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Intro: Here’s another I’ve found that seems eerily right on time for resurfacing, especially in comparrison to my recent writings and the Tarot reading for June.  A simple night of quiet reflections brings this out of the poetic graveyard (Good Goddess, I forgot I ever wrote this!) and into the travel bag for the journey on The Road Home.

“What Is It?”
November 21, 2005


It’s a sense of accountability
Owning up to the power within
A sense of not giving up
Before you even begin

It’s not about keeping promises
But in knowing not to make them
It’s about learning to navigate through
Rather than creating mayhem

It’s about respecting self
Regardless of circumstance
Controlling the inner beast
So you can stand half a chance

It’s not in how well crafted
Apologies are delivered
But in being able to avoid their need
By having things pre-considered

It’s not about how hard you try
To make up from an argument
It’s in your determination
Not to rectify, but to prevent.

It’s not about how fiercely you fight
To control what you think you know
But in the willingness to accept
When it’s time for letting go.

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Intro: These are the peaceful moments I long for now… I found this tonight and I remembered the day. I don’t know why I didn’t give it a title, but since I didn’t give it one then, I won’t give it one now. I wrote this back in April of 2006 and just found it in an old blog I forgot I still had access to.

Front porch sitting
steel mug of coffee
watching tender flowers
recover from long journeys
and spring thunderstorms.

Thick ferns dangle like earrings
from the old, crooked, crickety porch
while bees and butterflies
flutter, flitter, and buzz
daring me not to flinch
or run, or do the bug dance

Nothing to fear
Nothing to hide
Nothing to force or fix
Nothing to control
Nothing to organize
Nothing to busy myself with

Take the moment.

Goddess breath combed my hair
while soft rains bathed my naked feet
and the crazy dog made his escape
to the farmer’s field
on the other side of the fence
to roll himself in cow pies.

Unused muscles stretch and bend
bow to the earth
sing nature’s enchantments
stirring to life
after a long (too long)

Sacred Heart rose
Planted on the Pharaoh’s grave
morning glory spread near the garage
weeds plucked and pulled
Dirt turned, and turned
until soft like powder

Admire the snail
hold the worm
smile at the frog
whose eyes are slanted
like that of an elf
and whose grin seemed knowing.

dirt under fingernails
dirt between toes
sweat dripping unchecked
in the valley of the chest
and from the brow, wiped by the forearm
as unused muscles stretch to life

Followed by more front porch sitting
with french-vanilla flavored coffee
while rain tattered pansies
demonstrate their resilliance
to life’s unexpected difficult storms
and complete upheavals.

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Intro: This morning’s Daily Dose struck me… more specifically, one line in one of the referenced Tarot sources struck me.  It was the line that said something along the lines of, “… if you spend too much time thinking of the future, you’re going to appear ungrateful for what you have in the present.”  That’s not a direct quote, I’m sure, but it’s the gist of it, anyway.  I didn’t realize the impact it had on me as I finished out the Daily Dose, did the shower thing, slipped into Uniform, and pulled Pixie Dust out of the driveway.  I was driving along the 185 when the words began to cross my mind… almost poetically.  During the course of my poetic daydream driving, a deer in the road caught my attention.  She was huge, beige on the top, white on the bottom, and she ran alongside the Jeep before heading off into the woods.  On the way home, I was thinking again about poetic gratitude when another deer crossed the road in front of me.  I’ll post the message of Deer from my Animal Magick books shortly, but first, I thought it time I show a bit of gratitude… at least for one particular area of my present circumstance.

Written by:
Wendi Friend
June 22, 2008

For noticing…
and walking with me.
For giving me your number
instead of asking for mine.

For answering when I called.
For being perceptive,
and truly listening…
Even to the words I never spoke aloud.

For securing my environment
when it became clear
that my environment
had become a threat.

For the TLC you’ve shown Pixie Dust,
for establishing yourself with my dogs…
not backing away from my kids…
or my airy-fairy fanciful whims.

For knowing how to laugh…
inspiring me to laugh
with your Homer Simpson impersonations
and silly jokes.

For letting me explore
your world with wonder,
satisfying and piquing my curiosities
… for playful passions

I am graTeful.

For not letting me slip
into a comfort zone
and not allowing me to get lost
in familiarity

For not letting me
take my guard down…
even when
I thought I wanted to

For encouraging me
to try new things
and for being willing
to try new things, too

For believing in my gifts
and wanting to share
those gifts
with others

For delightful surprises
left for me to find
on your coffee table
in my own time

For sharing your sage…
— as well as being one —
and at the same time,
for your perfect imperfections

I am graTeful.

For your husky, musky, masculine scent
For your down-to-earth mysticism…
Your golden, glowing, owl-eyes –
And the way they penetrate me

For taking me to new places
singing while you drive
For the stories you tell
and the past you’ve overcome

For bringing me food
on your mother’s porch,
for teaching me to fish…
for more than just fish, in more than a pond

For making me eat my own words
and inspiring me
to choose my words
more carefully

For holding my hand
while I sleep
for making sure there’s coffee
when I wake up

For all the wonderful people
you’ve introduced me to…
and the work you’ve provided
that allows me to provide —

For moonstones
and rune stones…
for perfume and candles
for books, and bottles
(with corks)
For picking me flowers
For tours of enchanted woodlands
For smoky quartz crystals
And black onyx eyes…
For denim duds
treasure chest boxes
and the sun and moon in clay…

as well as those things
you know you can’t say —

for being perfectly honest with me…
even when the truth hurts…

In fact,
especially for your honesty…

For not making promises

For all the things you do
For all the things you can and do say
For being you
and sharing you with me
one day at a time…
even if not forever…

I am


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Intro: I wrote this piece several years ago when working for my sister’s catering/entertainment company back in Las Vegas. She catered tons of company picnics for the hotels/casinos and other big companies. At the company picnics, there’d be excellent food, d.j.s, entertainment, games, and more. Sometimes I worked as the “fortune teller“, sometimes I worked as the bartender. Other times I was the Activities Director… but regardless of the role I played, I absolutely LOVED the vibes of the summer picnics. She later used this poem in one of her advertising brochures. I’m reposting it here today in honor of Summer Solstice.

“Summer Picnic”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Summer picnic
day of fun
children playing
in the sun
Good food cooking
on the grill
life stands still
Laughter sounding
in the air
people lounging
without a care
Frisbees flying
puppies resting
in the shade
music playing
hula hoops
chitter chatter
in small groups
baseball caps
sand box, shovel
rubber pails
big tall slide
nifty swing
basketball court
soda pop
snow cone, cake
all the sunshine
one can take
frequent smiles
relaxing breeze
pretty flowers
bumble bees
trees to climb
flips, cartwheels
lovers strolling
head over heels
pretty birds singing
floating clouds
clear blue skies
Family gathering….
somewhat mystic
something special
Summer picnic

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Written by:
Wendi Friend


Dog barks
car drives by
stars are covered
by clouded sky

fountain flows
leaves flutter
wind is knocking
on the shutter

storm brews
rain prepares
lightening strikes
thunder dares

frogs croaking
in the trees
crickets chirping
with their knees

light flickers
neighbors sleep
children dreaming
sweet and deep

clear my throat
take a drink
clear my mind
a moment to think

take a breath
then let go…

trust what you feel
not what you think you know

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Written by:
Wendi Friend


Months are passing one by one
ending before they’ve even begun
And then those months turn into years
I find myself choking back tears
As baby boys grow into men
and months turn into years again
Little girls grow up so fast
I want to stretch time, make it last
A little longer
A little stronger
I have old scars from yesterdays
trying to heal along the way
through the labyrinth’s twists and turns
Success depends on the lessons one learns
Am I learning or just scraping by?
On the karmic scale, where am I?
Have I still more debts to face
or am I in Heaven’s grace?
Sometimes, I’ve got it all figured out…
no sign of worry, not a shred of doubt
I lead the way, proudly in command
trying to reach a promised land
and other times…

I’m just lost.

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Written by:
Wendi Friend


Resting… nesting in a happy place
A tranquil space void of face
or form, or reason, or rhyme
Where grace knows no bounds of time
A sublime lack of everything
A well-spring of nothingness… divine
The emptiness… a blessing

Free form falling into self while
Escalating to join the all that is
Where nothing is everything and
Everything exists in nothing
… everything except self
In human form

This is the bliss
to exist by ceasing to exist
to make progress by being motionless
To become wise by not thinking
To flow without swimming
And to take in fresh breath by exhaling

Not awake yet not asleep
Neither here nor there
Without name
Or purpose
And yet
All Powerful
And quite satisfied
In the nothingness that I am
And everything else

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