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Today’s Tao: Emptiness

The Gentlest thing in the world
will override the strongest.
Emptiness pervades everything
though it has no substance.
By this I understand the value of non-action.

To teach without words and
to be useful without action:
Few among us are capable of this.

All life is filled with the emptiness and the gentleness of Tao. With great care all things are sustained, nourished, and preserved, but Tao has no substance. It surges, it wells up, it pours through, it expresses itself in life, but it has no substance.

Allow yourself to be hollow and let Tao course through your veins. Let it burst in your heart. Let Tao overflow into every askpect of your being.

Allow Tao to flow. Cooperate with it. Enjoy it.

Tao is free. It moves at liberty through all. But we have learned to obstruct the flow of Tao. We think that whe know when we do not. We think we can control when we cannot. We get in the way of Tao.

Stand back. Let Tao move. Let Tao have a place in your heart. Let it move through your actions. Let Tao speak through your words.

To be empty is the gift of the few. To experience this emptiness is the benediction of being human. It is the greatest joy, the most fulfilled state. Move toward this emptiness by allowing small moments of it to sweep through you. Make as much space in your life as you can for the experience of Tao.

Source: The Tao Box, Adapted and Interpreted by Priya Hemenway

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Mighty Tao is all-pervading.
It is simultaneously on this side
and on that.
All living things come from it,
and all are in its care.
It works, it finishes,
and knows not the name of merit.
In love it nurtures all things,
and claims no excellence therein.
It knows neither ambition nor desire.
It can be classed with the jumblest of all things,
for all things finally revert to it,
and are not thereby increased.
Tao can be mentioned with
the greatest of things.
And the Sage
understands humility in this.

Tao is a mighty teacher, and those who learn through observing Tao grow humble in their hearts. Watch, and you will see that Tao is continually providing for everything. Tao infuses what is great and what is small with the same nurturing energy. Tao does not discriminate, nor does it forget. Tao tends carefully to everything.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to appreciate is how much creativity is brought to making your life beautiful, how much love is given to your existence. If you tend to find fault with things, relax. Let yourself be taken care of. It is sometimes too easy to want to fight or to think that things are against you. Fighting makes you feel separate and powerful. It distracts you from feeling loved.

Approach Tao with humiity, and you will see that life is complete and undivided. Move toward Tao and you move towards perfect balance. Contemplate Tao and you become one with all of existence.

Source: The Tao Box, Adapted and Interpreted by Priya Hemenway

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I took too long. Ran out of time before I could draw the Tao or tie together all the pieces with a daily dose. Nonetheless, I do feel I got exactly what I needed from the Tarot, Fairy Oracles, and Animal Medicine Cards.  They were all right on target, especially in relation this morning and last night’s posts.  Off to shower and change for work.

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P R E V E N T I N G     A      F A L L

Honor and Shame
are the same as fear.
Fortune and disaster
are the same for all.

What is said of honor and shame is this:
Whether absent or present,
they are inseparable from the fear
that they give rise to.

What is said of fortune and disaster is this:
They can befall any person.

By the accident of good fortune
one may rule the world for at ime.
But by virtue of love
one lives forever.

Fear is perhaps our greatest enemy; and what is it but ignorance? Ignorance is the unwillingness to accept the nature of things — it is a forgetfulness or thoughtlessness.

Remember: Be attentive, be watchful; these are the keys to transforming fear. There is no fear as unrelenting as the fear of fear.

Fear leads us to pretend to be who we are not or to act out of false pride. It causes us to live with shame or guilt.

We fear the unknown, but this fear disappears with the acceptance that disaster can happen at anytime to anyone — and so can good fortune. There is no way to avert the one or create the other.

To understand this gives us the insight to allow life, in all its different guises and fortunes, to happen to us. If we don’t fear, we don’t stumble or fall. Fear is put aside by living in simple acceptance. Fear is not an obstacle to the person who pays attention. Fear does not obstruct the wise in their joyful experience of life.

Source: The Tao Box, Adapted and Interpreted by Priya Hemenway

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Well, I certainly can see the theme for this morning!!


Tao gave birth to the One,
the One gave birth to the Two,
and the Two gave birth to the Three.
From the Three all things have spring.

All things are borne out of the feminine
having been seeded by the masculine.
What unites everything is breath.

Uniqueness is shunned by some;
but the wise make use of it.

For things are increased by being deprived;
and being added to, they are diminished.

What is often taught I agree with:
Aggression is incompatible with Nature.

Tao gave birth to One (Heaven); which gave bearth to Two (Heaven and Earth); and these two in turn gave birth to Three (Heaven, Earth, and Humanity).

From Tao arises the energy that flows throughout our universe. At the beginning there was nothing. From emptiness, everything in existence has evolved — through the essential, creative nature of Tao, everything has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen.

Tao is the merging of the feminine and the masculine. It is the harmony that emerges from this union and is deeply creative. It is the absolute expression of Love.

Tao is inherent in the breath that pulses through each living thing. Breath sustains life, breath surges with excitement and dies down in relaxation. The breath of the wind fills the sail with air and moves it along; the breath of wind tears through the trees and rids them of old matter. Tao is the essence of breath.

Tao’s creation is infinite and endlessly various. Each moment in Tao is new. Each expression of Tao is different. Everything is unique, complete, and interconnected.

In abundance, life flows through you. This is the gift of Tao. Allow yourself to be in harmony with Tao. Don’t fight. Enjoy and appreciate the energy that Tao shares with you. Share with others.


Source: The Tao Box; adapted and interpreted by Priya Hemenway

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Like a Child

Card 19: Like a Child

I am singular in my trustfulness,
I am devoid of ambition,
I am as inncent as a babe.
I am a waif, a stray, a child without a home.
All others have an excess of things,
and I am as one abandoned.
How foolish and simple I am!
I am bewildered.
Everyone sparkles with intelligence;
I am alone in my obscurity.

I am tossed about like the ocean;
I wander and am never at rest.
Everyone has something to do;
I alone am incapable and without merit.

I alone am estranged from the people,
but I glory at the breast of my mother!

Innocent, trusting, and simple, Lao-tzu is both Sage and child. Having no purpose in his living, no desire to be, nowhere to go, he is like one abandoned. In a world where scholarly intelligence is respected, his child-like innocence goes unnoticed. In a world where everyone is busy doing something, he seems to be useless. Tossed around, being pulled from here to there, wandering about and not settling down, he seems to be out of place.

But having nothing to do and nowhere to go, the Sage is at peace with himself and the world. Not being caught up in it, he may indeed be estranged from the ways of the world, but the Sage is free to wander; and in wandering, to wonder. The Sage preserves his innocence through his childlikeness.

He may have no home in the world, he may have to wander alone and estranged, but the Sage is at home in the source of his being. With child-like innocence, the Sage has come home and is nourished. His heart is open; he is simple and free.

Become like a child. Watch the world through a child’s eyes. Experience the wonder of each new moment. Look around you in innocent friendliness. Hold out your hand in trust. Greet the Unknown with a smile.

Source: The Tao Box, Adapted and Interpreted by Priya Hemenway

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This may be new to you, but it isn’t new to me.  In fact, it used to be a part of my morning meditations (Daily Dose), but then I got away from it for some reason that isn’t yet clear to me.

The Tao Box is a book/card set based on the principles of Taoism.  This particular set that I have, Adapted and Interpreted by Priya Hemenway, was a gift to me from my little brother on my 30th birthday, six years ago.  I’ve used them daily ever since, except since I started this new blog.  One one side of the card is an image on which to meditate, while the reversed side offers poetic words of wisdom, further expanded upon by the book description. Today, the box called out to me and I knew it was time to re-connect, so I’ve redesigned (still in the process) my categories, re-organized a few things to incorporate the Daily Tao in my meditations.  Today’s card is card 21, Adaptability.


Those who adapt themselves
will be preserved until the end.

That which bends can be straightened.
That which is empty can be filled.
That which is worn away can be renewed.

The Sage embraces simplicity.
Not being ostentatious, the Sage Shines.
Not being egotistic, the Sage is praised.
Not being vain, the Sage is esteemed.
Not being haughty, the Sage is honored.

The Sage does not compete with others,
and therefore has no enemies.

Nature adapts continually, and everything in Nature exists because of adaptability. The Sage recognizes this and makes use of it. The ultimate expression of our lives is in our understanding of what we are capable of.

The Sage has no need to show his strength. He has no need to brag or compete, for his strength is in being able to bend when it serves him to bend. He knows how to let go of what he wants and where he thinks he is going. The strength of the Sage is in being at home and at ease with the changes of his life.

Watch the way water flows. It always takes the easy way. Next time you find yourself being stubborn, give in. Next time you find yourself wanting to say “no,” try “yes” instead. Experiement with your ability to change course, and you will find that you become more relaxed. With relaxation your energies will flow. Not being fixed, your sense of pleasure will grow.

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