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Well, we’ve established that my Sun sign is Leo, my Moon Sign is Aries, and that I was born in the Year of the Rat.  However, surfing through an old blog, I see I also took the time (once upon a time) to investigate my Rising Sign.  Here’s what I wrote back in 2005:

I’m getting varied information on my rising sign. Some sources say Aries, some say Taurus. Having read a few descriptions, Aries seems most accurate.

Here’s the aries information from the website I used to generate the rising sign: (astrology.com)

“Aries Rising:

If your Rising Sign is Aries, whether you like it or not, people always look to you to get things started, to lead the charge, and to say the things that no one else dares to say. You seem confident and blunt — and like an easy puzzle to put together. People think they understand your motivations. On the negative side, you might appear too intense and forward — even self-absorbed. Don’t be surprised if others expect you to respond jealously in love. That is the Aries way, and for all the world, you look like an Aries!”

Here is Aries information from the Moon Signs book used to record the Moon Sign, which is also Aries in my case.

“Airies Rising:

You might think that having this fire sign rising would make you an extrovert, but it doesn’t necessarily. You can be quiet, cautious and also slightly shy, and you can even come across to others as a touch hostile until they get to know you better. You may feel you had a difficult relationship with your parents, especially your father, who you might have seen as dictatorial and prone to disagree with you and put you down. Your family may have moved around from one place to another, giving you a rather unsettled school life. A family background with a formal kind of organization is possible, as is a strongly religious background, which you may have felt to be too hidebound or regulated. Any of these childhood difficulties could lead to difficult relationships later in life.

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When I first began this blog and was focusing on the “Know Thyself” category, one of my first posts was Seeing the Signs: The Cat and the Rat. This post provided an astrological profile for my Leo birth sign, as well as that of Chinese Astrology as I was born in the Year of the Rat (1972).  But tonight, I remembered an old blog, logged in to it, found another “Know Thyself” category that included my Moon Sign.

While my sun sign is Leo and I was born in the Year of the Rat, my moon sign is Aries. The following entry is taken from the book “Moon Signs” by Sasha Fenton and Jonathan Dee.


Moon in Aries 

You are a quick thinker, talker and large-scale planner, but you may need help with specific details. Lunar Ariens are often starters rather than runners, so you may be happier as an executive rather than as an ordinary worker. You may be a tough go-getter, but your confidence can evaporate quickly and you need the support and admiration of others.

Women with this Moon placement may value a career highly. You can be enthusiastic, headstrong and freedom-loving, unable to accept restrictions or unnecessary discipline. Your love life may be stormy, either because you are changeable and easily bored or because you are unwilling to compromise. However, you are probably honest and don’t try to manipulate others.

Moon in Aries people can be deft and dextrous, so your excellent co-ordination could make you successful at many sports.

The Moon is a ‘watery’ planet, and when it is in a fire sign emotions can be expressed quickly and easily. Moon Ariens can therefore display a hot temper, although you usually cool down quickly and rarely sulk. It may be hard to get you to listen to others, as you tend to see everything from your own point of view, concentrating on your own emotional needs rather than those of others.

One problem that seems to afflict those with the Moon in Aries is that of having a domineering or difficult parent, and the years from adolescence to independence are often characterized by shouting matches.

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Chakra Test

Years ago, I found an online chakra test, free, and the timing was just perfect because I’d recently been introduced to the concept of chakras and chakra healing. I’ve since bought a few books, read a few articles, and have enhanced my interest, although I’m far from being “knowledgable” on the subject. Eventually, I will be… but for now, it’s a learning experience.

I don’t remember what my results were back when, or what the results were the second time I’d taken the test and posted it in a different blog. Tonight, with not much on my mind and an inclination toward discontentment and/or boredom, I decided it’d be a good time for further exploration in the “Know Thyself” category of The Road Home. Perhaps some of my mental/emotional state is connected to the condition of my chakras? Hmmm.

So, here’s where I found the test, and here are my results:

Root: under-active (-50%)
Sacral: open (50%)
Navel: open (25%)
Heart: open (25%)
Throat: open (50%)
Third Eye: over-active (81%)
Crown: open (44%)


I’m unable to copy and paste the result definitions due to copyright protection, but you can view them here.

Here’s the Wendi-ized summary:

Root Chakra- Under active – this is where my fear and nervousness are coming from.  If I’d like to feel more secure and confident, I should pay some attention to activating my root chakra.

Third eye, or sixth chakra is over-active – this is my “airy-fairy” syndrome where I tend to live more in a world of daydreams and fantasy than in reality (and NO, that is NOT a reflection on the validity of the faerie-folk, but on me dreaming of what my life could have been, should have been, would have been, or might some day be – rather than dealing with the WHAT IS of my circumstance.  To get more “grounded”, I should work on restoring balance to my sixth chakra.

So first and sixth chakras need some attention, but the rest seem pretty well balanced.  I’ll do a bit of reading in the next couple of days.  In fact, if I’m not mistaken, T’s brother-in-law has a natural affinity for chakra knowledge and may be able to assist with a bit of chakra healing.

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Finished cleaning by one. Had lunch with Stinkerbelle, and came home by 2:30. By three, I was laying down for a much needed, long overdue nap. I think I should have stayed awake.

This morning’s Fairy Oracle? Follow your dreams…

No doubt this dream was time travel, which made me think of the Crow and its ability to see past, present, and future – simultaneously.

Scotland, I think. T was there, but beard was longer and thicker, arms were bigger, chest was broader, and he looked much less Sage and much more Rage. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was more Viking than anything in this dream. In the dream, I was his and I followed him as we traveled. With us, his son and two of my three, Rhythm and Stinkerbelle. Accents were thick, but we didn’t have them, so it was clear we didn’t live in Scotland, but were transplants, or simply visiting. T was playing a game in a castle with a Royal figure while the rest of us waited. T came out of a room in a hurry, snatching up his things and insisting we do the same. We all went trotting behind him. We had access to a car, so it couldn’t have been distant past – or the time travel happened sporadically so that I didn’t realize we were going past to future back to past again. At any rate, we landed in a bar somewhere. This is where T told me that he was no good for me… that it had nothing to do with me, but that he had to go his own way. I was furious. I yelled at him for dragging me to the middle of nowhere and ditching me in a place I didn’t recognize, with people I didn’t know. He said I’d find my way, then disappeared.

His son offered to give me a ride back to the castle because that’s where I’d left the majority of my things. I snatched up what I could, but apparently I left behind some valuables – or at least that’s what I was told as I was being driven back.

Back at the castle, T’s son also pulled a disappearing act, saying he thought we could hang together for a while and he’d felt obligated to look after us … but, like his dad, realized it’d be in all of our best interest if he, too, disappeared. With that, he dumped us on the castle doorstep and was gone.

We entered the castle to find an old king. He had a long beard, looked almost like Dumbledore from Harry Potter. He said, “Finally, you’ve been returned to me.” He licked his lips in an obscene way and said, “I’ve been waiting for my prize!”

Suddenly it became clear that T had gambled me… and lost. I’d be no-one’s prize! Nor would my kids see me belong to anyone in such a way, so we used the power of three, did some serious ass-kickin, and freed ourselves from the castle.

Back in more modern times it seemed, we were walking at night, lost, heading towards a highway. We had to walk up cement steps and I asked Rhythm, “You think we can walk on the 1031? Some highways you can’t walk on. It might not be safe.”

Suddenly, a voice from beneath the bridge calls out to me with a Jamaican accent. “Scuse me, Angel.” When I didn’t respond the first time, as it seemed Angel was a direct name (and not mine), he called out again, “Hey, Angel!”

Stinkerbelle called it, “Hey, Mom… I think that guy is talking to you.”

I looked over my shoulder toward the man, who was sitting cross legged with bare feet and an orange hat. “Yes, you, Angel!” Said the man.

“My name isn’t angel, Sir. I think you have me confused for somebody else.”

“Aye, Angel – a rose by any other name would smell as sweet – but Angel is not the name, it’s what you are!”

“I assure you, Sir. I am no angel.

“But you are… even if you cannot see your own wings.”

“Well, Sir, these so-called wings of mine are not going to fly us home apparently, so we’d better be on our way.” I answered.

“Might I suggest, Angel, that if you’re choosing feet over wings, that you do not walk the 1031. There are many dangers there. You’d be best to follow that road over there, then.”

There was no other road! If there’d been another road, I’d have considered it! “With all due respect, Kind Sir, there is no other road, and I didn’t say the 1031, I said the 231. You must be confused.”

“Me? Confused? Nah… Listen here: Isn’t it you, Angel, with all due respect, who says there is always a way… more than one way… and that it’s just a matter of finding it?”

I was stunned and frightened all at once, “Who are you?”

“More importantly, Angel, who are you?”

With that, the man vanished… and a road appeared in the exact spot he’d been sitting. It was marked with the numbers 231, and when I looked back up at the sign on the bridge, it now said “1031”. The numbers had changed!

The kids and I began walking the 231 road when a messenger arrived with the news of three attempted (yet not successful) suicides. I knew the three.  I looked at Stinkerbelle, she looked at me, and I said, “I don’t get it… how do I have such a nack for knowing, and why am I choosing them?”

Rhythm answered, “Those aren’t the right questions to be asking for the answer you seek. More importantly, what are you supposed to be doing for them or learning from them since you are choosing them?”

With that, I woke up…

5:15 p.m. —

Lost me in a bet, eh? *smirk*

Dreams like this one perplex me. I have my theories as to what parts of it might be expressing.

In spite of that, the nap was wonderful…

and Life is good!


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I’m having Net connection issues this morning.  Not sure why… there don’t seem to be any clouds or other interference, but such is the way with my Satellite provider.  Maybe they’re doing internal work. *shrugs* – At any rate, I’m going to attempt to stick the entire morning into one post, minus pictures, because in addition to net connect issues, I’m also on a schedule this morning and don’t have time to piddle with “page cannot load” crap.

Yesterday was one of those days that quite thoroughlly kicked my ass up one side and down the other.  Being a Tuesday, waning in Pisces, it was easy to predict that there’d be tension and conflict with drama and high running emotions.  I thought I’d be able to protect myself from it just by knowing in advance what the day held, but in spite of my efforts (and the Tarot warnings of self-focus), I got sucked into the whirlwind along with everyone else.  I’m not proud of myself… the night ended with me in a fit of tears in the break room, crying to my daughter on the phone, having to rely on every ounce of internal strength and will power not to tell my manager to go fuck himself, walk out, and never go back again.  Yeah… one of those days.

I just wrote three lengthy paragraphs about my night at work last night and what led to my break-down, but then deleted them.  Not a good idea to write about work in a blog that uses your real name. *grins* –

Stopped by T’s on the way home.  He fixed me a bowl of soup and we watched a few episodes of The Simpsons before I made the journey home.  Of course, when I got there, his Animal Medicine Wheel cards were on the table… and I never can resist.  I drew the Frog – cleansing… Have a good cry! *LOL* – I’d say!

Doing my best to shake off my woes this morning, but I think the four of cups from yesterday’s draw is still lingering. It’s hard not to self-focus and be subject to depressed feelings when life’s demands are bigger than you are.  I’m doing the best I can… and I feel like an utter failure at work while things at home are more of a struggle than they have been since my Tulsa days.  Maybe this weekend’s getaway will ease some of my mental fog.

Here are today’s correspondences:

Today’s Fairy Oracle: Follow Your Dreams (Inverted)
This card can be taken two ways, so it’ll be interesting to see which Tarot comes up with it. Follow your dreams can be literal, as in night dreams. Dreams speak to us in a unique language of symbols, colors, numbers, and reflections of various sorts. If we pay attention to our dreams, they can offer us guidance, comfort, help us make the right choices, relieve stress, and even be prophetic (heads up!). On the other hand, this card may be pointing to personal goals and what we’d really like to be doing with our lives. When you were a kid, what did you dream of being when you grew up? Me? I wanted to be a country music singer when I was between the ages of five and ten. Between the ages of ten and fifteen, I wanted to be a journalist. From age fifteen through current day, the dream has been to establish myself as a professional writer. There’s also the dream of opening my own magick shop. This card, however, may also envelope both of those meanings at once. In any case, I’m being encouraged to pay attention to my dreams – nocturnal and spiritual, and to follow those dreams where they lead.

Today’s Tarot: Five of Cups
Yeah, this got an audible snort out of me! *LOL* – Five of cups follows four of cups, which I drew yesterday. This card shows a man cloaked, trying to make himself invisible to the world. He’s completely within himself and isolating from everything else because of his spilled emotions. He’s distraught over those things that haven’t worked out the way he’d envisioned, in spite of his efforts. Failed relationships, jobs gone wrong, financial woes, spiritual loss… and he’s so focused on the cups that are tipped, and so “wrapped up” in the pain of his reflections that he’s unwilling to notice the cups remaining un-tipped. It’s a five, which shows that the person in this card is spiritually starved, the soul is dehydrated – and he’s been trying to fill that “hunger” with outside influences. He’s closed himself off to the Universal wisdom he so desperately needs because he’s lost faith. The message, long story short, is to take the focus OFF of what’s gone wrong, focus on the possibilities still waiting to manifest, and stop trying to be invisible.

Yeah… I can see where that applies to me today. I’m not proud of it, I will work to correct it – but I can certainly see why I drew it.

Today is:
June 25, 2008

*Planting Day
(Perhaps today is my day for planting seeds of hope since I seem to be needing to redirect my energies to more positive possibilities)

Governed by Mercury – study, travel, divination, wisdom

yellow, brown, white, topaz

The Moon:
Third quarter waning in Pisces, void-of-course @ 9:16 p.m. U.S. Central, enters Aries @ 9:49 p.m.

Waning Moon: From Full Moon to New Moon is a time for study, meditation, and magical work designed to banish harmful energies.

Moon in Pisces: The focus is on dreaming, nostalgia, intuition, and psychic pmpressions. A good time for spiritual or philanthropic activities.

Moon Void-of-Course: Just before the Moon enters a new sign, it will make one final aspect (angular relationship) to another planet. Between that last aspect and the entrance of the Moon into the next sign it is said to be void-of-course. Activities begun when the Moon is void-of-course rarely come to fruition, or they turn out very differently than planned.

Moon in Aries: Good time for starting things. Things occur rapidly, but quickly pass. People tend to be argumentative and assertive.

The Sun:
Cancer, The Crab

And with that, the net finally quit loading my pages, and I’m out of time, so I skip the Cancer description and horoscopes for this morning.

Time to shake it off… there’s no restaraunt business today, so my stress levels should go way, way down. Instead, I’ll be cleaning house for someone else, earning a bit of extra $$$, hanging out with my daughter and spending time with T. See? I’m feeling better already…. *smirks*

In spite of myself, Life is good!


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Faerie Cool!

So this morning I drew the Vacation Fairy Oracle and had a bit of a sarcastic tone in my response.  I said yep, yep, yep… I know I NEED a vacation, what I don’t know is HOW to make that happen!  I point blank asked the fairies to pave the way…

And so…

I finished up the Daily Dose, changed clothes, ran to the bank, put gas in Pixie Dust, traded out the propane tank for the dryer, and zipped through the Dollar General store to make sure Stinkerbelle had food for a day, the dogs had food, and a few other un-postponable necessities. Just as I was leaving the store, my cell phone rang… it was T.

“Hey… I’m going back to my sister’s this weekend.  You and Stinkerbelle want to come along?”


We’ll leave Thursday night just after I get off work.  I’m telling my managers when I go in today that I absolutely NEED Saturday and Sunday off this weekend, non-negotiable – and that will prevent me trying to find someone to cover my shift or debating whether or not to call in – or worse, forcing T to cut his trip short on account of me having to return to work.  That means we can come back late Sunday night.

So it’s not a pamper me vacation – not much in the way of romping through meadows barefoot or swiming in life’s waters, but it IS a return trip to the enchanted tree spirits so I can share that experience with my daughter, a chance to re-visit one of T’s sisters who I absolutely adored, a break in the monotony, a comfortable bed to sleep in, a get-away with my daughter, and a chance to hang with T… free from the burdens of my job. I LOVE road trips! I do! I do!

Much gratitude to the fairies for their prompt response in paving the way for a much needed vacation.  I’m totally stoked!

So I’ll work my shift tonight, clean house tomorrow as a side job.  Tomorrow night I’ll toss a few things in a backpack and be ready to go so that Thursday after work we can hit the road.

T’s birthday is Thursday.

And it’s amazing how much more energized I feel in the moment just knowing there’s a getaway right around the corner.

It’s also good to know that the poetic gratitude I wrote didn’t scare him away. *LOL*

Life is good.



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Today is:
June 24, 2008

*Planting Day
(Hmm… since the moon is waning which means things going away, and the fairies suggested a break from the mundane, how ’bout if I plant the seed for a vacation!! *smiles*)

Today’s Fairy Oracle: Vacation
Today’s Tarot Card: Four of Cups

Governed by Mars – passion, courage, aggression, protection

red, white, black, gray, maroon, scarlet

The Moon:
3rd quarter waning in Pisces

Waning Moon: Waning, from Full Moon to New Moon, is a time for study, meditation, and magical work designed to banish harmful energies.

Moon in Pisces: The focus is on dreaming, nostalgia, intuition, and psychic impressions. A good time for spiritual or philanthropic activities.

Source for the above information, excluding divinatory cards: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2008

The Sun:
Cancer, “The Crab”

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruler: the Moon
Season: Summer
4th Sign of Zodiac
Metal: Silver
Stone: Pearl, Opal
Color: White, Yellow
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach
Keywords: gentle, conservative, feeling, nurturing, defensive, contemplative.

Comparison with the Cancer symbol, the Crab:
A crab is able to walk or run sideways. Similarly, Cancer natives can sometimes “move about” in life, in a figurative sense, in an indirect manner. The crab’s body is covered by a carapace (shell). Cancer natives are self-protective and sensitive, and often retreat into themselves when hurt. Crabs are able to resist changes in the environment, thereby protecting themselves from hostile elements in various habitats. Similarly, Cancer natives are thought to avoid too much change, and to be on the defensive. Crabs have “complex behavior patterns” (1). The inner world of Cancer natives is thought to be rather quirky and complex. Some crabs “conceal themselves by decorating their bodies with plants and animals” (2). Cancer natives tend to try to blend in with their environments, preferring not to make a big splash in life.

Cancer’s glyph, or symbol, may represent the breasts as a symbol of the nurturing qualities of the sign.

Sun in Cancer

(The Sun is in Cancer from June 21-22 to July 22-23, depending on the year).
Sun in Cancer natives have a strong survival instinct. They are protective of those they care about, and of themselves too. They are often quite reticent about sharing their inner selves to the rest of the world, and are often caught up in reminisce.

Cancers have a reputation for moodiness, although this trait is most evident when the Moon is in Cancer. Cancer needs roots. They resist change to an extent, and concern themselves about being secure and safe in most everything they do.

Cancers can be quite intrigued by objects with history attached to them — antiques, photos, souvenirs, and the like.

Cancer is a very sensitive sign, and they don’t always appreciate it when you are blunt with them. Their reactions to hurt will depend on how thick a shell they have developed. Most Cancers react by withdrawing or retreating. Some have developed an ability to manipulate others to get what they want. They avoid direct confrontations almost as a rule.

Cancers are, in fact, quite yielding and soft when you have them in the right mood. They are one of the more hospitable signs of the zodiac. Sure, they can be touchy and indirect, but they are also very dependable, caring souls.

(Source & further learning)

Today’s Horoscope for Leo:

You’re creative, so why not create something? Make a gift for a special person.

Keep your hands on your wallet today — it’s not a good time to make purchases, especially with others. If you’ve got to get something, then see if you can go it alone for the time being.

Daily Extended
You are a very creative person, so why not create something today? You don’t have to paint a painting or create a typical type of artwork — baking cookies, putting together a new outfit, or even making a mixed CD are all great ways to express yourself in a unique way. Create something for someone you care about and give them your creation as a gift — they’ll appreciate the extra effort and thoughtfulness, and they’ll love showing you their gratitude.

Daily Flirt:
You need to chill out about money today, because it’s just not going to get any better until other people start to do what they need to do — and you can’t make them! It’s a good time to walk away from the table.

Daily Couples:
A comment that you meant as a joke gets taken the wrong way by your loved one. Don’t try to convince them that you were only kidding. Just say you’re sorry and carry on.

Daily Singles:
Things may not be crystal clear when it comes to matters of the heart. But that’s half the fun. If you could predict future relationships would you ever go out of the house again?

Career & Finance
All that glitters is not gold, that much you know. But just what do you value, besides money? Do some research before you have any financial dealings, to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

(Horoscope Source)

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