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Wendi Friend

More and more, people are trying to find ways to provide scientific proof that ghosts, spirits, and elemental beings do exist in our realm. As technology advances, so do the tools used for serious ghost hunters! While some of the technology may provide adrenaline-pumping results, that same technology can be attributed to many “false” validations of supposedly haunted locations.

Let’s take a look, first, at what tools are currently being used in the field of paranormal investigators, and a bit of background information on why these tools are used. Then, we can take a more objective look at how and why some of these tools can be deceiving, and why, with all this technical advancement and “scientific investigations”, the existence of ghosts or ghostly beings has yet to be “proven”.

The most basic of tools includes:

• Pen/pencil and a notebook. This is to jot down any notes and to record details of the investigation.
• Flashlights: This one’s easy. Most paranormal investigations are done in the dark.
• Cables & extension cords: why, to plug in all the high tech gadgets, of course.
• Extra batteries, cassette tapes, and film.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s the latest craze of tech tools for the paranormal investigators, “professionals” and amateurs alike:

• Digital Camera: For catching strange phenomena in still shot photos
• Standard 35mm camera: to offset shortcomings with digital results
• Video/Surveillance cameras: for recording strange movements or apparitions
• Infrared cameras for recording photos/videos in the dark
• EMF Meters: For locating fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields
• Compass: the non-digital tool of choice for locating electromagnetic field fluctuations
• Audio Recorder: for recording E.V.P.s, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, with a special microphone for filtering out background noise
• Digital audio editing software: to analyze E.V.P.s
• Thermal Scanner: a no contact thermometer for recording temperature variations.
• Motion Detectors: to be used in rooms without human observation/interaction to detect motion where people aren’t present.
• Ion Particle Counter: Used in conjunction with photo/video anomalies to do determine if the anomalies have actual substance as opposed to light reflections.

Of course, there are always the good, old fashioned ghost-hunting tools, too:

• Dowsing Rods: Copper rods used for locating spiritual entities and/or portals (also used for locating water and/or energy sources).
• Pendulums: for divination purposes

Psychic mediums are also often employed as “tools” during paranormal investigations.

The list of tools is impressive, and there are variations and extensions of each on the market today, including special “ghost hunter” watches – wrist watches that detect beta, gamma, x-ray and radiant energy! With all of these tools and tricks of the trade, why hasn’t anyone produced solid scientific proof that ghosts or other spiritual entities exist? One of the problems, I believe, is too many cooks in the kitchen.

With the rise of popularity of paranormal activity, everyone wants to be an investigator. The Internet has made it possible for any Tom, Dick, or Harry to fully equip themselves with the latest fashion in gadgets. There’s an impressive variety of “Ghost Hunting Starter Kits” available on the market ranging from the cheap to the incredibly expensive! Television has assisted this boom with such shows as Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Haunted Hotels, and a multitude of other programs fuelling the paranormal fire. Unfortunately, the one thing many of these amateur investigators aren’t equipped with is objectivity and/or scientific perspective. Anything that registers on the amateur’s radar becomes “proof”.

One of the biggest culprits in providing false “evidence” is the digital camera. Oh, I’ve been known to fall prey to its sly tricks, too, so don’t feel bad. We snap a shot with our handy dandy digital photo and abracadabra, we have ORBS, or bubbles of light! Orbs have been a major cause of excitement for many paranormal investigators or common civilians who catch the orbs unexpectedly on their digital camera. Some have even gone so far as to say they see faces in the orbs. Dust particles can be blamed for a good percentage of those orbs, but it was later discovered that another common factor in catching photos with orbs is the camera itself. The cameras aren’t malfunctioning or broken, but because of their make up and design, they often capture images of the light reflected from their own flash or other lights in their casing. Not all orbs can be discounted due to these facts, but the good majority of them can. Isn’t that a bubble buster?

Well, how about those EMF meters then? Surely there must be some accuracy in those, right? There are two major malfunctions in trusting EMF readings. The first problem is that “spikes” on the meter can be caused by common sources such as wiring in the wall or other sources of electricity. The second problem is that electromagnetic fields are thought to produce reactions in the human brain that cause hallucinogenic effects. A person standing in an area of concentrated electromagnetic energy may genuinely feel they’re seeing, hearing, or feeling things when, in reality, it’s only their mind firing off reactions to the energy itself.

E.V.P.s can be fascinating to listen to, but the problem with electronic voice phenomena is that it’s subjective. One person may hear something that sounds like, “run” and another person hears the same thing and perceives it as “gun”. Furthermore, because it’s a sound caught on audio and not experienced physically, it can’t be proven where the source of the sound came from. Was it a ghost or a humming generator in the background?

The tools are cool, don’t get me wrong. I love exploring the possibilities of the paranormal and am tickled pink that we’re on the road to trying to establish rock-solid proof for paranormal encounters. I’m looking forward to conducting my own amateur investigations or tagging along with friends on ghost hunts. However, I do believe it’s utterly important that we don’t believe everything we read, that we don’t buy into the media hype, and that we remain objective in our efforts.


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Written by:
Wendi Friend

You’re sitting alone in a dimly lit room, slightly uneasy; and you might have the feeling you’re being watched. Just as your heart-rate quickens and breathing slows, you see a shadow-like figure from the corner of your eye, darting across the room. By the time your head snaps around to take in the full fear of what you’ve seen, the shadow vanishes right through the wall, never allowing you full scope. Suddenly, you’re overcome with feelings of terror and trepidation. Could it be you’ve been paid a visit from the elusive Shadow Beings? Have you been singled out, targeted, and spied upon by this dark force? Maybe – but maybe not.

Shadow beings – also known as shadow men, shadow people, shadow folk, and a multitude of other names – have been reported on and off throughout human history. However, escalated reports over the past decade or so have increased our awareness, interests, curiosities, tales, and fears of these unknown entities. What are they? Where do they come from? What do they want? Why are they here? The theories of these paranormal phenomena are as wide-spread and varied as one could imagine. However, there are also a few potential scientific explanations with origins firmly rooted in the non-paranormal reality in which we live and function.

These are the traits most commonly associated with Shadow People from varying reports:

• Dark, shadow-like substances lacking mass
• Sometimes appearing in child-like form, not much taller than three feet
• Generally associated as males
• Can be reported as having red, glowing eyes, but also as having no discernable features such as mouth, nose, or eyes
• Most often seen through peripheral vision, rarely directly with center-forward vision
• Can be accompanied with severe feelings of dread
• Have been known, though rarely, to “attack” people, although “attack” has not been clearly defined. Some people report seeing Shadow figures with weapons, although the weapons have not been clearly described or defined.
• Have been reported as humanoid silhouettes, shapeless masses, or dark mists
• Movement is described as initially slow, and then lightening quick
• Are usually attached or drawn to one particular person or place
• Have been associated with smells such as sulfur, rotten eggs, or decaying flesh
• Can sometimes appear as animals, such as “shadow-cats”
• Animals are said to react violently to the presence of shadow figures
• Have personalities ranging from timid and wary to downright nasty
• Have been identified as pranksters, toying with human emotion for entertainment (ex: pulling down the covers when a person is in bed)

Shadow people are said to differ from ghosts and ghostly apparitions because, unlike ghost sightings, shadow people cannot be described as having recognizable features or manners of dress such as period clothing.

Now that we know their supposed character attributes, let’s take a look at some of the theories about where these shadow people come from:

• Demonic in source
• Spiritual representations of live people engaged in out-of-body experience, or “astral-projections”, the traveling souls of live humans
• Time travelers from the future whose technological time-travel techniques limit them to shadow substance in human form
• Quantum leaps from “otherworlds” – beings from parallel dimensions, alternate universes, who have found a way to transport between realms, such as elementals
• Aliens, of course
• Manifestations of negative energy
• Jinn, Dijinn, or Genies
• Guardian angels warning of impending doom

Which of these theories you believe can tie directly into your religious concepts. In order to believe these beings are either demonic or angelic would require one to believe in certain religious concepts such as God and Satan. To believe these are creatures crossing between the veils separating dimensions, one would have to believe in faerie-lands and otherworlds. The alien theory requires one to buy into inter-galactic travels, and if leaning toward the Genie or Dijinn theory, then who uncorked the bottle or rubbed the magic lamp, and why? None of these explanations offers a solid, tangible, logical, scientific explanation for the origin of shadow figures. That’s not to say shadow figures don’t exist, or that these theories are “wrong”, but it does leave room for reasonable doubt and most of these theories cannot be applied to humanity as a whole based on their varied belief systems. However, there is a bit of rock-solid scientific evidence for where these shadow figures might come from, and why they may not be paranormal pranksters or peeping Toms.

Shadow people are most often reported as having been seen “out of the corner of the eye”, or through peripheral vision. Well, there’s an explanation for how this could be possible without being paranormal. There’s a condition known as Pareidolia. Peripheral vision is connected to the area of the brain that recognizes patterns, but provides less detail to the brain than something seen in full view. In this circumstance, the brain wrongly interprets patterns of light and shadow. It reminds me of optical illusion artwork where we’re asked whether we see the face of an old woman, or a vase of flowers.

Another condition which could account for shadow figures scientifically versus paranormally is called Hyponogogia, a form of waking sleep when dreams and reality overlap one another. In this state, your body is awake and your mind is attuned to your physical surroundings, but at the same time, the dream-state drapes over that reality, blending fact and fiction.

Neurological factors could explain many shadow people encounters.

In addition to these physical, psychological, and neurological contributions to the existence of shadow figures, there’s also the consideration of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields have been suggested to influence the human brain, causing “misfires” of information and hallucinations. Maybe you’re not encountering a shadow figure at all, but instead, are sitting or standing in an electromagnetic “hot spot”.

Of course, then there’s the obvious. If you’ve just smoked a fatty, popped a pill, or downed a pint of Vodka, chances are, what you saw was NOT paranormal, but chemically induced.

Most reports of shadow figures can be explained away by these scientific or logical explanations. Most… but not all, which leaves room to believe in the possibility that amidst the ample false reports, some encounters may actually be true.

Oh, and for those of you who may truly be terrified of such encounters, here’s a bit of comforting information. While some reports do account for feelings of dread or some form of attack, no case has ever been documented or proven in which a human was actually harmed due to the presence of a ghostly shadow figure.



Psychic Detective – Shadow People


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Written by:
Wendi Friend

We’ve been hearing about the end of the world for quite some time, now, right? It might come by meteor; it may be the result of a nuclear war; it could be a slow but definite deterioration of our Ozone layer. Whatever the cause may (or may not) be, people are obsessed with the idea of the end of the world. What makes the Ancient Mayan predictions of doomsday any different from these other catastrophically deadly potentials? The date.

The difference with the Ancient Mayan prophecies, as opposed to other end of the world predictions, is a precise account of when life as we know it will cease to exist. No one can say exactly when or if a meteor will hit. We can only speculate as to when a nuclear war might erupt. We’re still learning about the Ozone layer and whether or not we can reverse the damage done, but we cannot say precisely if or when it will collapse. However, the Ancient Mayans pin-pointedly predicted one specific date, thousands of years into their own future, when we will face the end of the world as we know it. Furthermore, this date is frighteningly close: December 22, 2012.

How exactly did an ancient people prophesy such a future? The answer is in the codices, a collection of writings created by this past civilization, the most famous of which is the Dresden Codex.

The Dresden codex aimed its sights at the stars, the planets, the sun, the moon, and space-related phenomenon. In this hieroglyphic script, the Ancient Mayans used mathematical and astrological genius to formulate an advanced working of the calendar. Contrary to popular belief, the Ancient Mayans did not invent the calendar, but they did perfect it to such a degree that their calendar system measured time and planetary occurrences more accurately than the calendar we use today. They also are responsible for our current understanding of the zodiac, based on a 12-part division of the sky. If you wake up in the morning and read your horoscope, you can thank the Ancient Mayans. But who were these people, and why should we be concerned about their predictions for our future?

No one knows exactly when the Ancient Mayans began making their mark on history, but we do know they were most successful in Mesoamerica somewhere around 2600 BC. (4,607 years ago), and peaking at around A.D. 250 (1,757 years ago) in present day Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Western Honduras, El Salvador, and Northern Belize. Most archeological findings date the most significant productivity of the Ancient Mayans in what is known as the Classic Period, A.D. 250-900 (1,107 years ago). We also know that during their near five-thousand-year reign, the Ancient Mayans accomplished remarkable feats in the written language, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, art, architecture, agriculture, and much more.

The years between 2600 B.C. and 100 A.D. were, for the most part, the golden years for the Maya civilization. With the introduction of the Omelc civilization in 2000 B.C., Mayan culture expanded. Extensive trade routes were built, knowledge and goods exchanged, and farming was established throughout Maya regions. This is when writing was developed in Mesopotamia, when the first solar calendars were carved in stone, and when the Maya set their spiritual, religious, and political roots in a hierarchal system governed by nobles and kings. This is also the time when their greatest pyramids and observatories were created.

The Ancient Mayan structures were remarkable in their own right due to their seemingly perfect alignment, their awe-inspiring size, their attention to detail, the exquisite artwork and architecture, and the products they developed and learned to work with in their buildings, such as plaster. Several of the buildings are even more mysterious in that they produce certain effects, such as the sound of a chirping bird, or the shadow of a snake slithering up their slopes during specific times of the year. But what’s even more astounding is that the Ancient Mayans created these elaborate pyramids and observatories without the use of metal tools!

Ancient Maya religions are still not completely understood, but it is clear that the Maya people honored, worshipped, and made sacrifices to many gods – gods that, unlike individual entities, are thought to have the ability to merge and morph with one another as needed or appropriate to portray differing aspects. The Mayans were also heavily founded in beliefs in the supernatural. Because the Mayans understood all things to work in cycles, good and evil were not set concepts, which could be how they justified, in part, their acts of human sacrifice.

Everything, to the Mayans, had a pattern of moving in cycles. This helped with their advancements in farming and their understanding of the movements of the heavens and the Earth. Combined, their knowledge of astrology, astronomy, mathematics, time, their spiritual and supernatural beliefs, as well as their understanding of cyclical patterns, is what led to the creation of the Dresden Codex.

The Maya didn’t just work with one calendar, but instead had a multitude of ways they dissected, analyzed, and measured time. They had two yearly cycles, one known as the Tzolkin, measuring 260 days; and the other being the Haab, of 360 days. These two calendars worked directly with the movements of Venus and Mars, and with a “special” number of 1,366,560 days, a number that is not yet fully understood by modern researchers. But then there was a third form of measuring time, and this third form is the one with which we’re most concerned. A person could easily spend ample time of their own trying to understand the complex intricacies of the Ancient Mayan calendars, but to suit the purpose of understanding the Dresden Codex in relation to doomsday predictions, we can simplify as follows, based on the third form of Ancient Mayan time measurement.

The Ancient Mayans began with a start date, known as the birth of Venus, which is understood as 3114 B.C, the beginning of time recorded. As with our calendars today, the Ancient Mayan calendars were divided into what can be identified as months and years. The months measured 20 days, and the years consisted of 360 days. The Ancient Mayan calendar then exceeded the calendars of today, grouping together even longer periods of time, the first being known as the kuton and measuring 7,200 days; and the second, called the baktun, measuring 144,000 days.

Another number relevant to the Mayans that we don’t yet fully understand is the number 13 (superstition, perhaps?). They believed that after 13 buktuns, each buktum measuring 144,000 days, would be the end of a cycle – or, as many of today’s time understand it, the end of the world. By doing the math, we are able to understand that the end of this time period translates to December 22, 2012. Some accounts suggest December 21, others pinpoint December 23, but that may depend largely on geographic location. Nonetheless, we are faced with potential drastic change in December of 2012. As of the writing of this article, according to the Dresden Codex, the end of the world is roughly five and a half years away.

No one disputes the advanced workings of the Ancient Mayan civilization. We’re all impressed with the knowledge they possessed and how they chose to apply that knowledge. However, how or where they gained such knowledge is open for debate, with theories ranging from simple and natural evolution, to involvement from alien beings. Adding to the mystery of this ancient people are findings such as the Crystal Skulls in locations close to Mayan ruins. These unexplained crystal skulls are said to possess certain metaphysical or paranormal attributes, such as psychic communications. Science is puzzled over the skulls because no one has yet been able to determine exactly how or when the skulls were created because they reflect absolutely no signs of tool markings. As with any unexplained, potentially paranormal phenomena, several theories have been laid out, including that the crystal skulls, once they’ve all been found and united, will unveil great knowledge capable of saving humankind. Naturally, it is suspected that the year 2012 may not be the end of the world, but may in fact be the end of the world as we know it, marking the beginning of a new way of life on earth.

Even though scientists and archeologists have learned a great deal about the Ancient Mayans, how and where they lived, and have been able to, in part, decipher the Dresden Codex, there are still many holes in the doomsday prediction pointing to 2012. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that though several codices are believed to have existed, only a few of those remain – and even fewer are accessible to us. Many of the codices were lost or destroyed by time or conflict with other ancient civilizations. Others are currently protected as sacred text by the Elders in modern day Mayan cultures whom are not willing to share the extent of their knowledge. Taking this into consideration, we have to rationalize that we only have a small portion of the information on which the Ancient Mayans founded their belief systems and civilizations. We may have a list of ingredients, but we are lacking the full recipe! We cannot logically reason that we can formulate a crystal clear understanding based on a portion of ancient information taken out of context.

Will the crystal skulls found around Ancient Mayan ruins come together alas in 2012, shining upon us their wisdom and glory, paving the way to a new way of life? Is 2012 the date the alien nations will reunite on our planet to share with us their technology? Is the world itself destined to die less than 6 years from now? Or are we setting ourselves into a panic based on insubstantial evidence? Only time will tell.

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Written by:
Wendi Friend

It has long been assumed that the human race of the twenty-first century is the most technologically advanced civilization of all time. Well, all time on planet Earth, that is. This isn’t necessarily an unreasonable assumption providing what archaeologists and scientists have learned to date about our planet as well as our ancestors.

We’ve unearthed Egyptian mummies, the tools of cave men, ancient artifacts, and even entire races of ancient “little people”. We’ve been able to determine the course of several ancient tribes and spiritual civilizations. Yet, nothing from science or history, until now, indicates there may have been, once upon a time, a civilization much more advanced than we are today. But what if our assumptions are wrong? What if there really was a life form in Earth’s history that was technologically advanced beyond our wildest dreams? That would raise a few questions, wouldn’t it? Thanks to the discovery of a collection of inexplicably created crystal skulls, such questions are now coming to the forefront.

Shrouded in mystery, several presumably ancient skulls have been discovered in areas of Central America, South America, and Mexico. No one has yet been able to identify their origin, although the locations at which most the skulls had been found were near Aztec and Ancient Mayan ruins.

While one’s first instinct might be to categorize these relics as tribal artwork, modern science has been unable to define exactly how these skulls came to be. On the authentic, presumably ancient skulls, there are no tool markings, no indication of hand carving, and modern man would be incapable of reproducing the skulls with such craftsmanship. In fact, according to modern science, these skulls shouldn’t exist at all! But if they weren’t made by hand, and they weren’t made by tools, then how did these skulls come to be?

Equally curious to how they were made are the questions of why they were made and what powers they may possess. Some suggest the skulls have miraculous healing ability, others suggest the skulls are packed with unimaginable amounts of information designed to aid future civilizations such as our own. This theory of “ancient computers” doesn’t seem too far fetched considering the materials with which the skulls are made – quartz crystal – the same raw material used by modern man to store vast amounts of information in the form of silicone crystal computer chips. One tiny computer chip of modern day holds great amounts of information. Imagine: What could be stored in a crystal skull several inches in diameter and weighing several pounds?

Aside from theories of powerful healing and potential ancient computers, it has been claimed by some who have worked closely with the skulls that the skulls themselves have the ability to communicate telepathically, which is how one of the skulls, “Max”, got his name. As the story goes, the skull communicated its name to the woman who owned it.

To be fair, it should be stated that of the multiple skulls found to date, at least two were proven to be fakes. Not surprising. However, not all of the skulls are frauds, and some have been deemed ancient, although dating the skulls is a difficult task since carbon dating methods cannot be applied to quartz crystal. It has been suggested that one of the skulls was thought to have been created using methods from five-thousand years ago, in which case it would have taken several generations, at least three-hundred years, to craft a single skull.

Of the most popular skulls found to date, one is said to resemble an extra-terrestrial more than a human skull, which has led to theories that alien life forms bestowed the crystals upon us as gifts of information and healing. This likeness to an alien life form also led to the naming of this skull as “E.T.”.

Not only has the scientific community taken great interest in the discovery of the presumably authentic, inexplicably carved crystal skulls, but the paranormal community has vested interest as well. The skulls found were of varying colors, including clear quarts, smoky quartz, amethyst, and rose quarts, each of which is thought amongst the psychic community to have healing abilities and energy vibrations conducive to human emotions and conditions. Of the skulls deemed authentic, each was carved against the grain of the crystal, something considered impossible by today’s standards and inconceivable for ancient knowledge and tools to have created.

There are several legends from varying cultures about the creation and purpose of these skulls. Native American legend, which tells of 13 skulls all together, relays that each of the thirteen human-sized skulls had movable jaws that could speak and sing. Incidentally, of the skulls we know of today, at least two were discovered with the jaw-bone detached. According to this legend, the skulls contain great knowledge of Earth’s past and then when humanity finds itself in a time of great peril, the skulls will be reunited, like a puzzle, at which time they’ll reveal their complete truths.

The Seneca legend connects the skulls to the city of Atlantis, a place thought mythological by modern man. This legend states that abuse of the powers of the skulls, coupled with greed and refusal to share the knowledge obtained through the skulls, caused the destruction of Atlantis.

Cherokee legend associates the crystal skulls with extra-terrestrials, imbedded with knowledge from a dozen planetary civilizations. This legend attributes powers to the skulls, such as the ability to start fire.

There’s another legend from a group of various Indian tribes known as “twisted-hairs” that accounts for thirteen skulls as well. Twelve of the skulls represented twelve planetary systems while the 13th skull represented collective consciousness.

Legends also exist connecting the skulls to secret chambers under the Sphinx in Egypt, as well as to Israel and the Bible!

Where exactly these skulls came from, how they were made, by whom they were made, and what their purpose and powers are remains a mystery today.



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Written by:
Wendi Friend

Common among parents is the feeling that their children are special. Era to era, culture to culture, generation to generation, each mother thinks her child stands out in a unique way; the children excel in school, arts, sports, etc. This is natural. What is not natural, however, is for counselors, doctors, and teachers around the globe to recognize several of these children as being different. While it is true that in many cases these special or different children have been diagnosed (or, sadly, misdiagnosed) with A.D.D.H.D., Autism, and other “abnormal” conditions, there are thousands of so called normal children in existence today with extreme gifts. In these cases, most often it is the child who behaves as parent, restructuring their environment to better suit their own needs, as well as the needs of those around them. Could it be that we are experiencing a new type of child — a child who paves the way, then initiates human evolution? According to several sources, there’s not only one new type of child, but a whole colorful array of paranormal, psychic, highly evolved entities entering our atmosphere.

Who are these children? According to theory, the eldest of them aren’t children anymore, but adults in their thirties and forties; the youngest are still being born in increasing numbers. And, according to theory, none of them are actually children at all, but old souls being reborn. Some even believe these children are arriving through inter-planetary means. Yes, aliens.

The first wave came with the Indigo Children, as introduced by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Beginning their ascent to Earth somewhere in the early 1970s, the Indigo Children were said to have an indigo aura, but that’s not all these kids had in common. Shared traits include highly developed intuitive or psychic powers, authoritative attitudes, impressive artistic or musical abilities, technological advancement, and more. However, Indigo children are no longer the only race of these special creatures being recognized. Since the arrival of the indigo children, there have been other terms for spiritually and mentally advanced children, such as Star seeds or Star babies, Children of the Blue Ray, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Avatar Children, Children of the New Earth, Millennium Children, and then some. Are all these names referring to the same type of child, or are new races of children being born to lead humanity to a better way?

Let’s begin with Indigo Children. Though, physically, Indigo children are no different from all other children, with the exception of perhaps their old, wise eyes, they are seemingly more spiritually awake and advanced than the children humankind has formerly produced. Each one of these entities has claimed a specific and devoted need to revise the way we, as people, live our lives and treat our environment. Indigo children are system busters, non-conformists, leaders of the pack. It is their “job” to clear out archaic systems that no longer serve our higher purpose. Common traits of indigo children, as stated in Carroll and Tober’s book, Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, are:

“They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it). They have a feeling of ‘deserving to be here,’ and are surprised when others don’t share that. Self worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents ‘who they are.’ They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice). They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual oriented and don’t require creative thought. They often see better ways of doing things; both at home and at school, which makes them seem like ‘system busters’ (non-conforming to any system). They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward; feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially. They will not respond to ‘guilt’ discipline (‘wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did’). They are not shy about letting you know what they need.”

On the footsteps of the Indigo enter the Crystal Children. Softer and more open than the Indigo, Crystal children exert overwhelming amounts of love and compassion for people, animals, earth, and realms of existence to which most of us aren’t tuned in. Like the rainbow after the storm, Crystal Children spread hope, happiness, light, and the promise that all is not lost. Where indigo children are intuitive and able to spot dishonesty, Crystal Children take their intuition to the next level, often choosing to communicate solely through telepathic means, or unrecognizable languages. Crystal children, the eldest of which is estimated to be between eight and twelve, have been credited with ability to travel between realms, communicate consistently with spirit guides, and exhibit amazing healing powers.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., wrote the book, The Crystal Children, in which she describes the characteristics of crystalline children as follows:

“Crystal children are usually born in 1995 or later, possess large eyes with an intense stare, have magnetic personalities, are highly affectionate, start talking late in childhood, are very musically oriented and may sing before talking, use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate, may be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, are even tempered, sweet and loving, are forgiving of others, highly sensitive and empathetic, are very much connected to nature and animals, exhibit healing abilities, are quite interested in crystals and rocks, often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past-life memories, are extremely artistic and creative, prefer vegetarian meals and juices to ‘regular food’, and may be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.”

Our list of amazing entities does not stop with these two ‘breeds’. What about the star babies, the super psychic children of China, the children of AIDS who are said to present a new and “inhuman” DNA? How do they fit into the equation?

What makes some babies “different” from the rest? According to some theories, the answer may be found in the aura. Some theorists, like authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, believe that an Indigo aura around a child suggests that the child is of an elevated spiritual capacity — an old soul, if you will, reincarnated to lead humanity through the next phase of evolution. These special souls have been deemed Indigo Children. Another theorist, Doreen Virtue, P.H.D., suggests that there exist spiritual offspring to the Indigos, an entity with even more mystic capacity than its predecessor. This new and exciting breed of baby has been lovingly dubbed The Crystal Children. But hold on to your helmets, there’s more! In addition to Indigo and Crystal Children, there’s much to learn about star babies, the super psychic children of China, Rainbow Children, and the Children of A.I.D.S.! Each and every one of these “breeds” of babies is said to be amazingly advanced in numerous areas, from art and science to telepathy and telekinesis.

Star Children are similar to the Indigo and Crystal Children in that they are prone to suffer separation anxiety, feeling like they don’t belong here, craving like minds. Also as with the Indigo and Crystal Children, Star children are separatists and non-conformists, shying away from traditional customs of society, confused by the ways of today’s people. And yes, like the Indigos and Crystals, Star children are said to be profoundly advanced in matters of spirit and metaphysics. With so much in common, what sets the star children apart from the Indigos or the Crystals? Indigo and Crystal children are identified as having a unique, previously undiscovered aura. However, Star children are said to knowingly come from other planets, galaxies, and solar systems. From other worlds these children come, incarnated as humans, for the purpose of assisting Earth in bringing in the Golden age.

Children of the Blue Ray are also of an inter-galactic capacity, far-out souls incarnating themselves here to demonstrate peace and love for our people. They share extremely similar traits with Star, Indigo, and Crystal Children. Still more of these trait-sharing amazing babies are called Rainbow Children, Children of the New Earth, Children of the New Dream, Children of the Sun, Avatar children, Children of the Light, Millennium children, and more! Has our world ever seen anything like this? Was it the entrance into the 21st century that brought such rapid change? Who opened Heaven’s gates and sent its occupants to save Earth? Perhaps for those answers, you should ask one of these children!

One special type of child, who genuinely does stand out from the crowd as an amazing baby, is of a breed known as Children of A.I.D.S. — Children who seemingly change their own DNA to wash themselves of the HIV virus. According to various studies, children who wash themselves of A.I.D.S. are producing an entirely new type of DNA, never before encountered — world-wide. This DNA, with 24 rather than 20 codons, is said to make these children immune to virtually every type of illness. In short, these amazing babies may well be the end of disease as we know it. Are they evolutionary wonders or alien saviors? Whatever they are and wherever they come from, they show not only hope for the medical future, but also exhibit high intelligence and psychic ability.

Let’s face it. Something huge is happening here. Either the world as we know it is changing with the help of reincarnated old souls and aliens, or the world as we know it is changing because people are so desperate for hope that they’re creating mini-messiahs in mass! If what’s being said is true, then not only is the world changing, but the human race may be slowly becoming extinct! Many of these theorists and reports suggest that there are no new human souls being born in our world today, but an eclectic, exotic mix of higher-vibration, inter-galactic, old-soul entities. No new human souls being born today. I feel that bears repeating. If these amazing babies are slowly but surely — and discretely — taking over our planet in increasing numbers, what’s to come of the good old fashioned human race we once knew?

Actually, it seems as though we have as many “mystic” labels for our babies as we do birth names. We no longer want to know if its a boy or a girl, but we now want to know which species our child is – Indigo, Crystal, Star Baby, Child of the Blue Ray, etc.

With as wide spread as these theories are becoming, one can’t deny the subject deserves attention. Either we need to embrace these amazing babies, nurture them to their greatest potential, and prepare them to save our world. Or, we need to get mental help for a good percentage of our society, a society that thrives on the hope that today’s children, unlike the children of any other time in recorded history, are here to save us from our own doings.

Much of this article has been based on speculative information, but there is one fact that each and every reader should carry away from this writing. Every child being born today is special. Every single child being born has something of worth to contribute to this world. And it is not, nor has it ever been news that our children are the only hope we’ve ever had for our future — a fact that will remain truth for as long as the human species is in existence.


Book Title: The Indigo Children
Authors – Lee Carroll/Jan Tober
Publisher: Hay House – 1999
ISBN: 1561706086

Book Title: Crystal Children
Author – Doreen Virtue, Ph. D
Publisher: Hay House – 2003
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