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Gone to Florida

Had an unbelievably bad reaction to the dye I had to drink for the cat scan. Barely made it home that morning and was violently ill the whole day. Still waiting for results from the scan, which I should have by Monday afternoon. Friends and loved ones have been coming to the rescue and making sure we have what we need. My kids have been amazing.

I’ve been invited to a wedding in Florida and a week away to rest, relax, and de-stress. Initially, Id planned not to go, but since I’m temporarily out of work anyway and will be in good company, the kids and I discussed and they encouraged me to enjoy the opportunity and unwind.

The computer will be in the shop for two full weeks… I feel a little lost without it – and yet I understand the Universe wants me to have the down time.

Leaving tonight or tomorrow morning and not exactly sure when I’m coming back – Friday, Monday, or any day in between. Will post test results as soon as I get them.

Everything is changing – changing fast. Nonetheless, life is good.


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test for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever came back negative. It’s 6:15 am and I’m on my way in to the hospital for MRI and cat scan. Haven’t taken the computer in to be fixed yet– have to locate the paperwork first. Will post test results and updates as I get them.

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