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“King of Swords”

King of Swords


It doesn’t quite feel like it fits, but I trust there’s a reason – a method to the madness.  Actually, if I’m not mistaken, maybe it does fit… I think this card came up in my June reading, will have to verify later.  If that’s the case, then I could be getting a glimpse of the week ahead…

King of Swords is about law, order, justice, fairness, rules, and regulation.  Connected to the Emperor, I believe, this King enforces “right” action.  When this card surfaces, it could mean that the quarrent (in this case, me), may be the “middle man” who solves disagreements between others.  This king is a problem solver who insists that the right actions are taken.

Kings represent a masculine, fatherly energy.  When we think of motherly energy, we think of compassion and nurturing.  When we think of fatherly energy, we think “enforcer” and “provider”.

Swords represent action and transformation.

Add those together and you have a masculine energy enforcing transformative action.

Coupling this with the Stand Your Ground fairy oracle from this morning, I actually feel pretty good about this card’s energy today… he’s letting me know that I’m in the right position, that I’m taking the right kinds of actions, and that I’m viewing things objectively (as opposed to being clouded by emotional attachment or personal gain).

Additionally, if we look at last week’s repeat cards of the Letting Go fairy and the 5 of swords, these cards confirm that I’ve corrected the problem.  I’ve gone from “Letting Go”, to “Stand Your Ground”, that’s a complete transformation right there.  The five of swords indicated a selfish attitude, one privvy to immoral behaviors based on self interest – to the King of Swords who is about justice, fairness, and balance…. another complete opposite.  I’m not sure exactly what I did to flip this situation, but whatever it was, I must have done it correctly and I’m being urged to keep on keepin’ on with whatever it is I’m doing.

I do know that the “cloud” I was under last week has lifted.  I don’t feel nearly as exhausted or “beat up” by my life’s circumstances.  I don’t feel that depression lingering that I felt like I was battling last week, so whatever I did that was “right”, even if I can’t identify it, I sure am grateful for it. (Way to go, me! *grins*)

Now… let’s check the other sources just for good measure:

Here’s from LearnTarot.com:

is comfortable in the world of the mind
uses thought creatively
grasps information quickly and completely
inspires and challenges through ideas
ably carries out research
is knowledgeable 
cuts through confusion and mental fog
applies reason and logic
is talented with games and other mental challenges
easily breaks up complicated subjects
is adept at argument and debate
understands a problem quickly 
is adept at language and verbal skills
communicates ideas successfully
is a stimulating conversationalist
often serves as a group spokesperson
is a lucid writer and speaker 
renders honest, insightful judgments
understands and honors all sides of an issue
is concerned about truth and fairness
views situations with a dispassionate eye
is impartial and objective 
is a moral/ethical leader
encourages high standards
works against corruption and dishonesty
takes the high road in all dealings
lives by his or her highest principles

In readings, the King of Swords asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: telling the truth, thinking up a solution, communicating well, or judging fairly. This King can also represent a man or woman who is acting as he does, or an atmosphere of reason, honesty and high standards. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this King in whatever form he appears in your life.


The personality of the King of Swords is a combination of the positive air energy of the Swords suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He is a man of intellect who can absorb and work with information of all kinds. As a master of reason and logic, he analyzes any problem with ease. He can work out solutions quickly and explain them lucidly to others. In a chaotic situation, he cuts through the confusion and provides the clarity needed to move forward. Others seek him out to present their case as he speaks with eloquence and insight. He is always truthful and can be relied on to handle any situation fairly and honorably. When a judgment is called for, he can render an impartial but just decision. He is incorruptible and lives by the highest ethical standards. He encourages those around him to do the same, and they often live up to his expectations.

*Note: This source lists swords as an air element.  I learned it (and resonate with it) differently, swords being the element of fire, transformation, action (as opposed to thought).  I’m aware that there is no “right” or “wrong” way of understanding this, and that intuition is meant to lead the way.  Whether the reader chooses air or fire for swords, either way is fine… as long as they choose one and stick with it.  For me, swords will always represent fire and change.

And here’s from Aeclectic Tarot:


Kings. Although they come last, they really should come first, as Kings are where the Court Cards start. They are the fire – their element – the passion, the driving force. This is why Crowley has them as Knights instead, riding on horseback (rather than sitting passively on a throne), filled with energy, moving, leading. Kings are related to the Emperor, and like him they are planners, motivators, commanders, and creators; the one who rallies everyone together to form the kingdom. (Think Henry V.) The Queen is the one who will make it real, and the Knight/Prince will take it beyond the castle walls. But without the King, it won’t happen at all.

Thus, Kings in a spread can indicate motivation, a beginning or start of something.

King of Swords

Call him “The Judge”. His kingdom is the kingdom of high ideals. Loving, friendly, but distant, the one thing everyone says about this man is “He’s Fair.” Likely a lawyer, judge, musician, politician or designer, he is a patient, careful man, with very high ideals. Here is a man of eloquence, so good with words and debate that he can easily see the other side of every argument. This does not keep him from his own strong beliefs, beliefs which he expects his family and friends to adhere to. Not that he isn’t a good father; he can be kind, playful, a loving and faithful husband. He treats his wife and kids fairly, hearing them out, acknowledging when they are right. But if he is against child labor, and won’t wear certain shoes to protest it, no one in his family can wear those shoes either. And he’ll be bitterly disappointed in them if they do. Unlike the King of Cups, this King does not put “Family first, right or wrong.” Ideals come first, and he can be unforgiving of the family member who is weak or more “human” than he. He is willing to go on hunger strikes, fight or die for these high minded ideals. He will not budge when it comes to upholding them, not even for his nearest and dearest.

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“Stand Your Ground”

Stand Your Ground

This card makes me smile, but she also makes me curious – she could apply to several aspects of my life individually, or all together. She makes me smile because from the first day I received this deck years ago, this particular card has reminded me of the perfect combination of me and my sister. Plus, I LOVE the cloak she’s wearing and the colors in the card.

This faerie’s message is to not give up, give in, or settle for less than what you (I) feel is right, just, fair, or expected. There are times for negotiations, for being flexible, for reaching a compromise, or for withdrawing from a situation. This isn’t one of those times.

So often, just before we reach a goal, we self-sabotage, or we give up. Or, we allow others to “elbow” us out of their way so they can get to the finish line first, or get the better end of a deal. This faerie says no… stand your ground, don’t waver.

She gives me a sense of strength, and she confirms for me that I’m on the right path. I was needing a bit of that confirmation today.

Here’s what the guidebook says:

Card Meaning: The fairies ask you to make decisions based upon your honest feelings. Stick to these decisions, and don’t allow outside influences to cause you to waver.

Description: When you’re really honest with yourself, you know what your desires are. Yet, other people may be pressuring you to betray your true feelings. This card signifies that your original decision is valid, and that you musn’t let outside influences sway you. While it’s always wise to listen to the counsel of others, don’t allow your own needs to be compromised. Don’t be afraid to tell others how you feel.

You’ll probably find that when you speak your truth, new solutions become apparent that allow for win-win situations. As soon as others are aware of your true desires, they will help you find a way to manifest them without compromising their own needs. Everyone will feel happier as a result. Even more important, your self-confidence will increase as you take care of yourself, and others will respect you for standing your ground.

Affirmation: I speak my truth powerfully and lovingly. I trust in my strong feelings, and stand my ground in following them.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

*Note: You may notice the fluctuations in the spelling of faery, faerie, fairy throughout my posts. I personally prefer the “faerie” spelling, which separates fictional characters in “fairy tales”, from the actual entities existing beyond the veil and in other dimensions. However, Doreen Virtue uses the “Fairy” spelling, so in quoting her guidebook, I spell it her way. There is no “right” or “wrong” way of spelling it, and there are many variations already in use. It’s a matter of personal preference.

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Couldn’t find anyone to cover my shift for today, so we had to come back late last night, even though I think we’d have all preferred to have stayed.

Didn’t end up going where I thought we were going.  We didn’t go visit T’s sister in Georgetown.  We were about an hour and a half into the trip when I turned to Stinkerbelle and said, “I don’t think your cell will get signal at his sister’s house, but it gets it just down the hill…”

T interrupted, “Oh, we’re not going to my sister’s.”

I smirked, widened my eyes and said, “Oh, really?  Where are we going?”

“To my mom’s.” He answered.

I looked at Stinkerbelle, she looked at me, and we both smiled.

T’s mom and her husband are remarkable people and incredibly gracious hosts.  They welcomed us into their home and did everything they could to make us comfortable and relaxed.  I did have an opportunity to meet 3 of his other sisters, all of whom I adored.  They’re all so different, so unique, so vibrant with their own personalities and quarks… and yet, there’s a common thread that runs through them all so there’s no mistaking that they’re related.

It wasn’t long before the Tarot cards came out and I did readings for each of his three sisters and two of their friends.  Each said their readings were right on target – and, of course – that’s when I’m in my “zone”, my “element”, so doing the readings gave me an instant sense of comfort and swept away any sort of awkward or uncomfortable feelings of being the “new kid” in the environment.  Cards on the table, strangers no more.

After the readings were done, T asked if I’d ever been fishing.  Nope. I haven’t.

“Never?” He asked with a look of surprise on his face.

“Well, once… when I was like ten, but I hardly remember it.  My uncle took me.  There was a one dollar prize for the first fish caught, a one dollar prize for the biggest fish caught, and all I remember is that I caught one fish and came home with two dollars.”

T handed me a fishing pole and we walked down to the pond on his mother’s farm.  No bait, thank Heavens.

He showed me how to cast the line, reel it in, cast it again, and “fan” the pond, casting from left to right like pieces of a pie.

I lost the first fish that bit ’cause I didn’t pull up on the pole fast enough to set the hook.  But the second one, I held on to while T cheered and “guided”, “Pull on it… reel it in… don’t stop reelin’….pull….”  With the fish out of the water, T came over to pull it from the hook, then he held it for me so I could see it, flipping it over, showing me its colors, telling me what kind it was, and then we tossed it back into the pond.  We repeated that “ritual” until I’d caught my fourth fish.  I confidently held the pole with fish dangling toward T, fully expecting him to come unhook it, show it to me, and toss it back, but such was not the case.  He came to where I stood, grabbed hold of the fish to keep it still, then said, “Okay, now come over here and stick your thumb in his mouth.”

I stood there, horrified, then giggled, “No way… you do it.”

“No, I’m not doing this one, you are.  Get over here and put your thumb in his mouth.”

“No, I can’t… you have to do it.”

“No, I’m not doing it.  It’s not going to hurt you.  Just grab hold of him and put your thumb in his mouth.  You have to unhook him.”

I could feel tears wanting to swell in my eyes, but fought them off as hard as I could, “No, really, you don’t understand. I can’t do this. I can’t unhook it… please?”

T smiled, but wasn’t going to give in. “Come on, girl, he’s one of your little creatures… and he’s running out of air.  If you want him to survive, get over here and put your thumb in his mouth!”

I wavered, but I took a few steps forward, slowly reached my right hand up and put my thumb on what I guess you could call the fish’s lip, then squirmed, let go, and jumped back.

T chuckled, “Come on… grab hold of it like ya mean it! It’s not gonna hurt you!”

I stepped forward again, slipped my thumb into fishie’s mouth (it was lookin’ at me!), and held it while T wiggled the hook free, making sure I was watching and learning.  When the hook was free, the fish began to thrash, which provoked a squeal and jump from me as I let go.  T giggled, showed me the fish, threw it back, then rolled his eyes at me and said, “Aww, it wasn’t that bad, was it?”

I’d caught about six fish all together, but that was the only one he made me put my thumb in.  A few of them I did “pet” before throwing them back, though.

After fishing, he took me out on a 4-runner to show me the property of the farm — and yeah, a few more enchanted trees. Unfortunately, I didn’t have batteries in my camera, so I didn’t take pictures of any of them this time.

T’s ten-year-old niece was there, and she and Stinkerbelle hit it off and played together the whole time.  They fished, they drew, they played cards, they played hillbilly golf, swam in the pool, ate ice cream, and had a great time together.

I wish I could have found someone to cover my shift so we could have stayed the extra day – and I sure did try, but it wasn’t meant to be.  It’s 7:30 a.m. now and I’m due to leave for work at about 9:30 for a ten to eleven hour shift.  I’ve got about an hour to do the Daily Dose and blog-surf a bit, then hop in the shower and transform from Free Spirit to Wonder Waitress.

Life is good.



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More Spontaneous Advents

Just as I got into Pixie Dust with Stinkerbelle for an impromtu trip to Dairy Queen, I noticed a missed call on my cell phone… T.

I rang him back. “Whatchya doin’?”

“Tryin’ ta get a hold of you.”

He asked about my work schedule, asked what Stinkerbelle was doin’, and when he realized we had the all clear for the next couple of days, he asked if we wanted to go with him out of town to visit his sister.  Abso-freakin’-lutely! This is the same place I went to where I was able to take those amazing photos of tree spirits! I’ve been wanting to share that spot with my daughter, and what better weekend could there be to do it?

So, I’m gone for the weekend… will do my daily dose by hand in my private journals and return to the Net on Monday.

Life is good!


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Intro: I wrote this piece several years ago when working for my sister’s catering/entertainment company back in Las Vegas. She catered tons of company picnics for the hotels/casinos and other big companies. At the company picnics, there’d be excellent food, d.j.s, entertainment, games, and more. Sometimes I worked as the “fortune teller“, sometimes I worked as the bartender. Other times I was the Activities Director… but regardless of the role I played, I absolutely LOVED the vibes of the summer picnics. She later used this poem in one of her advertising brochures. I’m reposting it here today in honor of Summer Solstice.

“Summer Picnic”
Written by:
Wendi Friend

Summer picnic
day of fun
children playing
in the sun
Good food cooking
on the grill
life stands still
Laughter sounding
in the air
people lounging
without a care
Frisbees flying
puppies resting
in the shade
music playing
hula hoops
chitter chatter
in small groups
baseball caps
sand box, shovel
rubber pails
big tall slide
nifty swing
basketball court
soda pop
snow cone, cake
all the sunshine
one can take
frequent smiles
relaxing breeze
pretty flowers
bumble bees
trees to climb
flips, cartwheels
lovers strolling
head over heels
pretty birds singing
floating clouds
clear blue skies
Family gathering….
somewhat mystic
something special
Summer picnic

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Today is:
June 20, 2008

Today’s Faerie Oracle: “Letting Go” (upright!)
Today’s Tarot Card: Six of Wands (Victory!)

*Planting Day


A magickal holiday, and the day when the veil is thinnest between the human realm and the faerie realm! I’m really hoping to be able to write, at length, about this holiday before day’s end.

*Sun shifts from Gemini to Cancer*

Governed by Venus – Love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty

white, pink, rose, purple, coral

The Moon:
3rd Quarter waning in Capricorn, void of course at 2:02 p.m. US Central through 4:33 a.m. tomorrow when it shifts into Aquarius.

Waning Moon: Waning, from Full Moon to New Moon is a time for study, meditation, and magical work designed to banish harmful energies.

Moon in Capricorn: Develops strong structure. Focus on traditions, responsibilities, and obligations. A good time to set boundaries and rules.

Moon Void-of-Course: Just before the moon enters a new sign, it will make one final aspect (angular relationship) to another planet. Between that last aspect and the entrance of the Moon into the next sign it is said to be void-of-course. Activities begun when the Moon is void-of-course rarely come to fruition, or they turn out very differently than planned.

(Source for the above information, excluding divination cards: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2008 )

The Sun:

Gemini, “The Twins”, through 6:59 p.m. this evening, then the sun shifts to:

Cancer, “The Crab”.

View older Daily Dose posts for information on Gemini (and watch for a possible future article on the subject based on what I’ve learned thus far).

Here’s a bit on Cancer energy and influences:

The Principle of Security

Symbol-The Crab
Sun Sign Dates– June 22 to July 23 (varies according to year)
Planetary Ruler-Moon
Natural Zodiac Affinity-Fourth House

Cancer is a sensitive sign, capable of sensing the ebb and flow of it’s environment and the fluctuating moods of other people. How can it do this? Because Cancer understands emotion. Cancer understands feelings. Cancer is especially susceptible to the waxing and waning of the lunar cycles and so appears moody to those who are not aware of this fact. Cancer can play the role of either the mother hen or the little baby. Immature is a Cancer keyword. No, all Cancers are not immature! They can be the best at nurturing, or they can be extremely self-protective. It’s easy for Cancer to feel slighted. “Hey! What about me?” As an aggressive Cardinal sign they can still display a good deal of self-interest.

Cancer is one of the most tenacious signs you’ll ever meet. They know how to hang in there when the going gets tough. They may be whining and carrying on the whole time, but they don’t give up! Here of course we’re referring to the pure energy. Think of the crab in the sea. This little guy knows all about going with the flow, Cancers can be traditional too. Go with the flow. Let someone else blaze new trails. Why upset the status quo? Cancer has enough to worry about. Their safety and security for one thing. Back to the little crab in the big ocean. This is another sweet sign you don’t want to cross. Cancer can be mean as the dickens if you step over their boundaries. Ouch! They’re a defensive bunch too.

Cancers many moods will teach you the art of gentle diplomacy whether you want to learn it or not. Cancer doesn’t forget either. They have very good memories and a fondness for reliving the past, for good or ill. Don’t try to hide anything from a Cancer. Sometimes they get a gut feeling about things. They’re like your mother was. They just know stuff. They’re usually right. Many Cancers are attuned to domestic things, too.

Pure Cancer energy is …..
* sensitive to the desires and needs of others
* feels a strong need to protect themselves
* a hard time letting go of the past
* a retentive memory
* playing the role of “big mama/daddy or can be the baby
* can be overly touchy, sensitive and insecure
* avoiding upsetting the status quo
* can be very tenacious
* often quite domestic
* ups and downs/mood changes


*Note: I’ll find different sources/learning materials each day as I can, accumulate the information, and my goal is to write a piece in my own words based on what I’ve learned at the end of the month.

Today’s Horoscope for Leo:

Someone you care about will throw a wrench into your plans — don’t get frustrated.

See if you can just hear people out without getting your ego involved. That may be harder than you think — on a day like today, it’s far too easy to interpret every scrap of criticism as a slight!

Daily Extended
Someone you care about will throw a wrench into your plans for today, and you will have to do your best to avoid getting angry about not getting what you want. Work with them to solve their problem, and not only will you be seen as a helpful and kind person, you will help remove that old wrench and get things back on track. See — sometimes being selfless and helping someone else enables you to actually help yourself! That’s what you call a real win-win situation.

Daily Flirt:
You need to set aside any concerns you might have about credit or blame, and just accept whatever comes your way — this time. Your ego might shake with rage for a moment, but things get better quickly.

Daily Couples:
It’s one thing to listen when your sweetie tells you what they want you to do, and another to act on it. Make sure your follow through is as good as your intentions!

Daily Singles:
Is your arrogance misrepresenting you to new people? Even though you’re proud of your successes doesn’t mean you need to list them all at dinner. Let the other person discover your greatness on their own.

Career & Finance
If at first you don’t move forward, go around. You need permission, but make sure you find out from whom. The perfect authority is out there, so don’t settle for ‘no.’


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Well, let’s review a lil’ first, just to make sure the messages aren’t being lost. The “Letting go” faerie has shown herself three times, now… the first two times she was up-side-down, or inverted. Today, however, she came out upright.

The first time I drew her, the Tarot that went with her from the Rider/Waite deck was the King of Cups. What I initially said in regard to king of cups was  to work hard at keeping emotions in check, warding off depression or tendencies to focus on the negative, and to invest more energies into home, family, and work to help restore emotional balance. When I researched other sources, I added that this card could indicate being a healer, and could also project a male influence in regard to fatherly energy and/or proposals. Furthermore, this post provoked an interesting connection with fellow blogger, Dove Love, who shared not only her brilliant insights, but also her artwork in relation to this card, which she’s called King of Cups and Patterns.

When I drew the “Letting Go” faerie again on the 19th, I very specifically stated, “Okay, I get it… ‘let go’… but HOW???”  That being asked, I drew the Tarot Card Five of Swords, a card that was also a repeat card, drawn previously on June 18th. The Five of Swords card warns against self-focus, all-about-me syndrome, and dishonesty or activities taking place outside the realms of morals and legality.

In summary, then, I could say that the reason I’m holding on and refusing to let go, the reason I’m stuck in a rut is because I have a PATTERN of falling into DEPRESSION based on the fact that I SELF-FOCUS when pushed to the wall and challenged.  When I face struggles, particularly with providing for my family, I slip into tunnel vision where all I can see is my own suffering (and that of my family).  Thus the struggle begins to HOLD ON to the reigns and try to navigate our way out of it.  That’s when I kick into “control” mode and try to dictate to the Universe how things are supposed to be, rather than trusting that the Universe knows more than I do and isn’t going to let me fall.

Well, today that Letting Go fairy came up again, but this time, instead of being up-side-down (screaming for my attention), she’s right-side-up, which means her message/meaning/mission are still in play – but that I’m making progress in applying that message to my life.  I haven’t made it yet, but I’m well on the way.

Which Tarot joins her today, then?

Sweet! Welcome, welcome to the Six of Wands, UPRIGHT! VICTORY!

Six of Wands

When I see the six of wands, I see celebration. Mission Accomplished.

First, let’s look at the six.  When we see a number six, we see a big round circle, and an “arm” extending from that circle.  The circle, to me, represents the earth as we know it – physical reality, apparent circumstance.  The “arm” extending from that “world” represents our own hand reaching beyond the entrapments or boundaries of this reality, tapping into a universal wisdom, a higher power, or… magick.  It’s our own understanding that even though our bodies are limited to this earthy plane, our spirits are not – and we’re connected, fundamentally, to a much higher power that CAN alter our perception of this reality. (It’s all illusion in the physical realm, I think.)

Wands, the suit on this card, indicate new beginnings, new awareness, new insights, new possibilities, new perceptions.

The person in this card set out on a mission, had a task to accomplish.  In this card, we see that task as being complete, the  returning with a wreath (crown) on his head, a confident stance on his horse, with the horse being decorated and looking equally as proud.  This card is a congratulations.

So while I’m not all the way there yet, I can rest assured that if I continue on the path I’m on, working at letting go of control, not trying to “force” solutions, trusting in the universe, and not falling prey to masochistic tendencies due to self-focus, I’ll come out of this challenge victoriously.

Let’s see what the other sources say, just for good measure:

Here’s from LearnTarot.com:

having your day in the sun
being vindicated
walking away with the prize
prevailing against all comers
coming out on top
achieving success

receiving acclaim
being acknowledged
getting a pat on the back
receiving an award or citation
getting praise or a compliment
earning applause
achieving recognition

feeling pride
enjoying healthy self-esteem
strutting your stuff
holding your head up high
feeling worthy of notice
having a high opinion of yourself
putting yourself above others
being arrogant
feeling self-important

The Six of Wands is the minor arcana counterpart of the Chariot. Both of these cards represent moments of victory and triumph. Sometimes in life, all we want to do is win – to be number one. You can see this dream in the faces of athletes, politicians, and other champions as they step into the winner’s circle. It’s all been worthwhile. I’m the best. I’ve won!

In readings, the Six of Wands appears when you have been working hard toward a goal, and success is finally within reach. The recognition you have sought so long is yours. Now you can receive the acclaim, honor and reward that you deserve. If you do not feel close to victory now, know that it is on its way provided you are doing all you can to make it happen. The victory of this card does not have to involve beating someone else. You can triumph over yourself, the environment, or the odds.

The Six of Wands also represents a healthy self-esteem. Feeling good about your accomplishments is an important part of success, but too much pride can lead to arrogance and self-inflation. When you see this card, check that you are not feeling superior to others. It is easy to forget that individual achievement is not really individual at all. Our talents begin in the Divine, develop with the love and support of others, and only in the end express through us. How can we indulge in excess pride?

In The Purgatorio Dante considers pride the first and greatest sin that must be overcome by souls reaching toward heaven. When the Six of Wands appears, enjoy your triumph, feel good about yourself, but remember Dante’s words:

O gifted men, vainglorious for first place,
how short a time the laurel crown stays green
A breath of wind is all there is to fame
here upon earth: it blows this way and that,
and when it changes quarter it changes name.

And from Aeclectic Tarot:

Sixes are balance and harmony, especially after the upsets of the fives. These cards predict a solution, and not just any solution; there will be an exchange, a give and take that results in a new equilibrium. It may not last, but for that moment, everything is stable. With this card, there is an almost “Ah-HA!” of recognition, of understanding in the solution, and more than a little awe at the symmetry achieved by it.

If you connect the sixes to the Lovers card you’ll see how it works. The “love” aspect of the Lovers card is that of recognition and equilibrium. Like Gemini, you recognize your twin, your soul mate. Maybe you didn’t even know how uneven, how lopsided your life was, but now that you’ve met this person, you can feel the scales coming into balance. Here is harmony. Here is the solution.

Six of Wands

The Victory Card: A victorious man on a horse, applauded by all, enters carrying a wand with a laurel wreath. Here is the conclusion to what happened with the Five of Wands. Competition was fierce, an answer had to be found to make the Querent stand out, make them different, special. Ah-HA! says the 6 of Wands. The Querent has found (or will find) that solution. Success, in fact, requires that they be above all others, that they make themselves a champion of the people. Note the give-and-take common to all 6’s. The crowd offers the victor applause. He, in turn, offers them a champion to adore. For this moment, both are happy, the victor with adulation, the crowd with their hero.

And here’s the song that’s been singing itself to me over this past three days. Coincidence? I think not. The video quality is lacking a bit, but that’s irrelevant.

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Well, maybe it’s true what they say: third time’s a charm? I swear, I shuffled – shuffled long, shuffled well, and out she came yet again… “Letting Go”.  this time, however, she’s upright.  Being upright vs. inverted means that while I’ve not yet completely accomplished the “letting go” factor, I am making progress in that regard.

“Letting Go”

The fact that one card can come out repeatedly and consistently is NOT accident, but shows quite clearly, at least in my opinion, that the right cards are coming up at the right time to bring accross the right message.  When a card keeps coming up and keeps coming up, it lets you know you’ve still got work to do in that area and are not ready to “graduate” to the next card. So when working with your own cards, don’t feel a need to slip a repeat card back into the deck to draw again… it’s not a mistake!

There are a lot of things I’ve been holding on to, really.  Past pains, broken heart, old memories, lost dreams, fear, stress, anxiety – as well as trying to gain control of the reigns in new situations and circumstances in order to keep from repeating mistakes of the past – and this has to do with all areas: spiritually, romantically, domestically, maternally, emotionally, financially.  My desire to navigate is, in fact, what sometimes gets me lost in the first place!  I don’t want to live my life by default, being swept up in the currents of fate.  No, not me! I want to live by conscious choice, aware of cause and effect, alert to consequence, in control of my own direction.  But this card says nay… let it go. Relax.  Trust in a higher power.

So, this card was drawn first on June 16, again on the 19th, and here we are again on the 20th. Once again, here’s her message:

Card Meaning: You aren’t receiving positive results because you’re struggling too much to solve the problem. By letting go, you’re opening yourself up to a miraculous resolution.

Description: Problems are caused by human thinking and action. That’s why problems aren’t solved by additional human thinking and action. When we think hard or struggle to resolve a crisis, things can actually get worse!

By drawing this card, you are being asked to stop the human struggle. Stop thinking about the problem, since a focus on negativity can manifest even more negativity. Say alound or silently, “I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now.” By affirming this statement, heaven is able to intervene on your behalf. You will instantly feel relief, and will be gratified to see how easily and naturally the situation resolves itself.

Affirmation: I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now. When I let go, everything turns out perfectly.

Source: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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The days off have rolled around again and I couldn’t be happier.  Put in ten and a half hours yesterday, closing out the week with a total of 47.46 hours on the clock, not counting driving time. Fortunately, next week’s schedule is much lighter. My body aches from the constant strain of keeping a fast pace on hard floors with heavy trays… and sleeping on the sofa doesn’t help. I wake each day feeling like I haven’t rested at all.  Not having a bath tub is also a drag, ’cause a good, hot soak would do me good right about now.  That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to in moving – and yes, in spite of the loan hang ups, I refuse to give up hope… we ARE moving.  I haven’t had a bath tub or a bed for four years, and damn it, I’m ready!

Although hard, work was one of the better days yesterday, at least financially speaking.  I didn’t make enough to take care of all my stresses, but with the day being as lucrative as it was, coupled with a lil’ help from Mom, at least I’m able to keep the cell phones connected and get a few groceries for the week.

Have a quick errand to run before I can indulge in The Daily Dose.  I say quick, but it isn’t really – 40 minutes each way to the bank and back.  Then I can relax a little, have a little more coffee, sink into a Daily Dose, and get a few things done before taking Stinkerbelle to her therapy appointment at 3, then do a little bit of grocery shopping.

Rhythm called last night to check in.  He’s in California, now.  The car show he went there for with his grandparents starts today, and then Monday they’ll drive back to Vegas. He spoke of how much he enjoyed his first night there with his brother.  Said he kept hugging him and had to fight back tears.  Told me how good his brother looks, and how excited Atlas is over having just purchased his first house.  I couldn’t be more proud.  Rhythm isn’t much of a phone person, but he stayed on the phone with me as long as he could sense my need, telling me he loved me and missed me.  It’s gonna be a long three weeks.  He comes home July 8th.

Checked my astrological calendar this morning and got a lil’ surprise.  I was 100% certain that Litha, Midsummer, the Summer Solstice was tomorrow, June 21st… but according to my planner, it’s today! This is my favorite magickal holiday… the day when the veil is thinnest between this realm and the faerie realm. I’m hoping I have time later to write about it at length.

That being said, I’m off to the bank so I can get back home and settle in.

Life is good.



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Today is:
June 19, 2008

*Planting Day

Moon in Capricorn, waning:: This is a Earth sign. It is a good time to sow Root plants like Beetroot, Carrots, Chives, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kohl Rabi, Onions, Radish, Spring Onions, Swedes, Turnips, but it would not be a good time to sow Flower plants like Angelica, Borage, Calabrese, Caraway, Cauliflowers, Wormwood (Source)

*Note: as the moon is waning, this is also an excellent time for pruning and weeding gardens – both physically and spiritually.

Today’s Fairy Oracle: Letting Go, Inverted
Today’s Tarot Card: Five of Swords, Inverted

Governed by Jupiter – expansion, money, prosperity, generosity

green, turquoise, white, purple, crimson

The Moon:
3rd Quarter Waning in Capricorn

Waning Moon: Waning, from Full Moon to New Moon, is a time for study, meditation, and magical work designed to banish harmful energies.

Moon in Capricorn: Develops strong structure. Focus on traditions, responsibilities, and obligations. A good time to set boundaries and rules.

The Sun:
Gemini, The Twins

Here’s what I’ve learned about Gemini Energy thus far:

June 13

June 12

June 10

June 9

June 8

June 7

*Note to Self: What I’d actually like to do is to re-read all of these sources, consult a few more, then write my own understanding of Gemini influences.  It’s one thing to scout, copy, and paste – but it’s a new way of understanding to chew it up, swallow it down, and regurgitate it in my own way.  I’d like to do this with each month’s signs, actually, and add a new page to The Road Home for Zodiac.  Of course, whether or not I’ll have the time, energy, or creative flow to accomplish this is another thing entirely… but the idea is here and I’ve written it down.

Other Planetary Influences:
Mercury Direct @ 9:31 a.m. US Central

Mercury’s direct station is usually the most difficult day of the whole retrograde, and this day may be especially difficult with the Sun and Venus at a standoff with the Moon and Pluto. Not only will Mercury bring miscommunications, Internet problems, and travel problems around that day, there will also be lots jealousy and fear in our minds. Some could be rather passionate around this time, and sex could be a driving force. (source)

The influences of Mercury Direct are also dependent on where Mercury is in your chart. This source offers information on finding Mercury’s location in your natal chart, and understanding how it influences you at this time. Here’s what mine said:

7/31 to 8/29 3 Arms, Communications, & Letters

Third House

The missing letter somehow arrives. The forgotten phone call is made. A misplaced (and crucial) file is found. Something lost is found here, and that lost something deals with communications, transportation, or accounting. You’ll be glad to get the piece of the cover, unless you are the one that intentionally hid it. -)

Today’s Horoscope for Leo:

In everything you do today, your enthusiasm will bubble up and make everyone smile.

Take in as much information as you can today, because your decision-making process is wholly dependent on what you know. You may want to defer action until as late in the day as possible.

Daily Extended
In everything you do today, your enthusiasm will bubble up and pour all over everyone who is around you. You will be a ‘happiness’ contagion! Spreading smiles is something you’ll do without any extra effort, and it will create a chain reaction of cheerfulness that will make people want to listen to you. This is a wonderful day for a party or any other type of group situation where good vibes are helpful. You can be the center of all the fun — if you let yourself.

Daily Flirt:
You have to act like a parent today, listening to everyone tell their sides of the story before making up your mind. It could get a little tedious after a while, but you know it’s the right thing to do.

Daily Couples:
What you see as sharing your excitement over your relationship, your friends might view as bragging. Keep in mind that while they’re happy for you, they don’t want to hear all the details!

Daily Singles:
Your resourcefulness helps put your back on track when it comes to looking for the ideal dating situation. Whether you’re on the prowl at the gym or looking at more than melons n the produce isle, you’re ready for love.

Career & Finance
All the potential in the world won’t help you if you can’t stay focused. Listen to your flittering and flickering thoughts, then concentrate.


Other sources used for today’s influences: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2008

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