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Well, let’s review a lil’ first, just to make sure the messages aren’t being lost. The “Letting go” faerie has shown herself three times, now… the first two times she was up-side-down, or inverted. Today, however, she came out upright.

The first time I drew her, the Tarot that went with her from the Rider/Waite deck was the King of Cups. What I initially said in regard to king of cups was  to work hard at keeping emotions in check, warding off depression or tendencies to focus on the negative, and to invest more energies into home, family, and work to help restore emotional balance. When I researched other sources, I added that this card could indicate being a healer, and could also project a male influence in regard to fatherly energy and/or proposals. Furthermore, this post provoked an interesting connection with fellow blogger, Dove Love, who shared not only her brilliant insights, but also her artwork in relation to this card, which she’s called King of Cups and Patterns.

When I drew the “Letting Go” faerie again on the 19th, I very specifically stated, “Okay, I get it… ‘let go’… but HOW???”  That being asked, I drew the Tarot Card Five of Swords, a card that was also a repeat card, drawn previously on June 18th. The Five of Swords card warns against self-focus, all-about-me syndrome, and dishonesty or activities taking place outside the realms of morals and legality.

In summary, then, I could say that the reason I’m holding on and refusing to let go, the reason I’m stuck in a rut is because I have a PATTERN of falling into DEPRESSION based on the fact that I SELF-FOCUS when pushed to the wall and challenged.  When I face struggles, particularly with providing for my family, I slip into tunnel vision where all I can see is my own suffering (and that of my family).  Thus the struggle begins to HOLD ON to the reigns and try to navigate our way out of it.  That’s when I kick into “control” mode and try to dictate to the Universe how things are supposed to be, rather than trusting that the Universe knows more than I do and isn’t going to let me fall.

Well, today that Letting Go fairy came up again, but this time, instead of being up-side-down (screaming for my attention), she’s right-side-up, which means her message/meaning/mission are still in play – but that I’m making progress in applying that message to my life.  I haven’t made it yet, but I’m well on the way.

Which Tarot joins her today, then?

Sweet! Welcome, welcome to the Six of Wands, UPRIGHT! VICTORY!

Six of Wands

When I see the six of wands, I see celebration. Mission Accomplished.

First, let’s look at the six.  When we see a number six, we see a big round circle, and an “arm” extending from that circle.  The circle, to me, represents the earth as we know it – physical reality, apparent circumstance.  The “arm” extending from that “world” represents our own hand reaching beyond the entrapments or boundaries of this reality, tapping into a universal wisdom, a higher power, or… magick.  It’s our own understanding that even though our bodies are limited to this earthy plane, our spirits are not – and we’re connected, fundamentally, to a much higher power that CAN alter our perception of this reality. (It’s all illusion in the physical realm, I think.)

Wands, the suit on this card, indicate new beginnings, new awareness, new insights, new possibilities, new perceptions.

The person in this card set out on a mission, had a task to accomplish.  In this card, we see that task as being complete, the  returning with a wreath (crown) on his head, a confident stance on his horse, with the horse being decorated and looking equally as proud.  This card is a congratulations.

So while I’m not all the way there yet, I can rest assured that if I continue on the path I’m on, working at letting go of control, not trying to “force” solutions, trusting in the universe, and not falling prey to masochistic tendencies due to self-focus, I’ll come out of this challenge victoriously.

Let’s see what the other sources say, just for good measure:

Here’s from LearnTarot.com:

having your day in the sun
being vindicated
walking away with the prize
prevailing against all comers
coming out on top
achieving success

receiving acclaim
being acknowledged
getting a pat on the back
receiving an award or citation
getting praise or a compliment
earning applause
achieving recognition

feeling pride
enjoying healthy self-esteem
strutting your stuff
holding your head up high
feeling worthy of notice
having a high opinion of yourself
putting yourself above others
being arrogant
feeling self-important

The Six of Wands is the minor arcana counterpart of the Chariot. Both of these cards represent moments of victory and triumph. Sometimes in life, all we want to do is win – to be number one. You can see this dream in the faces of athletes, politicians, and other champions as they step into the winner’s circle. It’s all been worthwhile. I’m the best. I’ve won!

In readings, the Six of Wands appears when you have been working hard toward a goal, and success is finally within reach. The recognition you have sought so long is yours. Now you can receive the acclaim, honor and reward that you deserve. If you do not feel close to victory now, know that it is on its way provided you are doing all you can to make it happen. The victory of this card does not have to involve beating someone else. You can triumph over yourself, the environment, or the odds.

The Six of Wands also represents a healthy self-esteem. Feeling good about your accomplishments is an important part of success, but too much pride can lead to arrogance and self-inflation. When you see this card, check that you are not feeling superior to others. It is easy to forget that individual achievement is not really individual at all. Our talents begin in the Divine, develop with the love and support of others, and only in the end express through us. How can we indulge in excess pride?

In The Purgatorio Dante considers pride the first and greatest sin that must be overcome by souls reaching toward heaven. When the Six of Wands appears, enjoy your triumph, feel good about yourself, but remember Dante’s words:

O gifted men, vainglorious for first place,
how short a time the laurel crown stays green
A breath of wind is all there is to fame
here upon earth: it blows this way and that,
and when it changes quarter it changes name.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:

Sixes are balance and harmony, especially after the upsets of the fives. These cards predict a solution, and not just any solution; there will be an exchange, a give and take that results in a new equilibrium. It may not last, but for that moment, everything is stable. With this card, there is an almost “Ah-HA!” of recognition, of understanding in the solution, and more than a little awe at the symmetry achieved by it.

If you connect the sixes to the Lovers card you’ll see how it works. The “love” aspect of the Lovers card is that of recognition and equilibrium. Like Gemini, you recognize your twin, your soul mate. Maybe you didn’t even know how uneven, how lopsided your life was, but now that you’ve met this person, you can feel the scales coming into balance. Here is harmony. Here is the solution.

Six of Wands

The Victory Card: A victorious man on a horse, applauded by all, enters carrying a wand with a laurel wreath. Here is the conclusion to what happened with the Five of Wands. Competition was fierce, an answer had to be found to make the Querent stand out, make them different, special. Ah-HA! says the 6 of Wands. The Querent has found (or will find) that solution. Success, in fact, requires that they be above all others, that they make themselves a champion of the people. Note the give-and-take common to all 6’s. The crowd offers the victor applause. He, in turn, offers them a champion to adore. For this moment, both are happy, the victor with adulation, the crowd with their hero.

And here’s the song that’s been singing itself to me over this past three days. Coincidence? I think not. The video quality is lacking a bit, but that’s irrelevant.

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“Letting Go”

Letting Go

I know this card well, and when I see her, I wince. 

As humans, we have a tendency to cling to things.  We cling to our pasts, we cling to our wounds, and we cling to our own expectations of what could or should be. This fairy says, “Enough is enough… let go!”

Let go of trying to micro-manage outcomes. Let go of preconceived notions. Let go of past pains and old wounds.  Let go of stress and fear. Let the Universe do its job. As long as you’re holding on (especially since you’re holding on with all your might), you can’t move forward.

This card perfectly reflects last night’s thoughts as posted in: Fifteen Hours Later.

It reminds me of Alanis lyrics from another of my favorite tunes from her, Thank You: “The moment I let go of it was the moment I got more than I could handle, the moment I jumped off of it is the moment that I touched down.”

Here’s what the guidebook says:

Card Meaning: You aren’t receiving positive results because you’re struggling too much to solve the problem. By letting go, you’re opening yourself up to a miraculous resolution.

Description: Problems are caused by human thinking and action. That’s why problems aren’t solved by additional human thinking and action. When we think hard or struggle to resolve a crisis, things can actually get worse!

By drawing this card, you are being asked to stop the human struggle. Stop thinking about the problem, since a focus on negativity can manifest even more negativity. Say alound or silently, “I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now.” By affirming this statement, heaven is able to intervene on your behalf. You will instantly feel relief, and will be gratified to see how easily and naturally the situation resolves itself.

Affirmation: I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now. When I let go, everything turns out perfectly.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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