. No one has yet been able to identify their origin, although the locations at which most the skulls had been found were near Aztec and Ancient Mayan ruins.

While one’s first instinct might be to categorize these relics as tribal artwork, modern science has been unable to define exactly how these skulls came to be. On the authentic, presumably ancient skulls, there are no tool markings, no indication of hand carving, and modern man would be incapable of reproducing the skulls with such craftsmanship. In fact, according to modern science, these skulls shouldn’t exist at all! But if they weren’t made by hand, and they weren’t made by tools, then how did these skulls come to be?

Equally curious to how they were made are the questions of why they were made and what powers they may possess. Some suggest the skulls have miraculous healing ability, others suggest the skulls are packed with unimaginable amounts of information designed to aid future civilizations such as our own. This theory of “ancient computers” doesn’t seem too far fetched considering the materials with which the skulls are made – quartz crystal – the same raw material used by modern man to store vast amounts of information in the form of silicone crystal computer chips. One tiny computer chip of modern day holds great amounts of information. Imagine: What could be stored in a crystal skull several inches in diameter and weighing several pounds?

Aside from theories of powerful healing and potential ancient computers, it has been claimed by some who have worked closely with the skulls that the skulls themselves have the ability to communicate telepathically, which is how one of the skulls, “Max”, got his name. As the story goes, the skull communicated its name to the woman who owned it.

To be fair, it should be stated that of the multiple skulls found to date, at least two were proven to be fakes. Not surprising. However, not all of the skulls are frauds, and some have been deemed ancient, although dating the skulls is a difficult task since carbon dating methods cannot be applied to quartz crystal. It has been suggested that one of the skulls was thought to have been created using methods from five-thousand years ago, in which case it would have taken several generations, at least three-hundred years, to craft a single skull.

Of the most popular skulls found to date, one is said to resemble an extra-terrestrial more than a human skull, which has led to theories that alien life forms bestowed the crystals upon us as gifts of information and healing. This likeness to an alien life form also led to the naming of this skull as “E.T.”.

Not only has the scientific community taken great interest in the discovery of the presumably authentic, inexplicably carved crystal skulls, but the paranormal community has vested interest as well. The skulls found were of varying colors, including clear quarts, smoky quartz, amethyst, and rose quarts, each of which is thought amongst the psychic community to have healing abilities and energy vibrations conducive to human emotions and conditions. Of the skulls deemed authentic, each was carved against the grain of the crystal, something considered impossible by today’s standards and inconceivable for ancient knowledge and tools to have created.

There are several legends from varying cultures about the creation and purpose of these skulls. Native American legend, which tells of 13 skulls all together, relays that each of the thirteen human-sized skulls had movable jaws that could speak and sing. Incidentally, of the skulls we know of today, at least two were discovered with the jaw-bone detached. According to this legend, the skulls contain great knowledge of Earth’s past and then when humanity finds itself in a time of great peril, the skulls will be reunited, like a puzzle, at which time they’ll reveal their complete truths.

The Seneca legend connects the skulls to the city of Atlantis, a place thought mythological by modern man. This legend states that abuse of the powers of the skulls, coupled with greed and refusal to share the knowledge obtained through the skulls, caused the destruction of Atlantis.

Cherokee legend associates the crystal skulls with extra-terrestrials, imbedded with knowledge from a dozen planetary civilizations. This legend attributes powers to the skulls, such as the ability to start fire.

There’s another legend from a group of various Indian tribes known as “twisted-hairs” that accounts for thirteen skulls as well. Twelve of the skulls represented twelve planetary systems while the 13th skull represented collective consciousness.

Legends also exist connecting the skulls to secret chambers under the Sphinx in Egypt, as well as to Israel and the Bible!

Where exactly these skulls came from, how they were made, by whom they were made, and what their purpose and powers are remains a mystery today.



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