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Update and Farewell

Much has changed.  Florida was wonderful, a much needed respite from what I’d come to know as daily life.  In fact, the time away gave me exactly the time I needed to rest, recover, rejuvinate, and re-evaluate my life circumstance.  Came home and quit my job… traded it in for an office manager position so my body wouldn’t be so taxed.

As for the medical issues, I’ve gone through a wide array of tests and potential conditions, but when it was all said and done, it seems my issues are female issues – possible side-effects of the partial hysterectomy I’d had ten years ago, mis-firing ovaries, cysts, and a return of endometriosis (sp?).  There’s a possibility I’ll go in to complete the process and have both ovaries removed… but I’m not rushing into it, and there are other things that have priority.  Now that I’m not as stressed, not as physically exhausted, and have a job/schedule I’m much more pleased with, I’ve re-gained the lost weight, the headaches have ceased, and I seem to be doing much better.

The blog is going to be dormant.  I’ve lost much of my life’s work thanks to a computer crash and my own ignorance in not backing up my files.  I’m leaving this blog up for the time being — I’ll need to extract my work from it and save it in personal files; but I won’t be updating it from this point forward.  I’m going into solitary mode, a place where privacy offers comfort.

I’m grateful to all who have walked this journey with me, offering support, encouragement, and inspiring dialogue.  It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m honored to have crossed paths with truly compassionate souls.

All my best,


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